Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's up family!

Well that storm sucked here! Just a little rain and wind! Trees blew around alot and we called all our members hoping to do service yesterday but they are all fine with no damage all we hear is glad we are not in new york!
So Wednesday wasn't much. Talked to people like usual and met a guy named Fitzwilliam! Set up an appointment for Thursday morning and he held! Had a good meeting about his life and how the spirit has worked with him! There are some really spiritual people that i have met on my mission and it is really cool to see how we all have the Light of Christ! When everyone says the spirit, it is one of three things or two, Light of Christ, Holy Ghost, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Everyone has the light of Christ and it is the most aparent one i think. It is just a little glimpse of the Holy Ghost. Impressions from the Holy Ghost are deeper and stay with you a whole lot longer. Then the gift of the Holy Ghost can be your constant companion and is what we all want. Anyways we had a long conversation about how the spirit has worked in his life and how it can continue to work. He says he felt the spirit so i guess we did something right and left him with a book of mormon!
Friday, Appointments actually do hold! It is a miracle  Bro Bryant, less-active, but recently really starting to come back. He is really a cool guy and i will prolly have a pic of my bike soon to come that has some sticker's on it from him. He is into safety stuff for his job and has been working with the church to put a reflective sticker system on our bikes. Been working with the head honcho of the mission safety and the church seems to be buying into it so that is kinda cool. He also is working alot for the Mitt Romney campaign and his neighbor across the street, forgot her name, but she or he can't remember that either is the Campaign manager for Obama so he has had a little scuffle with them it was super funny, he put a mitt romney sign in front of her obama sign then he woke up the next morning with obama stickers all over his car. Oh the joy of politics. Tell me who the pres. is next week even tho i am sure i will know since i am in d.c.
Then Kiesha held, and didn't keep the commitment to read a P.o.S pamphlet because the front picture is of Jesus and it is a graven image. Tried to explain it but she went off on some old testament crap that i don't get. She has re-written the whole new testament in her words and is working on the parables of Christ right now so it is kinda crazy. Don't know where she is headed but it will be hard to get her into the church cause she knows too much. Scripture mastery in 2 Nephi somethin, learned one. But there is hope with the spirit so we shall see. Not gonna completely give up on her. Guess i need to use the language of faith more.
Then we had a quick meeting with Kirk! Love that man, since you got the Gospel Principles book to me i gave him the  other one i had and he loved it! Took it and was reading it before we left. The High Priest Group Leader also gave him a D and C! i am so grateful for the fellowshipping the high priest group did with Kirk! Would not have gotten baptized if it wasn't for them!
Then we went to the V.C. with Bro Armstrong and a recently returning less-active member Carl Russell! He said the J.S. movie answered his prayer and it was just great! He is a cool guy. Had a little tour on the P.o.S., funny story, the sister at the v.c. called me to tell me her plans for the tour and we were late for Kirk so we were hurrying and well the phone slipped and i had a come to Jesus meeting with the pavement. Then after Jesus was a little disappointed with me cause...well it just slipped out... said Shit on the way down and Damn it when i got up, then looked around and cars were stopping cause of course i was in the middle of an intersection and black people were askin if i was alright and then i was a little embarrassed for swearing then i thought i hope the sister at the v.c. didn't hear shit on the way down haha. Well i got back up, my comp said i spiked the phone and we picked up the pieces, i called the v.c. back and we booked it over to Kirk's with a big ole rasberry on my arm and a swelling in my hand! sister didn't hear me swear so that was good haha.
Then we came back to our apartment and seen Aster, a recent convert who lives in our apartment and always feeds us when we go there. Ethiopian food is good. Had a little lesson on the spirit world cause her grandma passed away and then left. Super good Friday! Although one of them was with and investigator it is still good to have 6 appointments hold!
Saturday! Words or letters can't describe my feelings for the morning! Elder Cook is just amazing. His wife is super funny and just does whatever she wants. She led us in a couple of songs and just had the time of her life. Just one of those cute grandma's! Elder Cook was kinda all over the place, but is was good. Then couple of people asked ?'s and at the end leaves an apostolic blessing! I don't know if you can even describe the feeling when those words come out of an apostles mouth! Crazy good! He left a blessing to let us know we were in the right place and that our family's back at home no matter when it will be, in this life or the next, i guess he said all those who we hold dear to our hearts will be blessed because of our service here! So be happy back at home cause the prophet said so. Also talked about sacred experiences just assuming Numbers 6:12 i think don't quote me and all he said was he has had experiences in his life to let him know that Jesus Christ lives! I agree, He does live. And he also shook all our hands too! That was pretty cool! Be JEALOUS!
Sunday was just as good, He came to dedicate our chapel! The whole program was great and the music was exceptionally great! Jenny Oaks Baker played Amazing Grace, Girl from Broadway lives in the AP's Ward sang "I Know My Redeemer Lives" I have never heard that song sung better! It was great!, DC Singles Ward sang the Mo-Tab version of Come Tho Fount, so that was good but the guys kinda ruined it but it was still really good. Then the two songs the congregation sang was super duper good. And the talks were simply amazing! Covered all lessons, super good testimony's on how this gospel is true and how it will live on here in D.C.. This chapel is the first one in D.C. for a really long time and it took 7 years to build! Elder Cook did a super good job!
Then we get a call out from the Assistants telling us to stay in our apartment on Monday! We went to Zone Training and then came home was supposed to clean, study, and plan. Well we studied, cleaned, and played games haha. It was one of the funnest days on my mission! Played Bang, Western game that I will prolly go buy next time i am in a car because it is the best ever! Then a little dice game, then we invented Shoe Game! It is the stupidest yet funnest thing. We all have slippers and you play golf in the hallways of the Rittenhouse. You just kick them as far as you can. My shoes are the worst for it but it is pretty fun! I ain't no good but i play anyways! Maybe a video coming. And the storm wasn't bad at all. The Trees were blowing and just a whole lot of rain. we just thought it was a dud till we heard about New York. Sounds like they got hammered. First time in forever the city of lights was powerless! That had to be weird  There is alot of leaves down and they are too wet to pick up and no one here has any damage or anything. Our power was out for a night and we had a backup generator that gave us half the lights and the outlets so nothing really happened. Super cold until they got the power up in the morning but they turned it on around 10 on Tuesday! It was really cold on a bike on Tuesday! I went with Elder Fisher on exchange! it was a super fun day! Elder Fisher is one of my best friends here in the mission field and i hope to always stay friends with him!
Met with a couple of his investigators and just had a fun time. Great to have someone in lessons to rely on. It is hard when your  companion is still learning alot and all the burden seems to be on you!
I stay with Elder Arnett till the 21st. I like him alot and he is going to be a great missionary once he gets everything down on how to study. I like how he teaches and it is fun to do it with him! This next week should be great cause i think it is back to missionary work!
I am safe and sound and D.C. ain't that bad at all! Love it here and hope you all are doing great! Don't worry about all the hype with weather here on the east coast cause they amplify everything! It is crazy to see people here react to just a rain storm. This one i guess was a doozy but black people and rain just dont mix!
Stay safe back there at home! How much snow you got now? i hope we don't get any this year again! that would be great!

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