Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Last Wed, We had a good p-day then had the dinner now at the new building which is super close for us so i am happy. Then we went to scripture study with the man Kirk! He is such a good guy. On the outside you would just think he is the average d.c. black man but he is smart! He can read and comprehend and he just gets it. Gospel is truly helping his life out still and hopefully all our investigator's will see and feel the same thing that he has done and then to have the same action...BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, Sis Medley is crazy! She is a crazy member who we do service for and is just crazy. So crazy that our roommates won't come with us because she is crazy! It was good tho but still i think her projects are never-ending, sounds familiar? Mia is kinda being wierd, but still cool. She told us not till November and it is coming around the corner and she is just putting it off. I want to be bold with her but don't want to lose her. She is doing good and always enjoy going over there.
We then had a new investigator meeting! Yeah, James Mason who lives out on Ingraham, he is a very smart guy, who has always lived in D.C. and bought the house he grew up it. It happens alot out here. People never leave. It is a nice place, but freaking expensive to live here. Milk is $4. Isn't it like $2 or $3 in Idaho? James is good tho and had a good first meeting with him. Did the cups object lesson and it went good! Hopefully we can see some success here cause he is very smart and accoutable and could be a leader for sure!
Fri, We had alot of meetings with members...good but don't seem to get alot done instantly but you never know when one of them will get somethin for ya! that would be nice about now. Had a good quick meeting with Tucker but this day was pretty slow. I talked to 16 people and not one of them is a newb! Dang sometimes this is tough!
Sat, We Went on exchange this day with the Zone Leaders! I went with Elder Furugen. He is from Japan and is the most loving guy ever! I love this kid so much. He is super funny and is so Asian. You could tell that this exchange was just to find out how Elder Arnett was doing cause he just relaxed when he got me. It was super fun. I was able to relax. I was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. We went down to Harvard Univercity to do some g-qin cause they are in the Singles Ward. I have not seen so many scandelous black young women ever! Good thing i am not attracted too much. Although they are becoming cuter, but this is past the point. I was just thankful there weren't too many white girls. We had a good time just talking to people tho. I feel like i haven't been able to get someone investigating and it has been hard, but i think the reason is because i haven't been talking to them i have just been asking ?'s. Hopefully i will be better. E. Furugen is a good guy and helped me realize this. We just had a good day. Checked on a couple of refferals....two homeless shelters haha love it, Broke our fast at a buffett haha. Had a good fun day! Elder Furugen's comp is really uptight about everything so he was just kinda relaxing with me it was super fun and we did alot but nothing really to show for it!
Sun, Church was good again! It is just cool to be here in D.C. 3rd Ward, did anyone come to church?!! no... sad face, but there was a baptism so that was good. Eecram he is a good guy. Homeless but is super humble and cool! Munch n Mingle, then Bro Peguse! Then the Zeitsmans! then we had a good g-q night and picked up two newbs!!! That is only 5 for the week and when you have talked to 104 you are just curious what is going on??? idk. We will see!
Mon, District Meeting!! Then had an appointment after we went to lunch! Kishea! She is awesome but might be a little crazy but maybe she is just too spiritual for her own good. Some people you meet. She told us she doesn't want to commit to baptism till she knows it is true so all we need to do is make sure she reads the BoM and come to church and she will be solid. Had another appointment with a refferral named Gidy. Lives in a small room just enough for his bed. Comes from Nigeria and is a humble good man. Put him on date for Nov 18 so that should be fun! He might be moving but hopefully stay in our area but doesn't sound like it but likes the bom and his other copy is back in Africa so he was happy to have another one. Love it when the seed is already planted! Alot of times i just feel like a seed planter but hopefully they are good ones. He told us he would give us a call and tell us everything but we are going to call tomorrow and find out. Hopefully we can meet again it was a super spiritual meeting.
Tues, This was the longest day! I talked to 25 people and Arnett talked to 15 and not one is an investigator! We got a couple information to call so hopefully will see success come from that. It is just hard sometimes. We had one appointment today that dogged us too so that was hard. Just felt like we were out and about and nothing to really do, but because we are missionaries there is always something to do so we checked on people and talked to people all day! Checked on Ken, dude in the wheelchair from like month ago. He was home and let us in and had a good meeting with him. He told us he would read again. We shall see. He is just frustrating and we kinda dropped him but if we meet with him again then we will start trying again!
Today was one of the worst Zone activity's ever! Monster Mystery. Super dumb. Some game where you had to find out everything. I just don't like big groups of missionaries so i kinda just left the room and went and shot hoops in the gym. Figure's right? it was fun and have found a couple of fun shooting games to play! Seven on the line, then did a fun around the world 3 point shooting game. Still got my shot a little bit. Sometimes it comes and other's i just flat out suck. Kinda out of touch when you only get to play once a week and even then it mostly comes down to once a month.
Could you send me some razor's? The one's that dad uses. They are freaking expensive! Just wondering if that would be possible! My electric razor will work for a while but i like the other one better, sorry for being so picky!
 I feel like i have grown alot! I feel like i am a completely different person than who i was before my mission! Crazy how things work. This is the hardest thing i have ever done and it just seems like it will never end! When i think of it, there is always more work to do. Missionary work is prolly the best thing and the thing that will never end! Age thing is crazy but doesn't effect me too much! By the time all these guy's come out i will have just about 6 months left! Prolly more but it will be okay i think. won't change much but have more sister's in the mission field. thing there will be a time we go to priesthood session and get rebuked because there are more sister's serving than elder's haha. we will see!
 Thanks for everything that you do! You should go on a letter campain cause nobody else besides family writes me haha! Tell everyone to write. Mara get some cute girls to write me from college haha
Love you all and can't wait till next week!!!
Love Elder Seth Stoor!

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