Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I really don't have time to think too much so i am glad y'all had fun. Can i get Colton's mission address? i forgot to write down his address so hopefully i will get a letter to him today. 

This week went by fast as usual now. We got a B-day! We found Anacely when checking on a less-active. Lives next door. She was outside so we g-qed her. She dogged the first appointment. fun fun. But we were out with Migel Rojas again, and we went by. Right before Migel started talking of how we should have prayed. We were running behind and just didn't with him before we left his house. The appointment we were supposed to be checking on dogged, so we started to talk and we decided maybe we should have prayed before. We did next door was Anacely, she let us in had a super cool first lesson and put her on date she was excited, and we were too! Prayer really works sometimes haha. 
Last week was Zone Conferance and it was prolly the best one i have been too. Elder Gleed gave a workshop on baptismal calender's. Kind of just an obvious answer to my prayer on what to help my area. so we are going to do baptismal calender's. Give those b-day's a calender with all the things they need pretty much. He is super cool too, i hope i get to serve around my long lost cousin sometime. 

The Assistants gave a really good workshop on the importance of study's! the best one i have seen yet from them. Just really gets you focused on doing the little things better. Putting more focus on all the little things. Being more selfless and that is when the revelation comes to find yourself. Something that is happening to me i think. The more and more i think about the people the more and more answers come on what to do and what to say. Funny how things like that works. Need to get a friend to pray for my ?'s i have and maybe he could tell me haha. 

My comp is over his poison ivy which is good so we can return to being able to work full-time. We have sent alot of people out of our area for some reason. This transfer i have sent more refferals than all the other's put together. It is fun and hopefully they can start coming the other way. 

So this is Elder Schaap's last transfer. Super weird. It is strange cause it seems like you make a friend then the next thing you know they go home. I guess that is what it is tho. you get to see everyone go home before you. the whole mission will change. I am at the point right now where i start to not know who people are. I need to start making friends with all the young one's cause they aren't going anywhere haha. 

Death Temple was good. The D.C. Temple is just big and beautiful. Just a massive building filled with the Spirit. It is good to just be able to go and relax in the house of the Lord. 

The mission is doing a BoM reading. Something i forgot to tell y'all. 7 pages a day marking every refferance to Jesus Christ, His words, His attributes, and His doctrine. It is truly amazing to just flip and see how much the BoM is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Isaiah sucks tho. I don't like that guy cause he didn't dumbify it for me. 

The Book of Mormon really has a power in it. You don't really know till you start to introduce it to people, read it, and use it. It is kind of a goal for me to be able to really know that book by the time i come home. I am starting to remember where things are. Scriptures are cool. I just wish i could easily access that modern day scripture. Enjoy the internet my friends. 

Thanks for the package, hopefully there won't be too many water fights. I like candy but i don't want to get too fat. Send me some healthy snacks. I do like the nerds and sweetarts and starbursts tho. Hopefully i won't get too fat when i eat them during study haha. I want to weigh myself cause i am hoping that i am now under 200. I went into the MTC at 220 so i hope it just keeps coming off just hope i don't have to get it to come off during the summer on a bike. 
It is super hot. I don't like it. I am never living where there is humidity. I miss the cold. Don't miss the snow but i miss the cold. 

Glad you all had a good time up in Oregon. Send me some more pics. dang it. 
kind of funny is i killed another mouse. Got a video of it haha. That is two i have gotten with my shoe haha. super fun. 
I am glad i am here and able to serve in this mission. I am grateful for next p-day 4th of july haha yes. i think i am emailing on tuesday cause all the library's will be closed. that is what they told us at least. get your emails earlier. 
Hope you all find time to relax and have some more fun cause i don't have time to relax. it is starting to become funner for me tho. 

I think i only have time to think about once a week. the rest is a blur. 
I am gonna go school some people in death ball tho so i think i will talk to y'all next week. 

Love Elder Stoor
hopefully i get your letter done today shelb

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey guy's

Hey guy's
This week gone by fast again. I don't think it will ever stop now. Crazy how time works.
Got a couple of sweet member appointments. Bro Crosky. He is going to try his next door neighbors. The May family. new move in that is living with three non-members. Wants to see them go through the discussions but think i have to pass them on to the YSA ward dang it. Super cool. Shared Heleman 5:8 with them. Super good, missionary work is giving eternal life and getting it for yourself. Hopefully we can have some more of these sweet member visits and get them working cause tracting sucks. g-q'ing sucks cause no one wants to listen to us cause we aren't normal people. We wear tags and ties and people don't want to talk to us most of the time.
Had a person look disgusted at us when we told her we were mormon's this week. Kinda funny. Another bash with us about polygamy, blacks, and the whole nine yards, sometimes i want to just sit and bash with them and then i know it won't get anywhere.
My companion and me are getting along good. Doing some service working hard just trying to talk to everyone. He got into some poison ivy at a service appointment and it is pretty bad. Covered his whole face. Didn't do much today but i went to the mall with my roomate. Kinda feel bad but ya know how it is.
Super super hot today and i think that is what most of the summer will be dang it.
Enjoy the beach, hope you guy's have a good time without me. You should. 6357 64th Ave #F-2 Riverdale Md,20737. Send me a postcard or something. You can send most letters there if you want but if i get transfered and you send a letter there i may not get it. never send a package to that address tho cause it will prolly get stolen.
Play some Nasty this weekend.
Glad to here everything is going good. Keep working with the basketball, broulims and drill teams.
Super short this week but i gotta get going. Thanks for the letter Shelb will try to write soon.
Death Temple is early next week so i get to go then cause they are cleaning so that will be good.
Have a good day!
Love Elder Stoor

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Found him!

So, we got on facebook this afternoon and found this picture!!!!!!!

This is a friend from high school Alan Doxey.  He is in the military and stationed at Fort Meade - they live pretty close to where Seth is serving, but not in his mission boundaries.  Stacie said on facebook:

"We look for him every time we go to the Visitors Center or DC.  This time we told all the kids...look for Elder Stoor!  We finally found him.  He might have been a little freaked out about the people acting like they know him and he had no clue who we were.  We talked about how different the East Coast is from Idaho."

I'm so jealous, but I'm glad we have friends who were looking for him & took the time to introduce themselves.  I miss my boy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the big one

so my comp is great! i love being able to work with someone who wants to work with me. he is from montana so from the good part of the world and he is someone that is helping me become who i want to be.
this week we were checking on some less-actives then doing a little tracking around them. haven't tracked in a long time so that is fun. always good to interuppt people who are having a good day. love those little awkward moments when someone actually answers the door and your mind goes blank for about 2 seconds.
one person we met name is Johnny. Johnny can talk. he talked our ears off for a couple hours. we talked about the first lesson which was excellent. covered all the points with him and by a couple of comments about churches you can tell he believes there was an apostacy so that could be fun. didn't want to set up an appointment but was sincere when he said he was going to read and pray. hopefully we can meet with him again this week.
Charley. he is an older guy super cool. met him for about a half hour last night. had a member who we took out to check on people with. tried to get appointments and just didn't happen so just took him with us. always good to have member's cause it is always better. he actually started the lesson lol. Migel Rojas. he has been a member for  almost a year. i think he might be the last baptism in our ward. kinda sad but i do have a feeling it is going to change this transfer. i hope at least. Charley told us he is going to read and pray and told us to come back next week! and he said he might come to church, not on father's day tho but the next week! and migel said he could come back so that is cool!
Also Brian Jones came to church! he is a less-active that we have been working with since i have been here and came to church and told us he is going to make it a regular thing. So that is kinda two less-actives that i have seen come back into activity since i have been here. I don't know but i think that is cool. re-activation is not as cool as a baptism experience but still awesome to see people you are teaching come to church even tho they are not investagators. but can't complain.
Time is funny. weird how fast it can go, then how slow it can go, and now it is going super fast again. i wish there was kinda a balance to it.
one other cool expeirence we g-q'ed this guy and asked him if he has heard of the book of mormon. he says yes i have, captain moroni is my favorite. we were like sweet you read it! ( i was nervous cause i thought we might have just talked to a member and i didn't recognize him) but he turned out to have met with missionaries a while back and didn't want to meet again. said he would always stop and talk a little bit with us but at the time he had to go. That was the weirdest street contact i have had. kinda cool tho.
dad i would love if you could send me those. i don't have time to pull them off the internet and i could just put them on my hardrive, might be able to stick them on the s-d card idk? anything that is churchy tho with electronics i would love, maybe you can send them on one of those flash drives and i can send them back after i get them. i hope that one day on my mission i might buy that ipod classic and be able to just have them all on there and just plug it into their t.v. and watch them. that would be cool.
mara just anyway you can do the calender that would be good. and i will look at the camera and see. it is weird cause i know i set it once and then when i look at my pics it puts them in different folder's on the s-d card idk?
shelby where is my letter? haha jk sounds like you are having fun with basketball and things keep it up and try to keep going in the summer and stay active. i think they keep that speed training there that is good. work hard when you go to those and try to get mom to get ya the keys and go to the church hehe.
thanks for the pictures mom, i am going to try and take more this week!
thanks for everything! let me know if there is something i could get ya!
Happy Father's day to all you daddy's out there!
Love you guy's!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

hi i am happy

Hey guy's.
So this last week has prolly been the worst of my mission. I feel like i didn't do anything because there was just no unity between me and elder goodman. He wasn't about to try anything different or just be nice and to be frank i wasn't either. We are both pretty stubborn and i just had enough of him. anyways that is over now cause now i have a new companion. Remember my old roommate Elder Watts! cause that is him. He is super cool, hard working, obidient, and someone you can work with. Someone that will adjust to you as much as you can adjust to him. Perfect not just one sided. And we are both super young. he has only been out one longer than me and he is a new senior comp and district leader so he is pretty nervous. We both have talked and we both said we are quiet and want to get to where we can talk. YAY well i guess it will be fun. Hopefully it won't be all silent or just one person talking but i think we will be able to find a balance and there is one thing we are going to do. Kinda a slogen i got from Elder Bybee in his letter to me. say it outloud...Work like Helen B Happy. hehe

stayed in the same area so i get to be here for three transfers. I like it so i guess it is a good area to be here for longer than most. i think me and elder goodman got a lot of potential going and hopefully that potential can go into success. Baptisms don't mean you are successful missionary so you can't compare but i have a feeling we can get one. There is about 15 names that have some potential so maybe we will be able to see at least 1 go under. This area hasn't baptized in a year too so that might explain some of it.
Looking back i am grateful for elder goodman, i learned alot! more from him than my last companions combined...prolly tied between him and my trainer.

Sorry i am such a debby downer when i go through hard times and such but such is life. I am grateful for the chance to be out here and i know that i am going to finish strong. It is going by fast and i look at it in transfer wise i am in my 5th and we only have 17 so in a couple i will be counting down from 10. super crazy. Time fly's.

Baseball game was the best. Kinda felt like i was at home and it was a super weird feeling to see all the scandalis girls, worldly music, and just the yelling atmosphere. Felt super strange to be there. Was a good game. They lost but seen a couple homers and had good defensive plays. But was a baseball game, lots of beer and peanuts what can make a man happier????

for expierences and such like that not much went on. We didn't get to teach as much as we did in the past but i will definately tell you a name and expierience next week. kinda slow. Call out monday, chuck out tuesday, transfer wednesday, and baseball game and an all day p-day! yay. lots of moving around and i am tired. one thing that i don't think i can ever get over. i think i will be tired for the rest of my flippin life.
I am begining to come to the realization of who i used to be cause i have forgotten what i used to do at home, and what i used to do to be me. Hopefully i can do better at being a normal person. missionary's are weird!

Katie love you. Thanks for the letter and just write whatever the heck you write. its what i do. i don't know if i want to send you a letter tho until you get back in the u.s. cause i am a cheap son of a gun and don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get a letter to ya. sorry mean person i am but when you come back to america you can get many letters. and for everyone. don't worry about making me homesick for something you put in a letter cause too late i already am homesick and hearing from anyone won't make me any more homesick but i am not homesick to the point i can't do work so don't freak out. i normally don't even think of home, but i guess there is always right before bed and in the shower that it just happens and such is life. move on and go talk to somebody

Thanks aunt ruth for the object lesson book! letter might be coming prolly in a month cause i am a slacker and won't have time till next p-day! thanks!

Love ya all, enjoy life, smile, write me letter, go to bed, all in a day's work!

(he sent this after the letter)
while these pics are loading.
elder goodman went zl so i got to stay in the area
elder wong is now my zone leader. he went straight to zone leader skipped the district leader part haha sucks for him.
pics from the baseball game, one was our distric picture, and one of my freaking eye that got bite by some bug and couldn't really open it for a day or so. kinda sucked and people made fun of it and i got to do one of those hahaha heard that before and smile.
if there is something else you want from me let me know. love ya all!