Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wed, We went to go and see our Recent Convert Amanda who we haven't been visiting cause she didn't seem like she liked me at all..well it turns out maybe it was my comp haha. We had a good visit and set up times to come back. It is nice to use the excuse that we are just introducing the new guy haha. We then saw Bro Chatman for a minute too. Fun to introduce the comp to all the people.
Thurs, We had a great day updating the area and establishing what we are going to work towards this transfer. My last comp didn't push me really at all and i didn't really push him cause that just frustrates me. We did alot of work but not as much as we are going to do this transfer i can already tell. This is my first Idaho companion! It is going to be really fun. E. Hall is a really good kid. You just look at him and can just tell that this guy has never broken any rules his entire life. Tis a really good thing. We went and saw a less-active we never tried, Bro Groome. Had a really good visit with him. Interesting story. Joined the church with his first wife in the 70's, cold-turkey'ed smoking drinking and coffee! Was strong for a year and then his wife decided that she liked women better. He pretty much just holds a super strong grudge against God and doesn't understand why He would let something like that happen. He says he believes in the Church still but just isn't going to come back to church but likes visits from us! Tough one...He is in his 80's i believe but not sure. Health problems maybe make him seem older. Didn't have too much time but just re-scheduled to come back on Monday...
Fri, Leadership Meeting in the morning. It was fun but not as good ad the last one. They just re-buked us all on not being good leaders and how we need to be a better example in everything we do. It was good for me cause i need to be better. President Cooke is definitely a politician. Kinda annoyed me when he was training us. Walking around the whole place...then the military came out in him when he gets excited. Yelled at us for a good 5 minutes haha. Good yelling. Just about how excited he is. Really different from President Matsumori. Weirdest change i have gone through on my mission for sure. Kinda hard to adjust but it is the only thing to do. I am sure i will end up loving him just as much. Lots of exciting things happening tho. He is going to crack down on the wards from what a letter came from the First Presidency about how the Ward council will be filling our schedules for things to do. My comp visited a less-active i never met while i was there so that was good. We then went to Sis Puckett and met her! She is just great! Super nice and just taught us a lesson like she always does! She is a really spiritual person and the way she talks it makes it seems like she really does have conversations with God! It has taught me alot. I am still trying to figure out revelation and things. She seems to have it down pact. we have been talking to everyone we see and just biking like crazy around to people to try to set up appointments. It has been really good but hard on the body i am super sore haha. We met a couple of kids. Marcus and his friend. They are around 17. They talked to us first and asked what we were doing. Ended up giving them both a book of mormon. Really good mini_lesson but he gave us a falty # and then when he was leaving he turned around and asked "Do you believe you can't have sex till your married?" Kids these days...
Sat, We tried to have appointments today but they both fell through. Cancelled on one so that was nice. We met a guy named Farhan Kalyar from Pakistan. He was a really nice guy. Just visiting for the Weekend. Had a good conversation with him about the Church and how he enjoyed the Visitor's Center when he went. He pretty much told us that someday he will join the church but doesn't have time right now. He lives in Baltimore but after our meeting he told us that he is going to call us in August sometime on his birthday and take us out to lunch. We said heck yeah! really nice guy. I bet we talked to like 30 people today and knocked on prolly 30 too.
Sun, Church was great! We had a bunch of people in Gospel Principles. Before i got here 3 people were baptized before. Today was the first time we have had them all there for gospel principles. It was a horrible lesson tho...i don't know why we have the teacher we do but she is horrible. She taught the creation and had us all go through what happened on each day. Well if you read the manual it really says nothing of what happens on each day. I felt like she missed the point. I think i am going to talk to Bro Berg about it but he just has a unpleasant look on his face every time we are in the class so i think he knows haha. We had a good meeting with Bro Alexander after church. He finally read in between visits! It was great even tho he read it 30 min before we came haha. But improvement! He is kinda a crazy guy tho and don't know if the ward really wants him back. He is mental and apparently preached some false doctrine every Fast and Testimony Meeting. It was a good night out and about again.
Mon, District Meeting was good. New faces so that always makes it nice. There is a good analogy that was used in Leadership Meeting that i shared with them....After a really bad storm, this man went to the beach. On it there were thousands of star fish that are stranded. Like tens of thousands. He looked and saw that there was a person on the beach throwing the star fish back in to the water. He went and told him that he shouldn't even try. There was no way he would ever even make a dent in the amount of star fish that was sure to die. The person just looked at him, picked up another and threw it as far as he could. He turned and said "It made a difference to that one".....In leadership they used to to say that we need to help the people who are under us and make a difference in their life...I used it as a g-q'ing analogy. I have decided that is what i am going to try to do with everyone i come in contact with. Try to make a difference in their lives. Sometimes we fall into the routine of talking to people and don't focus on trying to help them as much. I know i won't be able to do it everytime but it is something i am going to have in the back of my mind. We met with Bro Groome today! It was a great meeting. Just talked about his life. What else do you talk with a old guy about! It was great! He was happy to have a farm boy in his house haha. told us a story about when he was raising cattle. They had a all black angus bull named Chudney haha. It is "Nigger" in a different language haha. I thought you might enjoy that story. Then next black bull we get might get tagged with that name lol. I then brought up the subject of doing family history with him! He is super into it and i am going to be learning from him! I am excited to go back cause he has been working on Family History for about 30 years! We then met with Lori Nansi! She is from Rigby Idaho, She went to Ricks College the same time mom and dad did! Do you remember a Lori Paraskeva? She is less-active now cause of work and had a really bad experience with the church there in good ole Idaho when her parents died. sometimes people are just not understanding. we are going to be going and doing family home evenings with her and her non-member husband and 4 year old twins! It is going to be great!
Tues, It was a good morning except for the fact that me and my companion were just dead. our bodies just told us to give up...he looked sooo tired it was kinda ridiculous. So we took a nap and updated till about 1 when we went to an appointment! Bro Corbin! It was fun to just sit and talk with him. He came to church finally this last week! It was good to see him there. We then had a dinner with the Irvines! That was always fun! good to talk with those guys about everything. We then saw Amanda and had a good visit! Just chatted about the Creation a little more it was good. Going to be teaching her the lessons again. She needs them i can just tell!
Wed, We did "sunrise" pictures this morning! Then went to the American Indian Museum! It was great! Maybe some pics next week cause people are waiting for the computers! Always a good day to go and play football on the Mall too!
Thanks for everything! I got a letter yesterday that went through the mail on July 1st so the mail is just been super far behind! I don't understand why either...
Love Elder Stoor!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wed, we played some pros ball at night! It was super fun but we did alot today and it was great! We gave our # to a guy named Mark. Hopefully he will contact us to play ball again so we can get his # and ask to meet with him. He is a cool guy who lives in our apartment complex so a good potential i think. Seen him a couple of times on the street and he is super nice just in his gansta ways...
Thurs, Today was pretty awesome! We got a referral for a James, turns out he has been a do not contact member! Well short story we met with him and he wants to come back to church and did and loved it! Started off on a good note today! We were dogged in the morning before that but found an awesome trail to just bike on. Mathew Henneson Trail It is a good little trail. I think we ended up biking like 3 or 5 miles in the morning cause it was so far away! We then came back and finished updating the area! Then went to dinner with Asam-Eyong and his family. They are from Camerroon. It was great fun! Fed us peanut-butter soup! Super good stuff! We then had Bro Berg come out with us and had a really good night! Our appointment bailed that we had but we checked on Sis Puckett cause that is who Bro Berg home teaches and had a good visit with her. Look at the last 6 verses in D&C 50. It was what he shared and i thought it was good. We then went to see if we could contact a part-member the Francis family! Apparently she is active, and he wants to meet with us! I shared Mosiah 2:41 with him and Talked about how the gospel can help him. He seems sincere! We then went and contacted Alanson while Bro Berg bought us an ice cream at Burger King! It was good to see him just wish we could get an appointment with him!

Fri, Today was the fun day! In the morning we went to another missionary's apartment to steal something that they stole from us and got it back but they caught us and it was just madness for a second...kinda fun! This day we also met with Sis Puckett again cause she wanted us too and checked the blood pressure. I thought it was kinda low haha. Sis Puckett is a nurse but is like 80 and told me if i didn't call someone else to get it checked that she would call the Mission President. Then Sis Pearson told me i needed to call the doctor then found the records and after discussing she said she was going to call you i didn't think anything of it till i remembered Mom will prolly freak out haha. Oh well haha I had to call the mission doctor then he made me call a nurse in the ward then she drove all the way over here to check on a person that felt great and all was just dandy haha. It was a great day! We then had two appointments dogg us and turned out to be a swell day with my comp!

Sat, Was a great day. Nothing got done for some reason...I don't know what it is with Saturdays in this area...nobody wants to talk or meet and Saturday's have always been the best in my other area's...maybe it will be better this next transfer.

Sun, Church was great good fun. We then had a baptism for the North Area, James Gacuca! always fun to witness a baptism. We then took Sis Puckett to the Visitor's Center cause she hasn't been in forever and it was a Why I Believe and President and Sister Cooke were speaking so it was a great meeting. I sat next to E. Fisher and had a good talk with him. It is really different to get a new mission president haha. He is almost the opposite of President Matsumori haha. Kinda slow when he talks and really thinks about what he is going to say. I felt like President Matsumori just had it down pact and just did what he wanted haha. President Cooke is still figuring things out!

Mon, Last District Meeting! It was fun. Just did testimony's...going to have to plan something different next time cause we finished way earlier than the other district. Sister Missionaries just cry all day during testimony's haha. We then got dogged twice back to back so good time talking with people. We then went to the computer's to do a PMG survey that was good time. Got dogged by a less-active member who was in the apartment. Told her dog to shut up then didn't come to the door. Love it when that happens...

Tues, Found out that i am staying and E. Parlogean was leaving. He is a really weird kid but i loved being with him! He is super sarcastic all the time. Was fun to be with him. We had a ton of fun being together. I am glad i was with him during this hard time. I still feel like we don't have any investigators but maybe it was cause we weren't doing something so hopefully things are good. We said goodbye to sis Puckett. I feel like i typed her name on every day haha. She is a really sweet lady who is spiritual. almost crazy spiritual in my opinion haha. She gave us some good advice tho. Have some pretty crazy quotes from her! We then had the King family come and take us out to eat at Cafe Rio to say goodbye to E. Parlogean. Apparently they had a good connection but this was the first time i have met them! They are having a busy summer i guess! Life actually does exist outside of mission world i guess! We then looked at each other and said we don't have comp ties. It was 6p.m. So we went to go buy comp ties ended up getting lost and his GPS didn't really work, Prolly biked a crazy amount and ended up getting home a little past curfew haha It was a great night tho. Can't believe we biked that far. GPS said it was 1.5 miles away, ended up being like 5 i think haha. Good times...

Wed, My new companion's name is E. Hall! He is from Middleton, Idaho. My first Idaho comp haha. I guess it is as close to the Oregon border as we are from Wyoming. Everyone tells me he is really good so i am excited to work with him. See what we can do i guess!
Thanks for telling Katie congrats...i got her announcement. It is just weird. Weird that Jake and Kara will have a kid when i get home too. I forgot when you told me they were due. Where are Jenna and Jade going to go to college?
Thanks for the pics Mara, Glad Mom and Dad had fun! I enjoyed reading all the e-mails this week. Can all that happen in a week???
Love ya! Talk to ya next week!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wed, we had dinner with the Irvine Family and that always seems to just be full of talking. Good talking tho. All about their mission's and things and we kinda lost track of time and just ended up staying there for the rest of the night! It was fun, good bonding time. Steven Irvine is headed to BYU-I come September maybe we can stay in contact idk...
Thurs, We had District Meeting in the morning cause we had interviews on Monday it was a good one i suppose, We ate at Cafe Rio...yum yum, we then had to go shop for some items to re-do our map cause it was horrible and my comp has a typewriter so that was a fun thing to do. Best one i have every re-done. we then had a meeting with our new ward mission leader Bro Berg, he is from Chesterfield haha. Good guy, i believe he said he was related to Pete Eliason or something like that don't think i spelled it right but hopefully you know who i am talking about. he is very excited so it was an excellent choice in my opinion to be the new WML! He is going to do some work for us!
Fri, It rained in the morning so we had a good study session and called people set up a couple of appointments. We then met with Euella Puckett. such a nice lady. Just talk with her. She actually teaches us lessons so it is fun. We then went and filmed our video with the other elder's mainly cause it was raining! nobody is out when it is raining so fill it with productive things. We then went to edit it and got it finished. It is for our Ward Video Night on Tuesday! Will try to get a copy of it so you can see it. We then went to dinner with the Wilson family! It was fun they have two young boys! It is weird to talk with member's now. all they want to know is what are you going to do when you get back home? Should i start telling them that my family is going on a cruise???? hint hint on the fam damly trip!
Sat, We worked like crazy today. With no appointments again! It felt good cause we worked really hard. Went to alot of places and talked to alot of people. but not really much success. I talked to Fikra about family's cause he was out with his kids and he gave me his number but he is from Ethiopia and people from there are very staunch forgetting what Christian religion but very very not open but really nice. We did contact two of our referrals tho! Both are not interested! Fun fun
Sun, Church was swell! we then met with bro Berg for our meeting! It looks like it is going to be very nice to have him be the WML. We then went to Burger King and met with a less-active and read 1Nephi 2 with him! He has severe schizophrenia! Good guy tho just a little off his rocker! We then went to dinner at the Waldorf family. It is just them apparently they just became empty nester's right before i came in. Good couple! had a good conversation at din din. We then went to bro Berg to have a meeting with him and give him some things he asked and then had 10 minutes left so we tracted! fun fun. Met a Methodist lady who was nice but wanted to try to convert us as well haha. Switched pass-along cards. good day.
Mon, We went to District Meeting again. It was swell. One more of those to do then maybe they will release me haha jk. Transfer's are next week tho! Crazy how fast it went! We then went and moved people! Pretty much all day! from 12 to 4 then showered and went to dinner at 5  and then finished our movie editing and had 30 minutes left and we talked to 23 people! It was alot of fun!
Tues, Went to do service for the garden man! Bro Corbin! It was good work got hot tho! We then went and did some and then talked to more people! 19 this time! It was only about 40 minutes! We then took dinner and then had our Ward Video night! It was fun to see the other video's the ward made! It was a success even tho it was alot of work. Got it done tho! Couple of non-member's there!
Wed, We had Zone Activity! it was flower bomb capture the flag with water involved haha. It was fun but i ran into a tree and got a cut right by my eye that kinda hurts and makes me look tough. then i hurt my good buddy elder Fisher...playing basketball i was going fast and bumped him and his knee was planted...feel bad and hope i didn't do really bad hurt to him! but it was a good p-day, had to go buy a orange shirt and got a sweet one! Little expensive but it is a good shirt haha you would prolly think it is boring but oh well. That was our p-day! Yippee! now just going to go relax and hopefully write some people back!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wed, So i don't remember when i left off in my last e-mail, We had a lesson in the morning with Mohammed then we ate lunch with his mom. Foo foo, i have heard two things about foo foo. It is super super super good or it is absolutely disgusting. Well too me it looked and tasted just like cow crap haha. Needless to say i just had a little bit. I am glad she wasn't there when we were eating cause to see our faces it would have been bad haha. We then helped a lady move in. It took the rest of the day. I was kinda mad a little cause we had stuff to do but it was fun to help her. Good workout. We were the only one's there really but i can't complain. We then got taken out to cici's pizza so that was nice. All you can eat crap pizza that tastes not too bad.

4th of July!, We had our Ward Breakfast in the morning and i learned that i am apparently good at flowers. I was the one helping set them up and we had to make a couple and i attempted and she claimed it was better than her's. I think she was not wanting me to feel bad but for some reason i couldn't tell. She asked me how i was so good at flower putting together and i just said i have 3 sisters haha. That is my excuse for when people think i am gay. If that doesn't work, telling them i was the only boy in my school for 2 years always does the job...maybe they think i am just off my rocker tho haha. We then went down to the Mall! Met Fisher at the Metro and spent the day with him and Miyasaki and Seely! We had some fun walking around the mall and seeing things and then we went to go play basketball at a church. It was super fun. I won haha. I then met back up with my companion and we went to the Capitol area to watch the fireworks. We were told that it didn't count for being part of the Mall so we stayed there and watched the fireworks and then sprinted to the Metro to make it home on time haha. We didn't make it but we had fun. Sorry i didn't get many good pictures tho.

Fri, We shopped in the morning and then came back and had a lunch at Lulu's house! Really weird she told us to go and make sandwiches. They were good but i am not going to eat at her house again unless she is there. Little awkward. We then had a meeting with Sis Puckett. She is such a nice lady. Don't know what to say but i thinks she just likes the company. My comp got her a t-shirt with some wolves and bears and eagles on it and it made her day. She wore it to church on Sunday haha. we then cleaned the apartment a little bit and then went to see Bro Chatman. We met him and set up a time to come back on Tuesday. We then went to Burger King to see our B-date who doesn't want to respond. He smiled and waved at us so it was good to see him but didn't talk. Good 50cent ice cream tho.

Sat, We went today with no appointments except for a dinner appointment and just went at it today. It was pretty fun to check on them, but to no success really at all today. Sis Wills gave us a really nice dinner tho and might be able to teach her roommate soon hopefully. going to ask later... It was a good day but i hope we can start to have appointments soon, I also left my planner there for dinner so didn't have it for a couple of days. We ended up going to go play some basketball. We found a court with some baller's and it was pretty sweet! I didn't lose a game but i am definitely out of shape. Fun to play with some black thugs, i need to work on my dribbling skills to play with them. Shoot better than them tho so that is what wins haha. We made some good connections and ran into a couple later next week and had a good chat with them. The Thugs are more receptive after you beat them in a game of B-ball haha

Sun, We had PEC in the morning so it was a good meeting. It is fun to see how everything gets done in a ward. This ward is really good for doing stuff. It isn't always what we want exactly but they get it done. I like to see people be proactive and this ward is more so. We then had another day with no appointments. One good thing maybe is that i am starting to eat only healthy foods or i guess more healthy foods haha. Hopefully that will be good enough for the LGN diet. Trying to work out but it is super hard in the mornings. I am getting better tho.

Mon, We had Interviews with Pres. Cooke. He is just all happy haha it is a good thing tho. He told me he was just proud of me for lasting for so long. I said i was out for 19 months and all he could do is say he was proud haha. Little bit of a spiritual voice too haha. He is a good guy tho and is super excited to be out here! They are getting things figured out i think so that is nice. It took forever too. We were supposed to be all done by 12 and they didn't leave till like 3 or 4 haha. We were supposed to be talking with him at 10:06 but didn't get with him till 12. He is a good guy, it is just hard to see the change. Guess it will be okay tho. We then had a FHE/Dinner with the Clawson family. He is the EQ President. Has 3 little boys. we played Clue and it was fun except my companion marked off Mrs. Peacock and we ended up accusing the wrong person when we had everything else! Super gay! Bro Clawson ended up winning but i gave a good fight haha.

Tues, We had a good morning. I have had some good studies lately! Alma 9 is really good humbling chapter. It was good for me. I made a realization to become better. It isn't that i am doing bad things but i can always be better. Welcome to Earth Life tho i guess. We had a good meeting with Bro Chatman after 2 hours of checking to see if he was home. He was playing this game and i have to say that this is the best man cave i have ever seen in my entire life. He has 3 32" monitor's on his table, two 20" mounted above and then he has his whole wall as a projector to which he can run from his computer! It made me really envious. The things you can do with technology are just about endless. Good and bad i suppose. Good talk with him and going into the Technology Engineering or however you spell or say it. We talked about his church life too and his parents just returned to come back to church and he is thinking about it too and to maybe get his wife baptized! We can help with that!

Wed, we bombed another Zone's Zone Activity and it was super nice. Fun times. we are going to go to a member's house now and stay for dinner and have fun playing ping pong and other things i guess! Love ya and glad you are all busy and safe!
Talk to ya next week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Wed, We got ready to go out and as soon as we said amen on our prayer there was a thunder crack and we looked outside and started to watch it pour...well we did weekly planning and called a bunch of people! We then went out an hour later and heading to this one person when we get a yell "Elder's wait right there", then we see this guy try to make a u-turn almost get hit and i was thinking i hope this is important haha. Turns out he is the Chinese Branch Elder's Quorum President and was wondering if we can go visit a less-active with him.

So we did and had a good broken English lesson with him. He spoke good Chinese. It was cool to hear him translate what we taught. Kinda weird cause he said about 10 minutes into the discussion " the Elder's have something pre-pared for ya!" I wanted to look at him and say do we now...Well i pulled something out of my butt that was pretty good i would say! Felt the Spirit so it was good. cool miricle of being in the right place at the right time and being able to do it!

Thurs, We helped Bro Corbin do his garden again. Went a little earlier cause it was hot last time and it was better. Prolly will help him next week too. He said he was going to come to church but i didn't see him there. Maybe someday. Good guy tho. we then had a lesson with Alanson! He is super cool. Talked for a while and got to know him a little better. He told us that the reason he is on parole was he got in a group fight and then one of his friends pulled out a knife. Well they all got some time for that but he got let out at 21 months when he could have been in for 5 years so he got off pretty good. He is repented of it as far as i can tell.

We then shared a quick message about the blessing of coming to church and doing the little things and he committed to church but didn't make it :(, We then met with a crazy member Sis Jones...okay she is not crazy just old and never been married so just a little off her rocker. Helped her with some chores and had a good visit. We then went to dinner with the Simmerman family. They are different but the food was good!

Fri, We weekly planned in the morning and called people mainly...visited Euela Puckett in the afternoon. She is super old and is coming off her rocker too haha. Fun to visit with her tho. In a rest home and just fighting life! Cool lady tho. She raised a bear when she was 12 haha. I actually believe her. She likes wolves too and i had to bite my tongue when she was talking about how great it was they were coming back. People killed them for no body language prolly wasn't very good when she said that cause she said something about it haha.

Sat, We helped move this non-member lady and it went really good. Her ex-husband was on "good behavior" i guess cause their were 6 missionaries helping and he had 2 other guy's there haha. Apparently having us there helped him be nice haha. Went good tho and i think we made a good potential for the other elder's! We then went to a baptism for the other elder's in our ward. The guy i interview'ed! It was super good and always good to see somebody get baptized! That pretty much took up our day tho!

Sun, Church was great! We went on spits after church cause E. Little is super allergic to dogs and the less-active we went has the strongest dog smell i have ever smelt haha. Good lesson with her home teacher tho. Super cool to go to and kinda just support the home teacher! I think that should be what it is like for all of the less-active visit's. We go to support their home teacher but what do i know haha. We then went to dinner with the Betchke  family! Super good! Awesome family! We then went and talked to Ishagani and pretty much dropped him. Not that interested!

Mon, It was a great morning full of a good study. Super weird feeling this morning tho. With the Mission President switch the mission just feels different to me now. I don't know if that will make sense but it was just different. We got dogged for our V.C. trip so we went to do and it was fun to get on the computer for a little bit. We then got a flat on my comp's bike so we walked around for a little bit! Then had a Ward Family Home Evening! At the Schaaer's house! Super huge house! It was fun to have it there tho. Turned out really good and had some investigator's and recent convert's there!

Tues, We had Zone Training meeting in the morning/Mission Tour. Met the New Mission President! That was a fun experience. Super weird that is for sure! He is going to be good but it is going to be different until he gets things figured out. Not too much changes yet but we shall see. He says he just wants to get to know us first. Interviews next Monday will be fun! We then got two appointment dogg us! Went to coorelation...our WML just got put in the bishopric and this one was kinda dumb cause he was just wanting to get ready for the 4 of July breakfast haha. We played basketball with the Young men instead when he said he didn't really have much to tell us. Twas a good night!

Wed, Had a lesson this morning and lunch. Foo Foo is really yucky haha. Not very good! Now i am e-mailing and going to help someone move then more missionary work!
Gotta run! Glad everyone had fun at the family reunion!
Love Elder Stoor

June 26, 2013

Hi there!
Wednesday was great! We had potential to pick up like 5 noobs but what happened? Well they dogged...ALL of them haha! So we talked to people! Twas fun...

Thurs, Helped Bro Learie Corbin with his garden today! Was pretty fun just pulled some weeds! It was good work but i don't know if gardening is for me! I think that is a trait mom didn't pass down to me but by the end of it, it was growing on me so maybe she did! I have an Idea for your garden too mom, in my last ward one member elevated it. Said it was hard to get the dirt in but you don't have to bend over to garden! a Tractor would fill it pretty easy tho so maybe i can construct ya one next summer! After him we weekly planned and moved our apartment around! Always fun to get somewhere new cause then I feel like i am apart of the area now haha. We had the Boyce family had us for dinner and it was fun! Fun family...they have a son on a mission so they can relate more too us than the others so it is a good thing!

Fri, I was on exchange with E. Little! he is from Utah and it the most prideful person i have ever met. i very much see that he is going to be the next E. Goodman. Kinda sad but we had a good talk and he is going to try and work on it so i hope he can get it together otherwise i think it is going to be a long two years for him. It is only his 2nd transfer and he is only trying to do his best so i guess i should be hard on him. We had a good day tho, we passed out alot of flyers for some activities that are going to happen by us and so we got them to the part-member family's! Super good! We then had a good night! Didn't teach a lesson but got a really cheesy potential! gave us a super faulty address right in front of us..guess i shoulda just called him out on it but oh well!

Sat, We moved some guy in the morning! Non-member and then he took us out to eat! Super good food! It was fun and we were the only help he had so he was grateful and we loaded him up super fast! We then took my bike to Dick's cause the spokes on my back rim were all jacked up so it got fixed! Go DICK's! It is a super nice bike and i might as well send it home. Put other stuff with it! I then interviewed Francious! he is getting baptized this coming Saturday! He is ready to go! I felt good about it too. Twas a good experience for me. he answered everything super well! Had a good discussion going back and forth so i hope i did good. We then went and walked around cause my bike had to be left there at Dicks! Twas  good night!
Sun, We got dogged after Church! Church was good. I had to speak in sacrament meeting! First time on my mission! It was a fun experience. It was the first one i have done where i just had bullet points and didn't write it out! Said a couple things i wasn't planning on so hopefully it was the Spirit and not my own mind and somebody was able to get something out of it! I did meet a member who's name is Bro Berg from Bancroft? haha had a good talk. Then the cool meeting, not excited for Facebook haha. Maybe it won't happen until i go home. It would be useful tho i guess. Saw my good buddy ole pal's on the T.v. too! It was neat but i wished they would have done something else with them except say hi haha. President Matsumori is a boss! I think he is going G.A. next conference but don't tell anyone i said that haha.

Mon, District meeting! We have them with another District so this was the first time i conducted it. We split for #'s and other workshop's and things. Fun to be able to do them. Mine aren't very good prolly but i try haha. We had dinner with a member after cleaning our apartment cause it was raining! Looks super nice now! Sister Lulu is super fun! Awesome member missionary and good cook! Has us over quiet often which is nice! I need to learn how to eat healthy! Going to try to do something like that so maybe i can be skinny when i get home!

Tues, Was on exchange with Elder Winkler! We taught a lesson in the morning and put him on date! Alanson is a good guy. Been taught before. We asked what he remember'ed and he ran us through the plan of salvation, said he had the movie about Joesph Smith, and that he felt alot happier when he was coming to church and wants to start that back up! Only reason he didn't get baptized was he was on parole but he gets off in August so we set his date for Sept 15! Awesome lesson and will be fun to try to teach him since he knows soo much! He has a job and a car so we are in business! We then had a good time talking and i got to know E. Winkler a little better and i like the guy! He is struggling with training as you might be able to tell from friday but he is a super humble guy and i look up to him alot! We had dinner at the Palomo's house! Awesome couple. She introduced the church to him then came back and married him haha. Flirt to convert! Correlation meeting was swell! and that was Tuesday!

Wed, it was fun to play basketball in the heat! I am really out of shape! Played some board games and i think going to play some ping pong or something of that sort! Next P-day is on July 4th don't know if it is all day or not..hopefully but i also don't know when we will be e-mailing cause everything is closed on the 4th so maybe we will email on wednesday still i don't know yet! But have a good 4th of July i think i am going to take some pics and make a little post card to send to some people! Hopefully i remember everyone!