Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wed, P-Day was great i guess haha, we went to Sis Langley's and had a really good talk about Christ and things. She has been thru a ton in her life. Prolly shouldn't be living or walking for that matter. She knows it is all because H.F. has something planned for her! Great Faith...good example to me! One i think i will never forget especially if i go thru a trial with my body!
Thurs, We have been getting referrals like crazy! Problem:never can contact them! Kinda annoying but we have a 10 all in the same area and it is kinda confining us to check on them day after day cause we don't have alot of miles either! We had fun at Family History today tho! They told us to go thru the website! I like it but as i have talked with E. Knight it prolly will be best if i am serious about doing it when i get home which i think i am pretty serious! To get a program like Legacy which i prolly will! It is just something that is on my heart now so i think there is work that needs to be done! Can't wait to get the Stoor Book online cause i have a feeling that alot of info on Dad's side just isn't right on the website! But we shall see! I think Grandma's line has been hammered out tho haha good to be member's for a while i guess!  We then got dogged again...and had a lesson with Paul...he has a friend who wants to meet with us! Kay is his name and we are going to go to the Visitor's Center!!!!  YAYA! Paul is just steady going and a very slow pace compared to others! But still moving so that is important. We then helped Shavez family move some things...they are moving to North Carolina so wish the missionaries luck over there! Hopefully they will all become member's there!
Fri, we ended up not getting to go to the V.C. with Paul cause the freaking power was out there!!!! FREAK! Everytime something happens where we can't get Paul anywhere but his home! We then taught James after and had a good lesson on the BoM! He is super smart guy. Muslim tho. I think he isn't planning on letting it go either cause he believes in all the prophets...which we do too but he believes in the false one's too pretty much! Patrick also called us today and asked for a # for the Lds services to help him get a job! And also explained that they want to go to the College Park Ward so we might not get to teach them but we just need to have a talk and hopefully they will like our ward too but they can get themselves to church at College Park thru Metro and Metro doesn't run by our church! Dang!!! Super cool still tho so hopefully he will get baptized said they want too!
Sat, We got dogged again! We don't have the miles for this haha. People leave notes on the doors for us telling us they will call to set up a different meeting! Call then save the paper!!!!!!! AHHHH! We did give a blessing to Bro Holmes today tho! He is kinda crazy but has taught me some martial arts so don't think about getting in a fight with me anymore haha. We then took our newly ordained priest with us and got dogged by Frank but more on him tomorrow!  All in all 5 dogged apt.s! Some days are just really hard especially when you have leadership on your backs to pull #'s and people just dog ya haha. I really wanted to baptize in this area but i think it is another area not done in! Really hard sometimes and alot of times i just want to quit but i guess i shouldn't be tellin ya that! I believe this is the hardest think i have ever done and i guess i just need to focus more! I have been pretty trunky lately so try to get it outta my head! But you never leave haha then everyone tells me my mission won't ever get out of my head! I think controlling my mind is the hardest! It just won't co-operate! Hopefully someday i can master it!
Sun, We had church and Pres. Matsumori came and spoke along with Sis. Matsumori! Man Japanese power punch on missionary work! Pres gave a super good talk about building testimony. Compared it to the Utah have to keep them watered which could have been over people's heads here cause i haven't seen someone watering there lawn here haha. Then the big push...Some people with front lawn testimony's of the gospel need to take care of the backlawn. Suck on that haha Missionary work is something that needs to get done! Emphasis that the Church is taking on Real Growth means that the whole perfecting the saints, temple/family history work, and missionary work really needs to be the focus on our spiritual lives! If it isn't, better work at it. Okay that no one is perfect but we better not be less-active in the gospel! Something that i need to work on! It is hard to live the gospel sometimes even as a missionary. Yes maybe it is just glorified and exploited all the time on a mission but still something that needs worked at! guess God is just telling us all to git "r" done.
But Frank came to church and met Pres.! Super good meeting they both liked each other! Frank brought his hot daughter Abby along and she loved it too! Now we need to work on his wife but Frank and Abby say they will be here next week! YIPPEEE! Frank is super rich too! HUGE House that i covet haha.
Then we went and talked with the Booker's who didn't come to church! Meeting with them every week for the past 4 months and they come to church just once....but they will be there next week! hopefully
Mon, district meeting went swell! had a good lunch at the mall with the other elder's and E. Farley got me all excited to work out to look all buff like him haha. There is some protein that will attack the fat too when you work out haha so losin weight when i get home haha, We then had a meeting with Kay! Super awesome guy! Spirit was there all thru the beginning. one of those too good to be true feelings tho. And sure enough. At the end he told us he was going to be the next prophet haha, All the churches including the Mormon's was going to have to bow to him haha. Got two law suits for 100 million dollars or something ridiculous against the police! Wants us to be on his side. Man some people are just ridiculous. Dunno if we want to come back. WE then got dogged haha, then went to the Rodrigez's...they didn't come to church just cause they didn't want to i guess, we watched the Restoration movie with them! Super good! We gave Oscar a blessing and it was strong! He hasn't smoked for 11 days! He is a good guy trying to do the right thing and it has changed his whole appearance!
Tues, Well got dogged haha. Cut a lawn today tho! That was fun! For Sis Langley...We had Correlation! Fun times...We got dogged again! Sometimes it is just hard to have to go and knock on doors and talk to people you don't know who sometimes are just rude haha. I like lessons haha. Going to drop a ton of cheesy people this week prolly! We got to go to the Napoli's tonight with our roommates for dinner! I love their food even tho it is prolly horrible for you and if you watched the way they cook it you prolly wouldn't eat it but it tastes good so that is all that matter's and it is spicy! haha Yum Yum!
Wed, We went to the Mall this morning! Tried the Holocaust but that didn't work out! Nobody likes that museum and it is my fav one haha. Guess i am just a sick minded person! we went to air and space tho too and then came and played Risk with E. Kuddes and E. Farely! Never playing that game again! Just pisses me off! Man i hate losing! Right when i was going to win on the next turn! haha
Sorry for just telling you i got dogged this week! I am doing great regardless! just gotta always be reminded to why i am here. Repent some more and go get r done haha! Love you all Gotta run!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hi there people!

Wed, was just a good P-day and night of tracting! Whoopie!

Thurs, Thursday was a sweet day! One where we almost didn't have time for lunch and dinner because of our appointments...Only  of them held tho haha. James is sweet! Taught him most of the first lesson so hopefully he will read the part about the Book of Mormon and we will talk about that next time. He was playin his Playstation when we got there haha super funny cause he is Dad's age and i just can't ever see Dad playin video games but maybe he has changed since i have been on my mission lol, Paul is doing good too. had a really good meeting with him. He is worried he will be the only black thug in the congregation on Sunday haha. That is why he hasn't come. Good concern i guess! Glad he told us so we will be takin some black members to see him haha. Sometimes they are just soo racist it is kinda funny. I think they are more racist about themselves now but that was prolly a big racist comment! haha We are the only white people he has had in his home ever tho so i guess that is progress...

Fri, Did alot of service for the Heath's hopefully we got everything we needed to get done done...We then Weekly Planned and was dogged for the evening so we went to go and check on our referrals cause we have been getting a ton of them lately...been real nice, contacted 3 and don't really know how interested they are...sad cause when the missionaries who contacted them had really good meeting with them prolly and then just isn't interested cause we aren't them

Sat, Got dogged again this morning but did some service in the early morning, I then was privileged to give a blessing to Sister Rosemary and then we took Paul Taylor to her daughter to give a blessing .her brain is apparently swelling so that is bad news but she has been through alot in her life and wasn't even supposed to live. so i guess we will see what happens, she is mentally challenged as well so that makes it hard. We then met with Frank a referral from the Baltimore mission, he owns three Subways up there and has a huge house in Bowie! Super super big! Really nice cars too haha He is looking for a church and i think meeting with him really helped him out alot! He liked our message and wants us to come back and meet with his wife as well! We then went to the Berg's for dinner and they fed us ribs! Super super good haha spoiled i guess but it was one of the best meals i have gotten on my mission! super good day!

Sun, Ward Council was great the Stake was there and the Stake President gave a really good talk about the triangle thing where we have to be the conduit and help the investigator get to god. Teach, Feel, Do, Know Feel Do things you hear over and over as a missionary but they are good i guess! Bishop gave a really good talk in Sacrament meeting. I am excited to start Family History when i get home. Guess i need to do it now.
We then met with Patrick and Tory, a referral who have been attending church for a couple weeks at the College Park Ward! They are super prepared so that is nice. Put them on date for June 6th so i hope that they can make it! They don't have a car tho so that is kinda frustrating but i guess you can't get everything. They did get married last Friday so i guess i should count my blessings. Have a 18month old and 6 month old who are super cute. Taught a full Resto and they just love it! Think that God is blessing them alot! Super fun d.c. black couple!

Mon, district meeting was pretty good! We met with the Booker's today and watched some movies with them and just kinda hung out! They came to Church yesterday and feel alot better so i think we got them wanting to come back!!! Yay, We then had a dinner/lesson with Rodriguez family and it was great! He came to church too! i wish you could count them as a # coming to church! haha He really likes us so that is good to have that trust with him!

Tues, Interviews with Pres, last one! Dang! I am going to miss him but it will be a different experience with the new one! We then got dogged and had correlation and i taught bro fisher family history and hopefully got excited about doing it! we then met back up and had a quick lesson with a contact so hopefully we can meet up again! We then went and had a good lesson with the Booker Family! Super fun!  Went to the V.C.! They enjoyed it alot and had a really good tour! their oldest is having a hard time spiritually i guess so we will see what is up with her later. Their mom is prolly the best to handle it but they don't do it the way i would i hope. Learning alot with how to handle kids just by watching people out here. Guess it is trunky thoughts.
Have fun with Emma this weekend she is great!
Love ya! BYE BYE

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wed, Heaths were great and that is about all to report!
Thurs, Zone Training was pretty good. They always are tho! we have those at the first of every month and they seem to be coming every other week! Time is going pretty fast.

Fri, Our roomates and us were both going to mow a lawn in the morning and go to the Heath's to do service so we split up and i got to go to the Tolson's again! Super old couple who just aren't doing well. Should've had a nurse 10 years ago but made it till they were in their 90!'s, they are in the College Park Ward! We then pulled some weeds cause the Heath's are planning on moving to Utah here in the next couple of months so we are going to be doing lots of yardwork to help them get their house ready! Fed me for 9 months on my mission so i guess it is the least i can do! Try to go over there as much as we can give them! We were able to visit with Adama tonight and got the gospel library app on her tablet and her # to text her for it so that will be nice! She is still reading and doing the things she needs too except for being able to come to church! Dang it!

He has participated in other baptisms, but this was the first one Elder Stoor performed

Sat, We did service in the morning hours for the Heaths! We then got dogged twice! Then helped a man from another ward with a blessing at the Hospital! Greatful that he was able to give the blessing cause i seem to have trouble when i don't know them, i like being able to know them but then again maybe those ones are more powerful cause you have to rely on the Spirit! It was good, room seemed to be more relaxed when we left so that was good! Emma Mays then took us to Smoothie King! Yum Yum, Didn't get to teach a lesson today but it was a good night out tracting and finding people or at least trying!

Sending Sister Fehlman home

Sun, Well we had Church and then we went to Bro Lacomyj's house where i called you at! Twas fun to hear your voices and no mom you did not make me more trunkyer haha It helped me as usual to not think about it. I have just been doin alot at night and on P-day's alot is going on right now and i just wish i could know what i am going to be doing!

Mon, district Meeting! It was pretty good except our #'s kinda sucked this last week! Crazy. We then went and did service again, mowed another lawn and then sanded a deck! Super fun to get some work in. We then went out with a member Paul Taylor and had a good time with him! Met with the Rodrigez family again and had a super good 3rd lesson with them! Good to feel the spirit! The Dad is fixing his life so he can baptize his son! Good goal and i hope he will get there.

At the tip of Maryland

Tues, Did service and had breakfast in the morning with a member! It was really really good breakfast! We then met with a potential who is an investigator now! Ben! He works as a mechanic and his daughter is a minister. He is really humble and is open to hearing our message! He did say that he likes where he is at now at his church! but he hasn't seen our's! We also met with the Booker family today with both bro Fisher and bro Taylor! We go on full splits and then met up at the Booker's! Super good apt. they will hopefully come to church finally and we are going to go to the visitor's center with them hopefully! We also contacted a refferal who happens to be a member from sierra lionne. He was happy to see "brother's in the priesthood"! Good to meet him and hpefully he will be able to become acquainted with the ward!
Wed, we went to Point Lookout this morning for sunrise! Super far away but it was a great day! One of the best P-day's of my mission for sure!
Love ya and dad you can sell my truck i guess but i kinda would like to get a car when i come home haha. Maybe a little subaru impreza_hatchback one! Not to be to particular about it tho. and the Neibar's are from the Ririe i think, i know it is by Burley tho so the R named city by Burley! Why?

At the tip of Maryland

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wed, Had a good dinner at the Heath's! We then preceded to go and proselyte! Good night! Today tho i forgot my planner so this week will prolly be a quick e-mail...
Thurs, we Got weekly planning done quick! It is good to get it done faster cause usually day after transfer's you are getting your comp used to the area so it was quiet nice to stay together!

Fri, We did service like crazy! We pulled weeds for the Heath's and then told them we would be back! We then saw Paul our investigator and he was looking for his son! So we looked for him too but couldn't find him. My comp mentioned we should pray and Paul offered it! Super good prayer that his son would think about coming home and come and then we had to leave so we parted ways but on the way to the car we found him! Brought him back and it was just a cool experience on the power of prayer. Sometimes i think such things like that are happenstances sometimes but also one of those things when you just look up and say yeah you are really there and really are watching over us and answer those simple but fervent heartfelt prayers!

Sat, We woke up and went and helped the Heath's again in the morning when it was cool! Then helped someone move! Had everything in boxes and i got the job of stacking it in the truck well i guess i did it too good cause we only filled up half the truck with his stuff haha. Should've got a smaller one haha. We then got dogged again for the V.C.! Gosh dang it! We then went and mowed a lawn and talked with this cool member, Bro Lakomyj! Super fun! Felt like all we did was service these last couple of days! Cause that is all we had to report for since nobody else was home or held an apt!

Sun, Church was great! I bore my testimony again! Told them about the prayer experience and it was just super good! Then the Bishopric 1st counselor got up and talked about how his kids are still young and unreasonable and we have to tell them what to do over and over again. Kinda with the perspective on that is what Heavenly Father is for us too. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again sometimes. Got to be frustrating but maybe someday i will get there! Really great fast and testimony meeting tho! Spirit was there. Hopefully Shavez and Grandma Adama felt it! Cause they were our two investigators there! We then were out tracting in the nighttime "golden hours" and i g-q'ed these two people having a smoke and drink on their back porch! We taught them a lesson from the ground on the BoM and the Atonement! It was super good! Felt the Spirit as i was testify'ing super good lesson1 Happened at 8:20! haha

Mon, We saw just about every former we have been trying and every potential well at least we went there and left notes! Dropping everyone like flies! We did a ton today and it felt good! We then went to the Stromsdorfer's again for dinner. They told us that we have the trust of the ward which is great! Couple of member's have brought friends to church! Things are looking up but because of it we are expected to do it so kinda nervous in a way! We also met with the Rodriguez family and had a P.o.S. lesson with them and was pretty bold with him! Super good! He says he just doesn't go to bed on time on Sat so going to have to go tell him or call him to get to bed so he can come to church!

Tues, Was a good morning! our Apt. Wasn't there so we went to lunch with Emma Mays and she got on facebook and told me my trainer is getting married! Kinda fun to have her show me pics of him! Miss him quiet a bit still! hope to someday catch up with him. Good lunch and then had a good meeting with a former who has a strong testimony of the Bible and Christ but a little stubborn to more information haha. Hopefully she will turn hopeful to it cause she has a solid testimony of things. mostly her talking tho. we then had ward correlation and then got dogged by our appointments so we went to Nar Mya's with our roommates for another dinner! Napoli's cook really good food! Kinda fun to go back over there too. They actually remember me so that is fun!

Wed, We worked out this afternoon then shopped and came down to the Mall so twill be a fun p-day!
Happy Belated birthday mommy! You getting old? haha, Guess i am going to call ya on Sunday sometime! Trunky call haha tis the last one. That went by pretty fast! Guess i don't have very much time left. Think i have 4 transfer's haha crazyness!  Bailey and Tanner didn't even send me an announcement...sheesh but thanks to Jade who did!
looking forward to talkin with y'all! till then, Love ya!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

game was pretty fun! I was sitting by Elder Morris, Elder Chapman was prolly in the pic you sent but don't remember who else cuase me and Morris left halfway through down to the lower seats hehe twas fun! We then had a barbaque after the ball game and meeting with Adama! We taught the Law of Chastity and WoW! Doesn't have a problem so we are good to gooooo!!!!! Super excited! for her!

Thurs, We cleaned the font, weekly planned and physically prepared to baptize today pretty much!, We went and met a member and did some service, Bro Onyejeckwe and he took us to Mikey D's! Good trade haha Packed some heavy books out of his basement! Pretty fun! We then met with Ms. Bramwell and had a super good lesson with her! took a ward missionary! Paul Taylor! Taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was great, she wants to come to church!

She told us a miricle, she went to Why I Believe and loved it, but before she left they couldn't get this chainsaw started and already rented the 2nd one! She said she wanted to stay but then just put it all to God and left. She got to the Visitor's Center and got a call saying they got it started! and had it all done by the time she got home! And she loved the V.C. and said how can this not be true!!!! BOOYAAA!!!

Fri, We went out on the bikes today for a little bit, man i am outta shape haha, But we sent two refferals! And a potential and then a sweet family of 8 all over 8! Super fun day! We also had Adama's baptismal interview! She passed good to go and her Dad all signed off on it so it was really going to happen! We had the Y.W. Pres there Sis Hubble and taught the restoration! Adama's aunt Isata asked us when her baptism is cause she is kinda jealous haha. She is getting her work schedule changed so it is super fun to see both of them reading together and just already having a testimony of the BoM! We love miricles! Spirit was super strong today!

Sat, Did service with the Y.W in the morning for Sis Frillman! Trimmed her hedges! Adama came and had alot of fun with the girls! Super good! We then went off to the apt. of the family we picked up yesturday...wasn't there but write address! cause we saw one of her kids! But we picked up a new investigator Justine who was on the porch! Taught her a Resto and she liked it and really wanted to read the BoM! she and Ms. Bramwell are from Jamaca and make me jealous cause it is all nice weather and the people are really nice haha. Jamacan's are the best! Then we got a call from Adama's dad, we couldn't understand what he said to be honest but we heard Adama's baptism...totally confused called Adama right after and she just got a message from her dad but didn't know what it was about.

We went over that evening with Bishop and found out that her Dad had called her mom after he signed permission. Her mom lives in England and freaked out and said she had already been baptized and she was not. I didn't know she even existed! Super disappointing especially cause we were just on a spiritual high! Then after her dad called our two other apoitments one being dinner called and canceled haha. wowzers. But she has a testimony and she will talk her mom into it someday but might have to wait till she is 18 next year! Shoot!

Sun, Fasted for Uncle Les and other things! Went well and glad he is okay! We had Church and it was great and then Me and my companion had the pleasure of baptizing a sister investigator! Claire!!! She is 85 and got baptized! First one the i did! I got to say the prayer but it took my companion and i and a little chair to git r done! Had a regular size chair that failed on first atempt haha she freaked out cause it was cold and her hands came up dang! She came up and said i am done! That's it! haha I said no your not!!!! haha Got a little primary chair and encouraged and then got it! She came up all smiles! It was like a total change in her eyes!

Really a good expierence for me! She was all thank you thank you afterwards and was really grateful for our encouragement in the font! Completely changed woman for sure!
Back up a little further, Shavez came to church and Isata did but Adama's father wouldn't let her come! Really dissapointing and kinda made us a little bitter for her father but he will see someday! We then after church visited the Booker's and had a good time talkin with them!

Mon, Call outs already!! Where did the transfer go? District Meeting was fun. E. Kuddes gave a really good workshop comparing Dementors and Patronus to the gospel haha. Super good analogy and i liked it alot haha think about it...We had a lesson with Paul our inv. today! Really went well, sounded like he was dropping us at the beginning but then turned out to be a good lesson. Elder Hollands talk hit it on the money for him! Super good! We also visited Iffy Ibe today! He told us he is going to come to church again! hopefully he follows through with his statement!

Then, we found out that me and Elder Loveless are staying together haha. Then the comment i made in Distict Meeting Testimony that if the missionary's that are here don't get 4 baptism's somethings wrong, flooded the whole mission haha. So now if i don't baptize this transfer i am a chuck! haha I was just kidding about that comment, learn some sarcasim people haha

Tues, Lunch at Sister May's, Coorelation then had an apt. with the Nickel sisters! They are crazy and had other crazy,druggy people come in and just fight haha. Drugs really really just mess lives up. The mom sits and watches Disney Channel all day haha she is like 60ish super sad! We then had Cottage Meeting and it was really really good! Shavez came but wasn't there for the lesson dang it and hadn't made up his mind if he wants to get baptized Sunday so we might have one Sunday? i dont' know. Lesson was on Consider the Blessings and then played signs! Super fun! We then went to Bro Chheng and gave him a blessing before his chemo today! super humbling to give those! Awesome guy tho!

That was my week! Pretty dissapointing for sure to not see Adama's baptism but someday! I am really glad i am staying with Elder Loveless! I like him alot! Going to be fun! Love ya! TTYL Remember Mother's day? That is coming trunky call haha. Tell me if you want to skype cause a member said he would let us lol, it is up to you, you know i kinda want to tho! Love you all!