Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I don't really know what to say about the accident. I guess we can be glad about the knowledge of the gospel and to know that they can be together again someday. This life is not the end it is just a tiny bit on the terms of eternity. It has to be hard tho, especially the fact that it was all family in the accident. I will have to remember them in my prayers. Especially Jake and it being close to him coming home. Super sad for everyone. A pit just sinked to the bottom of my stomach when i heard about it. Not good but God has a plan for us and he knows everything.
Well onto more depressing knews. The super awesome family that i told you guy's about last week came to church. Yes it might be depressing when you get a gospel essentials class that is a little overbearing and it is the last lesson in the book. Exaltation. Abraham didn't take to the fact that we will become God's someday very well. We have not been in contact and they said they would call us and we have been giving ourselves headaches on what to do next with them. How long to we give them, what do we say, just crazy. It will be a little tough addressing that so i have been praying. He has questions on whether or not there is a prophet on the earth too. I hope they will contact so we can get them to general conferance. I may have to get the talk of the prophets on the website. Glad you were able to go to Salt Lake and go to that new mall. I didn't think it would be opening that fast haha.
Other than the family tho we have been trying to go knock some doors. We set up plans for seeing less-actives because 30% of the members out here are less-active. There have been missionaries in the past who have baptized and the people really didn't know what was in for them so now there are tons of less-actives. I would bet 1 out of 20 opens the door so it can be discouraging sometimes. There were two days that we didn't even get someone to come to the door. Makes ya wonder if that is what you should be doing sometimes.
Also there is a member who feeds us after every district meeting and she gives us scott bonnit pepper and they are super hot. They are like a 9 out of 10 on the hottest pepper scale i think haha hotter than a hobinaro i think and i ate two this past week! They are super hot but make ice cream soo much better anyway might have a picture in there if i can get this dumb thing to work! Can't seem to get it loaded.
Well we live in riverdale area and cover up to college park and down to bladensburg if you want to look at a map. Borders D.C. so just outside of the city and my area covers the university of maryland. Super wierd to see people my own age.
So the Paul Cardall concert was simply amazing. Super spiritual i have a couple of videos i might sent home on the card you can look at. I want to look at it before i sent it tho, hopefully it turned out well. Elder Schaap is super cool and i enjoy being with him and he is a District leader. We get 1000 miles a month to drive and we never even get close i guess. We go prolly 800 a month. and my comp does most of the driving which is fine with me cause i don't like this traffic and it has been a minute or too since i have drove. I have done it a couple of times but not for very long. GPS is super useful and helps cause i am terrible at reading maps. I got the Garmin Nuvi 120$ one. It has 8000 points to it so i just got the cheap one. it has helped out a ton.
I would like it if you could send out about 4 short sleeve white shirts cause the long sleeve just make me sweat have all the time i have been here. I might send a couple of the long sleeve home for after the mission and for dad if he wants them. I will keep a couple tho. Also for Shelb's birthday i don't have money to send home her present and when it does come i am just going to include Mom's and Meg's so happy birthday to all haha Also how is the puzzle mara? also i would like some slip on shoes. not dress shoes just for P-day and stuff so yeah i can prolly buy most of the stuff i want out here so maybe don't bother sending it unless you want to get it. let me know next letter. then some basketball shoes. If you want you could buy me some of those and have them send to me over the internet maybe. If ya do get me light one's. I did service and i only have those one pair i bought and they got dirty cause i was digging a hole. It was nice to do some physical labor again. I need more of that. Digging holes really is a stress reliever haha.
Hopefully i can get ya some pictures sent also but until next week hope all goes better!
Love Elder Stoor

With Paul Cardall

early morning pix of the Washington Monument

Elder Gleed & Elder Stoor  (Elder Gleed's dad & Elder Stoor's mom are 1st cousins)
here are some more pictures this computer is really slow but i think i will have the s-d card in the mail prolly next week so you can see all of the pictures and speaking of pictures what has megan done to my room?

soooo cool!!

Elder Stoor with the Scott Bonnet Pepper

What a Dream - I'm so jealous
I quickly sent Seth a note to remind him about his lil sister's birthday.  He had already sent his letter, but also sent a quick reply:

if she doesn't get the memo tell her I love her and that she should be happy.  Love and miss you mom and hope today will go well for ya tty next week

P.S.  Check out his companions blog:
there is an awesome picture of Seth

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey thanks for the GPS info i will try and find it. Elder Murdock is the best you should look him up when they go home. Before i left Anacostia they told me i must come down and see them after the mission so that will be fun. They are the coolest ever. He told me that dad must have been at work haha i didn't know how to get ahold of you so i asked them at the visitor's center and they said they would love too so yes haha thanks for that i hope to go shopping for it pretty soon...
College Park East is by metro stop prince george on the green line metro no clue what my address is cause i have not gotten a letter yet. I have got all the packages that you have sent me thanks. Candy is all gone from that one cause i am fat
We are teaching a family named the Osceolela's haha didn't spell it right but they are legit! Super awesome family. They are practically already mormons haha they have 5 kids from bout 11 to 7 months super cute kids one of them is named Seth haha They are the best family ever! Also just alot of dinners. This ward is the best cause it is an actual ward but they are super chill about everything. The way in my opinion most wards should be. It is the best
Elder Schaap is the coolest. He is so fun and super chill. it is going to be a fun transfer. he goes home in july so super soon.
The cherry blossoms are like beautiful haha. Pictures next week cause i forgot my camera cord and we are just coming back from taking sunrise which wasn't anything cause it was super cloudy but the trees are so just yeah can't explain. We need to come back in two years in the spring Mom cause they are awesome. Popcorn popping song makes so much more sense now lol the trees in my area are just white haha super pretty. It has been hot lately tho 70 degree's in a suit makes you sweat and after general conference we don't have to wear a suit coat anymore :]
Congrats to Colton he is going to love being a missionary. MTC might be rough but just remember everyone else is feeling the same way and don't be afraid to talk. Communication is the most important thing in a companionship by far. If that isn't working then nothing will. Elder Schaap and me had a good talk where we just said if anything bothers either of us we are just going to call each other out on it right then and there haha. It will work that way haha.
I do have to say next week or maybe later this afternoon if i can talk him into coming back you will see that i am serving in the best mission in the world. No one else can see the things we get to go see every p-day we want. It is the best.
Thanks for all the emails sorry if i didn't answer any questions if i didn't please do what mara did and highlight it at the end cause then i can remember haha.
Boise sounded like it was fun except the creeper dude, you just have to start not taking mara cause she attracts too many of those haha jk mara
Thanks for the Letter Grandma, I took a picture with Elder Gleed today at the mall, Super funny but we are in the same Zone! There are 13 of us and 6 of us are Elder's and we are in the Zone so i will be seeing him every so often. He is super cool. I am not sure what i think about having sister's in my district cause they just make things awkward and it might be tough haha
I love hearing from each one of you so keep writing even if i don't write back what you want haha
Love Elder Stoor!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am out of the Ghetto! Elder Wong is training! i am going to College Park East which i hear is super cool. I don't know much about it but funny story Mara, My companion is Elder Schapp haha you know him! but he said his Bishop was Bishop White not Miller haha I new i seen his name before and now i know where when i got on my e-mail haha Kinda funny but i have heard good things about him. Should be fun, I also get a car! now i can get fat!
This week went pretty good. Call out night was pretty fun and then i was packing for most of the day then saying goodbye to Sis Garvin (best member ever) and Corliss, but in the last meeting with her we put her on date once again!  I hope she does go through so i can come back.
We got a referral from our roommates and went and put him on date. Name is Damien. Super cool black guy with dreads who loved the lord and didn't go to prison to study the Bible! He already knew of it! pretty cool
not much to say other than it is hard to stay with one guy for 6 weeks. I know why i didn't have brothers haha. Both times it was tough at the end to get along but pushed through it. When i get my two transfer companion it will be tough.
I am super excited to be able to get out of the ghetto tho. I was scared for the last 12 weeks i won't lie. It was a good experience tho.
I am only going like twenty miles from where i am living and more close to the city so hopefully i can go to the mall alot cause i like that place.
I miss you too mom and it is really tough but i know i can make it. It has gone super fast so i am sure i will be home before you and i both know it haha Every missionary says at the end i can't believe it is here. I rode with an Elder Krugman who goes to BYU-I and that is what he said too. Same as Elder Fawcett it will be here before you know it. I am enjoying it.
Sorry i am a terrible writer letters guy. I need to sit down and do it today i will prolly have time. I don't know what i am doing for the rest of the day but i don't have much time here to e-mail today.
I enjoy the pictures, hope the sale went good! Tell Jordan he is old and it looks like he is balding so maybe Emma can borrow him some hair! hehe
I hope Uncle Blake gets his nose situated where he likes it. Tell him not to have to many of those tho i hear it does things to the looks and he doesn't want to ruin what he's got haha
Tell Colton congrats and be ready to be confused haha I still am confused about that and i may get to go today cause Elder Schapp is going through a session at 3 today and i may have to go with him.
Uncle Bishop Mike i will write ya back next week i don't have time right now sorry (don't hate me too much for it)
Love ya all and hope you guy's have a fun week! I am enjoying it out here but i have got some jone i got to go do so ttyl
Love Elder Stoor

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello everybody

Hello everybody
Today was Death Temple so i was able to go. It seems like yesturday that it was that haha. This transfer went by pretty fast. I am getting used to everything and i think that is the key for that. I love the Temple it is a good place to be. Still makes me pretty tired tho. Thanks for your letters and don't feel too bad about Rowdy cause it was bound to happen sometime. Kinda sad to hear about the boys at State. Losing that first game is the worst feeling in the world. But they made it to state so that is cool. It is weird but only one more of those and i will be home haha. I think it is going to go by super fast from now on. I enjoy doing what i am doing and it is good for me.

(note: he sent the above, and then bout 10 min later sent the below letter)

wrong button haha

I think this is one of the best decisions i have made in my life is to come on a mission. It is cool to see people who want to change their lifes and to see the excitement happen in people's eyes as you tell them about the gospel. Transferrs is next week and i am secretly hoping i am going to be transfered. As much as i love this area the people here are just crazy. Most of the less-actives are flat out crazy. most of them will meet with you but it is a total waste of my time i think. They don't get anything out of the lesson and it is frustrating. Most of it comes from the baptist backround and so they get to praisin the lord, father god's about a million times in their prayers. It is kinda funny sometimes but it is starting to get old, but i will stay here for as long as i have too haha everyone says i am going to miss it and i just can't see why but maybe i will so i better enjoy being here.

Seen Elder Gleed today he is doing good. It is always nice to be able to talk with him. I only see him maybe once or twice a transfer but it is good enough haha. I didn't go play death ball with him today tho cause my ankle is still a little sore and that floor is slick so i am taking a break from it.

The investagators this week are still doing good. Hard to meet with most of them and one just barely put on a b-date for next transfer and it was fun to see him get excited. Roger Clark he is Julius's brother-in-law and came to church to see julius confirmed. Sounds like all is well there thank goodness
Corliss is still taking baby steps and we are going to have to try and drop her. It is sad but such is life when you have been meeting with missionaries for 6 months, she knows everything and it is the only thing missionaries have not tried so sometime this week or next week we have to break the news to her. I think she is going to get her answer soon tho. Told her i better be invited to her baptism when it happens haha.

All i have to say is mom you are getting old cause life is going by too fast for me. haha
Glad the play is going good and shelby's room looks nice.
I don't know what you did when you emailed me dad but i didn't get to see the picture and had to download it haha hope i answered your ?'s

sounds like the chester molester mobile is going to the pits. haha
I do have to say about the snow is that we have none haha it is kinda nice to have a break from that. I hope calvin is going good i miss being able to see the babies.

Hope you all have a great week! talk to ya next week and i will tell you if i stayed or if i went haha

Love Elder Stoor!