Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mon, It is weird starting with Mon...just sayin...but we had a good night. We just went to see Former's and got a couple of potentials. Talked to 12 people. Twas a swell evening!

Tues, We met with Bonita! Read I think from 1Nephi11+12. It was really good. Bonita just asks the right ?'s and just apply's the scriptures so well to her situation. It is a great example to me of how you can apply scriptures from any setting to fit what you need and you normally get  what you need when you need it. I love reading the BoM with someone. Glad Bonita wants too. We then got dogged by a member. She just left for 5 min and thought she could make it but ended up being a little longer and got there 10 min after we left. We were already headed home because we had FHE this evening at the church. We had the lesson. It was super powerful. Watched "Only a Stonecutter" and talked about how simple our callings can be, if we magnify them it is truly magnificent. I am amazed at how awesome that story is and I know that it is how it works. It is interesting how the Lord work's sometimes but I know that even if you are a "greeter" for Relief Society you can make a difference in the entire Ward. I sometimes think the recent converts in this ward look at how low of a calling they have and get discouraged when they really shouldn't because there is a place  and a job for everyone in the Lord's Church!

Wed, District Meeting went swell. It is weird how sometimes you plan for just the right amount and you end a half hour early and then other times you don't have time for role plays and have to go over time. Really different. Hope this next one goes swell. After District Meeting, we went to the V.C. with Andrei and watched the Joesph Smith movie. It was really good. It was really good for Andrei! He really enjoyed the movie. It is funny to watch things click with people. I think everything is coming back to his remembrance. He has been taught alot so either he knows the right things to do or he is getting it this time. Going to play him out and see what he does. We then had our dinner at the church. It is always super good! We then got dogged by a former. We got the privilege of going to the children's hospital to give a blessing. Little 2 year old Jordan had had 3 heart surgery's when he first arrived to this earth and then was a healthy baby boy for 18 months. Then just got done having his 3rd brain surgery. This little guy is a fighter! I shared with her that I was once were Jordan was, recovering from surgery and I am fine. It seemed to give her a little more hope. We gave both Jordan a blessing and his mom. Spirit was super strong. We then talked for a while and set up a time to go back. Told her more about my condition and I just kept getting reminded of Stephen Bowman and decided I would share with her the story. It was pretty touching for me. I still think I am just lucky to be here. I thought about the Bowman family on my birthday too and prolly won't be able to not think about it for the rest of my life. Guess I am grateful to be here. Just figured out another little date...Stephen passed on Nov 27th...the day I get home. Ellie, Jordan's mom, definitely could use some prayers. She is a really strong woman. Said she has met many mother's who have lost their children with there child being better off than Jordan. It is really strange how things work sometimes. Really makes the Plan of Salvation come real. Testify'ed to her that I know no matter what happens God will take care of both her and Jordan. I also told her that I believe she will get to raise Jordan no matter what happens. It will be fun to meet with her and see the progress of Jordan!

Thurs, J.S. took us out to get dogged and then had a really good lesson with Andrei. From the V.C. trip, he has decided that he will quit coffee! Says it is going to be really hard but he is going to do it. I hope he will. Sounds really promising. We still are trying to decide if he is accountable tho. We are not going to put him on date till he shows that he is really serious and can come and help the ward. We will just have to wait and see how it works out. We then had a good rest of the day knocking door's trying to find some member's. It is fun trying to find someone who 80% of the time doesn't want you there. I have been getting a good look in someone's face everytime they are rude or just don't want to talk to me. I hope that when I have a perfect recollection on the other side that I will get to look them up and ask them why they wouldn't give me a chance to talk. Hope it will work that way haha.

Fri, We read 1Nephi 13+14 with Bonita! It was just great! I love 1Nephi, It is prolly the most read book in the Book of Mormon. We really get alot out of it with Bonita. We then met with Sis Robinson and found out she is an awesome member missionary. Most missionary's only think they are good member missionary's when they give you referral's. I really am not one of those robots haha. You succeed when you try in missionary work and we helped her see that. She visit teaches a couple less-actives that are making progress and that is great! We then went to play pros-ball with our room-mates but got dogged by their people who was gonna come get schooled by me. They shouldn't have told them that I was coming haha. We then had a good visit with Joelyn. She just needs to get baptized. Don't really know why she doesn't want to get it done. Might be just laying it down for her and see what happens. I hate doing that but sometimes you just have too.

Sat, Me and Elder Lott went on exchange and had a really good time with him. After our Ward Correlation meeting we picked out our famous 100$ Brooks Brother Death Tie! J.S. buys every missionary one before they go home. Lot of money but it is going to be my most cherished tie. We then went to eat at 5 guy's and then went to park at the V.C. Just some good service up there. .

Sun, church was just great. At Ward Council, Bishop shared a really good story. Apparently there is a youtube video of a dad celebrating when his kid went from a F to a C. Shared that we really need to celebrate the small steps people take. It is really true. We then had a good night out and about and we got to spend a little time with Ceasar today helping him prepare for us to come over for dinner tomorrow. It was good to just kinda relax there to for a little bit.

Mon, sunrise pics and going to see the mall here in a sec! Love you all Thanks for all the support! Sorry for those waiting for letter's from me. I have really slacked lately on letter writing but maybe I will get back into it. If not we will see you soon ;) Love Elder Stoor!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wed, Elder Jensen and I went and just g-q'ed some people and met Ceasar and then checked on some more member's to introduce him too but didn't get in!

Thurs, We had Ceasar cook us breakfast. Then we had to get E. Jensens bike tuned up a little bit. The gears were a little messed up. I just wish I knew how to do it. It looks super easy and I hope to learn someday. I am really good at changing flat tires just not the gears. We then got some good stuff done on the computer. I have typed up all the member's in our area so they can fit into our planner's so it is going to be super nice. It is why you haven't seen some stuff posted on facebook from me lately. Been using the time to try to help us be a little more effective when we are out working. We have 180 member' in our little area and we are going to be doing a good little sweep through of them. That is what the ward wants so hopefully we can deliver. We got to meet another recent convert I hadn't met. Sis Boykin. Hopefully going to start to meet with her every now and then! We then checked on a few more and it was fun!

Fri, Leadership Meeting was great as usual. I liked the workshops but sometimes it gets a little hard listening to missionary's trying to present it. I need to work on charity I guess but I really don't like hearing things from some missionary's sometimes. President Williams who is the 2nd counselor in the mission Presidency gave us a training, because President Cooke was away. It was great. He is a professional speaker so he does a good job of presenting. Had us all just tuned right in. It took up most of the day but it was a good meeting. We then had a good meeting with Andrei Ponze. Elder Fisher and Elder Rushton had taught him alot when we were here and I taught him on exchange 2 or 3 times. He was a solid investigator and found him on Facebook so we got to meet him and he is really a different person. Kinda seemed un-accountable but maybe he will grow out of it. Rough 1st lesson to say the least. Going to meet with him some more cause he wants too so we shall see. We also read scriptures with Bonita and it was great. Read I Nephi 8-11 and it was just super spiritual! I hope to see her come back to church. She definitely still has a testimony. We then went to the Visitor's Center and had a great time there. Joelyn was supposed to get baptized on Sunday but "sabatougched it" in her own words. Kinda sad. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ there and it as just a good time. I think it really helped her and I am hoping for next month she will be baptized! Not rushing it that is for sure!

Sat, We had a good ward correlation this morning. Got alot done. Ceasar then told us we had to come over cause he missed my birthday. Ribs sure are good! We then went biking around the area to show E.Jensen around a little bit. Went by the Verizon Center and that was fun. Ran into a member who wants to get us free tickets to go to a Capitols game. Never been to a hockey game. I dunno if President will let us tho haha. It was a pretty fun night!

Sun, Church was just great! Had couple of good meetings with the ward leader's. Hopefully things start to happen. It is hard to just do the Lord's work all the time. I hope to be a good member's for the missionary's when I get old. We then had a Why I Believe that night! Brian Kiel of the Washington Redskins spoke so you can bet that it was a full house. He gave an exceptional talk! All the Recent Converts gave a super good talk too! It is super spiritual meeting. If we ever come visit you have to plan on coming here during the third Sunday of the month because those meeting are the best! Only two recent converts stood up tho that is always sad when not many are there to introduce themselves.

Mon, Sunrise pics, tennis, library of congress! Super good P-day! Gonna take sunrise like every P-day till I get home cause they make the p-day's the best! Thanks for all the e-mails! Talk to ya next Monday!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wed, We had two appointments today! Yeah...well my companion got a flat tire...had to walk home and wasn't able to go to either of them :( One ended up being in the hospital and then the other didn't really want us to come by anyways so it was okay. Just a long walk home.

Thurs, Was on exchange with E. Peterson...It was raining and it rained and it rained and it rained some more. We were out in it all day. Forgot that the Library's don't open till 1 on Thursdays haha. We ended up just biking to Union Station and got there so we could have lunch with Ceasar! Super nice guy. He went out of town for the weekend and this was the last time he was going to see us before transfer's so...he took us all out to eat! It was super good. It was then raining still when we got out. We were just out and about. It was fun to be back with Elder Peterson! We strolled around talking to people in the rain and ended up having both our appointments re-schedule. So I decided to take him out to dinner! We went to this really good Mexican place that is like Cafe Rio/Chipotle called Lime. Super good salsa and decent prices.

We went back out to the bikes and I put on my anti-theft protection purple helmet and E. Peterson said where is my helmet? It was gone. I looked a little closer and started to laugh cause his seat was gone too. Mine was still on but Someone jacked his seat and helmet. We stood there and laughed for a good 5 minutes. I don't know why it was so funny haha. Had a good talk to a guy who came to lock up, told him to be careful, cause he just got stuff stolen. Super nice guy. He is an Atheist Jew haha. As we were leaving, E. Peterson asked if he could borrow his seat haha. Good times. We decided to just go get out of the rain and clean our apartment. We cleaned like crazy and now our apartment looks nice. I know you may not be able to believe it but I cleaned. And to make matters worse today....WE LOST THE FREAKING PHONE! YES WE STILL DON'T HAVE A PHONE! crazy day

Fri, Raining its Raining, the old man is snoring...however the song goes. We went to the library, got some stuff done for our map! Printed out names so we can read them and went to our appointment with Bonita Jackson :)! Read some scriptures with her! I really like her she is super funny. Really spiritual too. Going to be reading scriptures with her every tuesday and friday! We got dogged at our next appointment.

We Weekly Planned and then just decided to clean our room because it was raining. So Now everything is super nice. It was kinda really dirty before. We got our map updated so it looks nice! Have a couple more things to do and then it is just spick and span! I know it sounds like we just cleaned and updated these last two days but it is pretty much the most productive thing to do when it is pouring cats and dogs outside!

Sat, We had Ward Coorelation and it took a long time cause we went through the whole ward directory with Bro Ewing. We are getting ready for our Ipads and What we did is going to be super helpful. All the member's will be catagorized by #'s 3 for Active, 2 for kinda active, 1 for less-active, and 0 for do not contacts! It is all going to be accessed so we can leave notes there and they will never get lost and we can just always be up to date on everything!

I saw this super spiritual quote on a police station when we asked if our phone was turned in! "The things we do for ourselves die with us; the things we do for others and the world remain, and are immortal" Alan Fine...I thought about this quote a lot! Brought back the memories of doing your RAK from Young mens. I hope that I can continue to do at least one thing a day for someone else. That is how we gain strong relationships with other people.

Sun, Church was just dandy. I was running around talking to people all freaking day. It was nice and seemed to get alot done there which is super nice! We then had a good day out working. It was a semi-nice day. Different to be riding around cause everyone was talking about the Cowboys and Redskins game this day. I have never seen a city's happyness depend so much on a football team than here in D.C. Seriously tho, having success during football season depends on whether or not the Skins win! GO REDSKINS :)

Mon, Last District Meeting. It was super fun, except for this little fact. On the way there all our bikes were on the Porter's bike rack and it fell as we were driving down the road. All of our bikes were a little jacked up. My comp's bike completely fell off and it was fine. E. Wilcox's bike is bigger than mine and E. Hansen's so it took the brunt. My brakes were messed up because of it but luckily that was it. same for E. Hansen. E. Wilcox had a bent rim, gears didn't work just completely un-rideable. We went to Dick's cause E. Wilcox did the same thing as I did and it is going to be there for a couple of months. Got my brakes fixed and asked ?'s about what I should do for my bike. I really like it but it has a ton of miles on it.

He told me the best thing to do is to go buy steel parts. apparently all I have is aluminum parts so that is why it wears out. He says on Craig's List I could prolly get really good parts for under 50$ that would last the rest of my life so I decided I want to ship my bike home! There is this site that ships your bike for like 50$ so I will be using that! Wished we would've known that 2 years ago...Getting them all fixed basically took all day and then had time to check on some member's! It was really nice. Talked with a gay member. Went on a mission and then 6 months later just went less-active. I don't know how you could/would ever do that. Checked on a couple of other member's as well so it was good! Had a Call out party that night and got to find out I am getting a new companion.

Tues, IT's me birthday...It was a pretty swell day. My comp packed in the morning. We got to go and see Bonita! :) E. Lott took me out to lunch! We checked on a couple of more people and then went to FHE! Super good day! I think I might go buy me a beer one of these days haha I will send ya a pic lol.

Wed, Transfer Meeting. So I got to film E. Fisher meeting his parents. He had this story of when he was playing golf with his Dad before the mission and he was losing and before the last hole he had a chance to win if he shot a Birdie. Well he wrote on the ball, Birdie on the 18th to win. He did and His dad explained that he can call all his own shots in life. Fast forward. E. Goodman trained E. Fisher and I don't have to say anymore about that haha. Fisher pretty much was thinking about going home and his dad sent him that golf ball and told him to call his shot. He basically wrote on it Return with Honor and gave it to his dad before he hugged him. It was pretty cool. It was fun to meet his parents. It is weird to see him go home. Today feels really funny. E. Watts went home too. I am now the oldest in the mission. Everyone that was here when I got here is now home. Change. Change Change.

What this gospel is all about. It is all kinda hitting me today that coming home is not far away at all! I am trying to do my best to be able to finish it. It will be a good "night" when I can come see you all again! Thanks for all the support to everyone that is doing for me. All the prayers. They are really needed! I hope that everyone will be able to see the change in me that has taken place. Have come a long ways and have a long ways to go. It was the best to get on Facebook on my birthday and the first thing I see is a picture of Chad and Jamie and their family! It is what it is all about.

Having the promise that we can be with our family's forever. Tis the Work of Salvation!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wed, We have to sing in sacrament meeting in a Sunday or two, so we have to practice. Telling 11 missionary's who only 2 know how to sing parts, sing parts is just ridiculous haha. I have decided that i don't like parts. I tried it and just ain't good. I wonder if they will just give and say go sing. haha. We went and saw Ceasar cause he needed some help with his new stuff he is getting. We taught him a lesson on missionary work as well so hopefully he will be able to help us out. He should be getting a car soon so that will be nice for him to be able to come on splits with us.

Thurs, We had some Planning we needed to do . And then we had a big long day of service! Ceasar's house was a mess and we helped him hook everything up nice. He fed us lunch and between weekly planning and some facebook time that took up the day until the night. We had a finding activity and me and E. Vaterlaus went to the East area. We all went with a different companion to a different area. It was interesting. We got to talk to quiet a few people and it was pretty fun. Set up 3 appointments for them. One is super cheesy, told us to come by out front and yell his name and he will come down haha. I betcha he don't live there but I guess you gotta give them a chance. One guy was super cool. He seems like he will be a good investigator. Was really interested after our G-Q so i guess we did something right.

Fri, I was on exchange in the East area. I am grateful that my area doesn't have very many hills. Compared to the South, the East is freaking hilly. It was a good day tho. I have a lot of respect for Elder Hansen. He is a super good missionary. Talks to everyone and just gets it done. Good story : Elder Hansen g-q's these two young guys. They say right away "not interested" He just keeps at em haha. Finally gives them a card and tells them that they don't know what they are missing by saying they are just are not interested before knowing what it is. We watch them walk away and we were talking about where to go next and about a minute later we see that they drop the cards. I start laughing cause when people say they are not interested that is normally what happens. What Elder Hansen does. Goes and picks up the card and yells "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING" haha. It was just great to listen to him haha. We then got to teach a lesson with J.S. Karen is a solid investigator. She just wants to find out it is true. She brought up the dietary thing and family thing are the two most touching things to her. One one way the other the other haha. Stupid coffee. But she loves her family even tho she never wants to get married. Has one daughter. It was a really good lesson.

Sat, Conference is just great. The most spiritual thing that happened today really didn't come from conference at all. In between session's I was able to give Kathy a baptismal interview. I have never met anyone that would be able to answer those questions in a more spiritual way. I don't think i will be able to explain at all how this experience was ever, but the Spirit was so strong. She told me that she has never found a church that has people who are just wanting to serve. She has always been a believer but never has found a church that was full of people wanting to follow Jesus Christ like the people here. Everything just clicked with her from the moment the missionary's started to teach her. They took her to the Visitor's Center and the moment she went through the white gates she knew she was on hallowed ground. She started to cry and they asked her what was a matter? She told them that she feels his presence on the Temple grounds stronger than she has felt it ever before in her life. Truly is amazing the miracles that happen on a mission.
Conference was just great. I loved all the apostle's talks.

Sun, Conference again. Both times between services we had a lunch. That was nice. Kathy got baptized in between sessions. It was just a great day. I can't believe this is my last one. I remember being told how great general conference was on the mission on the way to my 1st one. Now that was #4. Oh yeah and i am in my last week of being a minor haha. I can buy some beer next week ;)

Mon, Zone Training. Now all the missionary's are allowed on Facebook here in the mission. It is a little crazy. It is weird to leave the apartments in the morning and pray that we can have a good experience on Facebook haha Beginning of my mission i never thought that would ever be said. They say we will get Ipads and Iphones before the end of November so maybe i will get to play around with one before i get home. I just have a feeling all i will be doing is updating the info into it. I have been dreaming about not having to mess with paper work my whole mission. It is finally happening. It was a freaking downpour after Zone Training tho and I don't like to work in those. We tried to be the best productive we could be. Ended up the end of the night at the Barlow Center cause I needed to quit being disobedient and become a temple recommend holder again haha. Pres. Cooke interview. It was great. Repented before I went so everything is good now till i get home ;)

Tues, It was E. Lotts birthday so I bought some lunch for him and my comp. Nice pizza. Was able to have a good time with them. We saw Bonita Jackson today. She is a saint! Love her to death. We read the scriptures. She was baptized on the same day as Kirk was last year. She has definitely changed alot in a year. Been having some struggles lately but she is fighting through it. We now set up two meetings a week with her to read scriptures so I hope that will help her! We then had FHE and it was great. Lots of people there this time so that makes things nice!

Wed, Temple! Did baptisms because I think the next time I go I want to do the session. One more time then it is done! Oh yeah big change happening next transfer. P-day is on Monday. Next week Wednesday then after that Monday. I wish they would just wait till i leave to do this but I guess they don't care about my opinion haha. Gonna go play some Basketball and school some people. Thanks for all the emails, I think i will be getting a new companion next week. Fisher is going home next week. Maybe you all should go meet him at his homecoming talk haha. He is going to Utah State so maybe we will stay friends. We shall see. It is super weird how time is flying. I am super excited to be able to see everyone again. I know I will miss being able to be out of the world but I am really excited for what the future has in store. I am doing my best to stay focused and busy.
Love ya! Talk to ya when I am 21!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

There is a senior couple that is serving in the DC 3rd Ward where Seth has been transferred.  They post a blog like we do for Seth, but do a much better job of adding pictures.  I'm probably breaking some copyright rules or something, but I know how to copy and paste very well....hahaha.  The Porters seem like a great couple & it is nice to be able to keep up with the area by following their blog.  As a parent it is also good to see that someone else thinks your son is doing well.  So here goes the copy & paste function in action!

On Wednesday September 4th we had transfers and two of the missionaries in our ward went home. Elder Wery from Belgium, one of our French speaking Elders finished his mission and went home and Elder Salanoa from Samoa finished his mission.  We were very sad to see them go.  They were both great missionaries and provided a lot of strength and help to our area.  Elder Salanoa was serving as our District Leader.  His replacement is Elder Stoor.  Elder Stoor is one of the missionaries we served with at the beginning of our mission.  We're delighted he could come back for his last two transfers.  We also got three other missionaries transfered in.  Elder Bledsoe and Elder Monsia are French speaking missionaries and Elder Hansen was added to our district.  Below on the back row  are Elders Szabo, Vaterlaus, Stanley, Wilcox, Hansen, Lussier-Houle, and Monsia.  Seated in front are Elders Stoor, Owens, Parlegean, and Bledsoe.  This is a great group of missionaries and a blessing to the DC 3rd Ward.

On September 15 we had a baptism of Lloyd Solis.  He was born and raised in the United States, but his family is from Philippines.  He is a great man with a super education.  He has a PhD. and teaches history and geography in a Baltimore inner city high school.  He has been to 40 of the states and loves to come and play games at our weekly Family Home Evening on Tuesdays.  We are looking forward to teaching him the new member lessons.  Since he rides the MARC train to and from Baltimore, we will need to find a time that works well for him.  His missionaries with him are Elder Stoor and Elder Owens, both from Eastern Idaho.

We had a great service project of "Packing the Pantry" for the Capital Area Food Bank.  Our ward's assignment was 600 cans of condensed soup.  The Bishop had announced that if everyone who comes to Sacrament Meeting would bring 4 cans, we would make our goal.   That is every man, woman, child, and baby. Well, we did make the goal with a few being extra generous near the end.  What a great time to help the people in DC who have to rely on others for their basic needs.  Here are a few of our ward group that came to serve this day.

Thanks Elder & Sister Porter!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wed, We had a really good day at the Temple! We then talked to people all the way home and just didn't get many people who are interested! It is hard to try to talk to people who just want to blow you off. Gotta do it but i think this is the reason we are being on facebook. All these people on the streets won't talk to ya in person but don't have a problem online! All interesting stuff. I haven't figured out how to find people to teach much on facebook besides a couple of friends from home i am trying. I don't want to sound like I am pushy pushy on there. My comp has had a couple of friends de-friend him haha.

Thurs, We checked on a couple of people in the morning after our facebook routine. Then we Had to go to interviews with President. I was supposed to go have an interview at 2:30 but ended up not getting in till 8. That was a good day of just sitting around waiting to have an interview. It really helped alot tho. Figured out what he wants us to do. Hopefully we can all get into his system because it really sounds awesome. Coming soon we are getting Ipad Mini's that have an online area book. Been dreaming of this since day 1 of my mission! Everyone will be able to access it and see how our investigators less-actives are doing! Best Idear ever!

Fri, We had a good visit with Ceasar this morning! He is just a good guy! We helped him with his stuff he needed to get done. He fed us pancakes for lunch and we headed out. Found out he is getting a Fiat so he can get himself around. Super nice cause he will be able to take us to lessons and such. We then got dogged but was able to have a lesson with Joelyn today at McDonalds! Super un-healthy but good food. Good lesson. She is pretty much a dry-mormon so it is hard to come up with things to teach. Set up a v.c. trip for Saturday!

Sat, We had a nice Correlation meeting except J.S. has me conduct. Kinda weird. Having to try to be the WML too along with all the other missionary things but it needs to be done. We Then saw Sis Ford and found out she forgot and re-scheduled then met one of her friends outside that wants to meet with us! Was going to come to church but ended up not being able too. Wonder how interested she really is...first commitment: church= fail miserably haha
Joelyn came to the V.C. and we had a really good time! Talked about Faith and Repentance and then watched a couple of Mormon Messages! Super good!

Sun, Good Sunday except nobody showed up. Kinda disappointing! Had 3 people lined  up. Always next week...for a little while. Fast and Testimony meeting is always swell! Especially in this Ward.We then had a good steak dinner with Ceasar! All the missionary's are there. Our area so we help cook and help clean up. Takes a little too much time but you have to keep him happy! I wish i knew Spanish! We ended up trying to talk to people to no avail! Good news tho. I was able to organize all the Ward directory per area so hopefully be able to get that out to everyone soon!

Mon, District Meeting went swell! Last one of the Transfer basically so maybe they will release me so i won't have to put those together anymore! It is alot more work when you add 2 more companionships, but then again alot more delegating than actually doing. It has been a good experience for me, has helped me grow! We then got dogged! Love it when that happens. It feels like we have gotten dogged by every single person we have tried to set up an appointment with this transfer. Really every single one of them. Frustrating to work with people who just don't care about anything. Ceasar called us up tho and needed help fixing his computer so we went to help him and had a good mormon message session with him!

Tues, Ceasar fed us steak and eggs this morning! Super good! We then had to go to my Dentist appointment and that took us all day. Didn't have to numb me which was nice. So now all i have to do is to get a crown at the home dentist! J.S. drove us out there and back. Tried to go to an appointment that wasn't there and just went to FHE! It was a good FHE.

Wed, We had a private Capitol tour set up but I guess the Government doesn't want anyone working anymore...stupid everything is shut down on the Mall i guess. Ended up playing Tennis this morning! New found favorite sport! I love Tennis. We then shopped for a little and came to e-mail. What a day.
Love Elder Stoor