Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy that Jake is home already. Sheesh i guess i just have to be the only one out from the ward now. I wonder when the next one will be after me? 
Porter has gotten a little taller and skinnier. Starting to look not like a toddler i guess. He will prolly be taller than me by the time i get home. but shelb...good luck
Got shelby's letter today will hopefully get it in the mail today...address is 6101 16th St #918, Washinton  D.C., look up the zip tippy top northwest corner tho. i will send the address on shelby's letter.
I want to know where Chris served. J.S. Armstrong told me he thinks he was one of sister Mack's missionaries. Sister Mack is super cool. haven't really met her yet but she is awesome from what i hear. Can't wait till fast and testimony meeting. It is always the  best in Anacostia and D.C. 3rd Wards. When you guy's come out here hopefully you can plan it on a fast and testimony meeting and we will have to pick one prolly d.c. 3rd cause i don't think i want to go back to Anacostia cause i am too scared.
Here it is been super fun to talk to people. on Monday i talked to 40 people just myself. Some are nice some just don't want to talk to us and i ask why not? haha i know that no one wants to talk to us. There has been missionaries on bikes for as long as anyone can remember in d.c.. Everyone knows us and so you have to get something flashy to say to catch there interest. or do what i do best do something stupid to make them laugh then strike a conversation up. Like when you hit the end of my bicycle makes a funny sound. Ask people what they think of that sound. That works surprisingly haha. Alot of people just give you false information tho.
So...on monday...go to panda after every district meeting again. while i have my food a freaking J-dub just wants to talk to us. Of course just chooses me to talk too. had a surprisingly good conversation with him. Then just try's to prove us wrong. Talked about some ridiculous think...a salamander talked to Joesph Smith and that is how he got some revelation?? I don't know anything like that. Didn't believe me when i told him i am pretty sure that is false. anyways so i just feel like bashing with J-Dubs cause they just want to do that with us, but some of them are just terrible at it and it goes no where. If they would listen you could get them all prolly converted but they seem to be all brain-washed. First one i kinda had a decent conversation with haha.
After him talked with a Muslim. Didn't really understand repentance. Explained it like 5 times till he actually got that we know that repentace isn't just confession. Something more than that. Got me riled up anyways.
Then we went to go meet our future B-day hopefully on friday. Pretty much told us that she knew this was true. Lavonda is her name but her babby's daddy was there and wanted to just prove us wrong on everything we had to say. He was Baptist. Just thought he knew everything. Luckily everytime he tried to prove us wrong i had a good scripture to back me up haha. I don't prove them wrong i just prove me right. I don't consider that bashing but it prolly is. I am getting good at it though. It just sucks cause then that is what you think about for the rest of the day. Drives the spirit away. contention is of the devil but it is good sometimes. Needs to happen so i can defend myself. Scriptures are the best tool to use when someone wants to prove you wrong cause most people don't want to bash with scriptures. That is why study is so important.
My roomates are super cool...Elder Fisher...was trained by Goodman and he got the worst of everything.  Learned loads but don't want to be back with him again. Prolly the best thing that could have happened to me at that point tho. anyways...Fisher is training been out one longer than me. Elder Chapman...from austrailia...perth, austrailia haha. Super cool accent. Love the kid.. Both of them are really hard workers. This will be a good transfer.
I think i have comp troubles every other transfer. Third day into it we had to do comp inventory cause this Elder Moss did not like me at all.  It will get better and we will learn lots together. He is a super smart kid. Knows a ton. Knows prolly a bit too much tho. super fun to go ask someone else a question and get a response from them and elder moss. oh i have to fun sometimes. He is a good kid and has a strong testimony. I have enjoyed being with him.  He has lived two years in Hawaii. Has two older brothers and one older sister he is the baby of the family. Acts like Shelby and they get everything they want. He is super fun tho. Gonna work him to death tho. He tells me he wants to work hard and i am showing him how haha. He has come and grown a long ways tho it is kinda cool to see how much he has grown in a week. I hate this senior comp stuff cause i feel all responsible for everthing in the area and it is not fun. I guess it could be worse and i could be poor d.l. and training...poor soul..He is working on getting me some referals from back at home tho so that is mighty nice cause girls just don't write me haha maybe the utah one's will
Not much else to report other than the book of mormon is true. that is a good news update.
umm..will you get me a voice recorder thing. I am taking this idea and trying to run with it in fact i might just go buy one today if i have time. i want to start just recording what i did for my journal cause i just can't write it down. i just can't. but i think i can talk about it. hopefully dad is checking on it right now to know whether or not i need to just go buy one or to get you guy's to get one send to me.
hopefully not every where is toasty for ya like it is at kelly park. It is weird here. Super humid lately. I hear it is going to be trible digits tomorrow something to look forward too..but the humidity makes it hot but when you get going on your bike it is a cool breeze kinda just messes with ya.
I do miss the car tho. a/c was nice. The work lately has been make appointments and plan for what you will do pretty much in the area cause you know it will dog. We have had 9 appointments the last two days and 1 of them has held haha. Nothin like missionary work. then you just go back to trying to get people to talk to ya. Kinda gets frustrating sometimes. Super fun to pray on the street with people tho...hold hands on a street corner.
I will send week haha hold me to it.
take pics of the apartment and if i can of the area.
Have a good week gotta get running but will prolly be e-mailing here in the library of congress for the next few weeks while i am here in DC 3rd cause it is just sick to say i am at the library of congress hehe be jealous
Love ya
Elder Stoor

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I have been transfered! Kinda glad kinda sad, just mixed feelings about everything. Things i will miss from the old area...the b-day's that finally came after 3 months of working...the car...and just being able to really get myself around. I knew it pretty good. but yes no car in august because i am on a bike again! D.C. 3rd Ward..North area. So i have covered pretty much both corner's of D.C.. Southeast of the southeast and then northwest of the northwest. I am pretty excited/nervous. I am a senior companion now. My comps name is Elder Moss...he is from Hawaii but he is whiter than me haha. I have heard some interesting things about him and heard he has struggled a little bit. I am just excited to work. I know from my last area that working and obedience is the way to go. I need to get better at my obedience, but i will never be perfect. I am just going to try and really wake up this transfer. It is the worst. It always seems to be time for bed and time to get up. I know i can get better at waking up tho. Hopefully be able to do a couple work outs, but maybe not cause i am on a bike in August...Hottest of the year, and it is really hot. I have lost a total of 25 pounds since coming out but i hope to be down to around 180 by the time i leave this area. that is 20 more lbs. and we don't get fed just once a week on p-day and go out one other time. I do like that we get extra money cause i need it. had to use the card today for my groceries.
Glad to hear i am getting letters haha. Sorry my sister's but it will help me on p-day to get more too ya and get more letters. Thanks for the letter mara. twas a good read hehe. I will try to write ya back today. maybe mom too cause i didn't have mike's address. or bishop's sorry. and i will have to ask Elder Miyasaki or however you spell the name for all the dirt on shay's new special someone haha. I see him every once in a while. he is a good kid. Whitewashing with elder lott this transfer. Elder Lott from the MTC. and i am around Elder Morris again. Love him. he is training so that is nuts. It is just crazy that i have been out for as long as we have. Tell me about it dad. 8 months is crazy. I think it will just continue to go by fast. It only seems like a couple months tho...nuts..
Elder Watts my old comp is now training so that should be good for the area. Always seems to get miricles to come to have someone train in the area. I really enjoyed college park. but i think i will really enjoy being back on a bike. Hopefully i won't die in the heat but if i do i love you all.
Next week i hope we might e-mail at the library of congress haha. Better that the computers here. They are super slow.
I can't believe Elder Schaap is like getting on the plane to go home. It is super duper nuts. The only other one it was tough to say goodbye too was Elder Fawcett. they are some cool people. I am glad i came out when i did. Learn a ton from them.
Something my mission has given me tho. i know how to say goodbye to people. Also i have found out that i really do know some things. I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. I am starting to really feel a connection with him. I am starting to really feel the Spirit when i teach. I am starting to understand why everything is the way it is. both in mission life and in home life. I think i am just begining to grow up. I am beginning to see a real change in myself. It was there for a while but it is becoming stronger now. I know it is because i am out of the world and in to the things that really matter most.
Go and look at the mormon message...Good things to come...really awesome by jeffery r holland. truly is true. when we do what is right the blessings come. seen that in my last area.
One cool story before i leave...Nick...took a member who goes into the MTC next week out with us. He pointed Nick out. Had a sweet g-q. found out he had been paralized by a stroke. in a wheelchair. hard life. left a quick lesson on faith and an appointment to come back. When we came back we had a 1st lesson. God blesses us....nick says i know he has. when i had my stroke the doctors told me i wouldn't be able to walk. watch this. got up and walked like a little child kinda wably and then said not all. did a little jump then walked back to the wheelchair. super spiritual. taught christ church with an object lesson cups build it up and let them fall (apostacy). At the end elder watts taught restoration. spirit there on the first vision like it always is. Then i just had a feeling to speak. I didn't think what to say i just opened my mouth. I know i said something along these lines." Nick, you can find out if this is true for yourself...he came to attention....then i bore testimony of the book of mormon. told him this is how to find out. he almost had a tear. Roosevelt the member then bore testimony and we closed with a prayer. Saying goodbye. He looked at us and said"that glow is back" talked about baptism and how he had a glow for a while after baptism...its back he says...i then put him on date for the 26th of august. he gave us a hug and we left. Prolly the most spiritual expierence i have ever had. he says he wants to be a motivational speaker which would be amazing!
Well that's all hope everything goes good for ya!
Love y'all

here is the mormon message:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey i want to try something, hopefully you three won't hate me but i would like it if my sister's would write me instead of e-mail. An occasional short one is fine and with pictures especially is good but i don't have alot of time to e-mail and it is usually taken up with reading everything. I know you say to print them off but that would cost money and kind of ridiculus at 10 cents a page. That would be good tho get me to get more letters haha. Mom and dad keep writing me religiously please everyone has done a super good job with that.
Thanks for the packages! Grandma your's is going to make me fat haha. Those cookies are too good haha.
One cool thing i taught the roommates and comp how to play mormon poker. Twas fun last night. Had a good time.
Also for the work we have been able to have 6 people on date pretty much. Super cool when a week and a half ago there was literally no one. I like it.
Shorty. Was a referal from a random person when tracting. I ain't interested but that guy is...yells...Hey Shorty come here! haha then set an appointment up and got a good meeting Lesson one and put him on date. Super cool old guy. is 60 years old. Rides a bike everywhere just trying to do odds and ends jobs for a living. Hard working man.
Ibraham, put him back on date. someone me and Elder Goodman started to teach. Did a baptismal calender with him which pretty much is this is what you need to do, what you need to know, and when its gonna get done haha. He accepted and hopefully we can help him progress towards it more!
George, super smart guy. Alot of people really know the Bible. I wish i could know the scriptures like them. He i am pretty sure already knows our church is true but we shall see.
Issha and her daughter. She has to get her work schedule changed so she can come to church but hopefully it works out. Just had a rough lesson one with young rambunctious kids
Anacely fell off date cause she slept in for church so hopefully she can come back and be on date again. Need to get another meeting.
All in all it has been a good week and i feel good about it. Tired as all get out but i feel good. It is starting to become funner. Can't believe Elder Schaap is going home. Spending this last P-day with him. Transfer's are next week! Crazy how time flies.
Mara it was the third paragraph in the introduction of the BoM. also you need to look Schaap up and send me a picture of you and him and Kennedy and maybe Pierruci. haha that is weird that you can see them haha.
I am glad to be where i am tho. Even tho i am homesick as you can get i know i can push through it. It has really hit me tho these last couple days with Schaap going home and all. Really come to love that kid. gonna miss him alot but i might have to get his wife to cook for me when i get home and go to Utah State lol. It is hard to just be on the east coast i think. Completely different world. It is hotter than hell haha. no other way to explain it haha. I will never live where there is humidity again.  It is like stepping in a car that has been baking in the sun and that is what it feels like fun haha. I just hope i stay in a car next transfer. Bike area could kill me...literally. Although i might become real skinny. Gotta look at the plus side. Get good and sexy for the rest of my life.
So the 4th of July...was super hot but super cool and fun. Went to the parade downtown. Then looked around a little bit at the stuff they had there but we had a dinner appointment at 5 30 and so we went home to go and watch fireworks at the University of Maryland. on top of a parking garage. there was a couple that were super loud and shook the thing haha it was intense. The Heath family is awesome. Played nerds with them. A card game. They are the coolest family. Feed us every P-day i like it. Kinda lame i know about the fourth of july. It was just cool to be on the Mall on that day with the monuments and stuff. Parade was super good too. no candy tho but i guess that makes sense cause that would be alot of candy. Super cool to see how the nations capitol celebrates it. Didn't want to watch fireworks on the Mall tho cause we would have never gotten home that night. Had to be in by 10 30 or at least try. Super cool and i think i might have to come back for a fourth of july. It would be good.
Went out with a member this week too. Name of Roosevelt can't spell his last name but played point guard at SVU. He is super cool. Leaving in two weeks for his mission in L.A. Said he knew of Jake and said he was a pretty cool kid. Was fun tho got me interested in that school instead of Utah State, mainly because it is only about 3 hours away from here so that could be cool to go for a semester to come here to visit and do the tourist stuff on a weekend. idk just something else to think about.
I might just try to send my card home cause i took alot of video's and stuff but then my freaking camera died, charged it all night only lasted like 15 minutes made me mad but i am getting pictures from other's so look at Schaap's blog haha
Thanks to everyone for all the letter's appriciate it! Love Letters got like 4 this last week...Yes!
Hope your weeks are all super amazing! Love you all!!!!
Love Elder Stoor

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

So tomorrow is the 4th and it is an all day p-day!!! We are such chucks! love this mission. don't have to be in till 10 30 too haha pres is makin it happen! love my president matsumori! haha

The work is good. Yesturday was sweet. We contacted 21 people. Call it old other lessons cause just a contact and invitation used to count as an other lesson but that isn't the way so they changed it here and we keep track of them to keep us going. It is nice to be able to make a mark when you get a door slammed in your face.

Tracting expierences!: First door, pastor really nice just didn't want to learn, second door: get a smile and the door shut before we could say anything. said lets just go to the dinner appointment. like 10 minutes early. driving time. wave and a car and get flipped off!!! haha it was great made my day.

Satan try's it all.

Yes there was a storm. It was super crazy. Fun night to watch the trees fall and such. Then the power went out. for a day and two nights. next morning traffic was terrible. people here don't know how to drive. it is go and wave instead of look and wait. got to be careful. I will scare you guys when i come home with my maryland driving skills haha

Alot of people are going out of town. haven't seen Anacely since. but still on date.
Ibraham came to church tho, but then dogged us twice after that. Kinda cheesy, black people....
not much went on for good meeting this week, but mostly cause we got dogged.

I am really beginning to start to like doing the work. It is really starting to become fun. I love this gospel and the peace that it gives. Read the third paragraph in the introduction. Super good. explains it all. my fav.
Kinda short today but we really need to get back to work. hopefully be able to have some pics and video's and long email next week about the fourth hopefully will see aunt ruth. idk

Love Elder Stoor.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear families,

The Washington DC North Mission as you probably have heard has had challenges with weather, temperature and power outages.  For this reason systems have been down until now, making contact with you impossible.  We apologize for that and want to assure you that all missionaries are doing well. Each has been checked on and dealt with individually according to their needs.  Power has been restored to most apartments at this point so that electricity and air conditioning are available.

Missionaries have been instructed to alter their missionary work schedule so as to be indoors during the warmest part of the day.  They have been counseled to stay hydrated and aware of their physical needs at all times.

Our office is again open so that you may contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you have further concerns.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Washington DC Mission Office