Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So it feels like it has been forever since i have e-mailed. This week was a long week! But it was perdy good i guess.
Tuesday night was the best p-day work i have ever done! We didn't really plan so that kinda was not good and we just went out. Had a couple people in mind but i was just going to plan to g-q, but we checked on a person not too far from our house. She answered and let us in. Kamia-she is 19, wants to come to church and has a desire to learn more about Christ. Had a really good lesson with her and extended a b-date for Nov 4th. Only problem is, it is a week later and her father told us after she ran in the house that she is not interested in joining a church or coming. It kinda sucked. But hopefully she will call us but we can't really do anything just because her father was kinda strict. He wasn't the time before when we asked if she was home. Was a really nice guy. Was nice when he told us but pretty much said,"she doesn't have the guts to tell ya she is not interested and wanted me to tell ya that. Guess it works. After that we found a really cool 16 year old who wants to learn more! Had a good g-q and my companion did it. It is nice to have a companion who has figured out how to pick a newb up. I musta been terrible when i first came out so i am glad to have a good companion.
Wednesday was also a pretty good day. Went to the V.C. and had a tour and watched the J.S. Movie on the big screen. The V.C. is being re-modeled. Have the back of it completely gone and putting in all new things and for the next three days it is closed. Month of November they might not have it open completely still, But supposed to have it workin for the festival of lights in December. But Rakiya was her name and she has two cute kids. They are rambunctious and felt right at home at the Visitor's Center. Rakiya said they don't usually do this at a new place. only at home. Not even at my brother's place. Kinda a testimony of the Spirit and how it just comforts and relaxes and it was good to see her recognize that. Movie was good too. only people in the big theater. Kinda sweet!
Thursday we weekly planned, helped Earl study for his driver's lisence then invited him to church. Hopefully he is still serious about meeting with us but not really sure. Fun to just hang out with him and help him out. He is a good guy just doesn't have life figured out yet.  Then had another lesson with Kamia, gave her a BoM, cause we didn't have one before...terrible...and just taught her about the book of mormon for about 10 minutes it was good, said she was coming to church but then flaked out! Then had a really quick meeting with Tucker. It was really fast and short all at the same time. Felt like we just through it on him, but didn't have much time. Hopefully will see him soon. He didn't come to church either! Freak.
Friday we met with the Smith's. Kevin Smith the one that has been meeting with missionaries for 7 years, wants to get baptized, but couldn't come to church when he said he was going too but said the week after so hopefully this next Sunday he will be there and then the Sunday after that and so on. Think he is really going to this time around, but i am sure every missionary has thought that. He is really sweet tho! Just trying to teach him and let him know it is true, but i am pretty sure he already does he is just stubborn. did the cups object lesson and talked about temples in the two meetings with him this week! He is cool, and they fed us so that was excellent!
Saturday, we just kinda said we are going to go g-q and didn't have much of a plan little bit but we were gonna find this day! Kinda worked but not really. Found a cheesy person but never know. Already dogged her appointment and won't answer phone. Then That night we were the answer to Burt's prayer! He is a good guy. Kinda vented to us but it was really spiritual. He lives in the West area so that kinda sucks. He said he was gonna be at church in the morning but wasn't as well!! Gosh dang it!
Sunday was sweet! New church building i loved it! Spirit was soo strong. Congregation was excited and we are gonna use this building cause it is just a massive sweet place! We seen Bro Peguse. He is the man! Then we heard the Redskins won so that makes everyone else happy! Then we went to the V.C. with J.S. Armstrong and Denise Jones (RC) cause the General Primary President was speaking! It was really good! She gave a bomb talk. There were 3 General Authority's including her haha. Gerard the area seventy, and sister Matsumori! Prolly soon to be Pres. too. Good people! Was really good night to feel the Spirit!
Then my birthday! it was aight! Had District Meeting then Elder Porter the new senior couple bought me lunch. So that was nice. Then had 2 hours of comp study. Then went to a bomb lesson with Sheila! Wasn't a good teaching by me at all, companion did good, but when she prayed she pretty much got an answer it was crazy when you can just feel the Spirit flood the room. Did it during her prayer when she asked if what we said was true. Super excited! She is a really nice Chritian lady that just hasn't found the truth and i think we got her cause she committed to church and we didn't even ask her! hopefully she will be there then we will show her the font and throw her in haha. That night they sang happy birthday and we had an ice cream cake the J.S. got for me. I love that man alot! He likes me too i think. Keeps me updated on the Facebook world haha. Everything you have told me about Facebook i already know from J.S. haha. He is a sweet guy who just wants to help us out. He goes to the V.C. to just "chill out". The ice cream cake was good and he gave me a card that said the date when Obama's last day in office was and just sending me happy news on my birthday haha. Made me laugh.
Got everything from everybody today and yesturday so thanks sooooo much! The Somsen's in Rexburg sent me a hoop haha it is fun to play pig in the apartment. They are super nice and Brandon sounds like he is doing good! Grandma's are the best! and Grandpa's too! Thanks for the card and the socks are perfect and as well as the books! They will come in handy! Hopefully will write a few letters today. got one for grandma and grandpa and hopefully the Somsen's and then hopefully but i don't write a ton of letters on one p-day to you guy's but next week for sure!
Tuesday we seen Kirk! He is my favorite guy. Still going strong and i hope to go through the temple with him before he goes home. That is my dream! It was a pretty good day as well. Since my birthday i have just felt good for some reason. HAven't felt good for a while and it is nice to just feel good. Not sickness not feeling good, prolly just a little homesick feeling. Maybe it will all go away but i doubt it.
Tennis is fun. Played this morning with Elder Porter. I suck at it but i kinda want to get into it at college! will but nice! Had a good time this morning.
This gospel is true and there is just no getting around it. I have been reading the Bible lately and Mathew is really good. I didn't think i would like it but it has just kinda sucked me in. I have found a love for the scriptures that i never thought i would ever get. I just thought they were the most boring thing ever before. Now they are exciting. Getting good scriptures to use. Stories are full of just bashing sometimes. Christ owns alot of people in the bible. Smooth about it too haha.
Glad to be were i am! Sometimes i feel like i am just a worthless missionary cause i don't know alot but i know i am learning and growing every day. This is making me into the person i want to become. I have come to love change. Recently i feel like i have changed alot and i think it is why i feel better. I can't explain how i have changed tho but i know i have.
Hopefully you all have a fun week! Love you all and can't wait till next week!
Love Elder Stoor

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