Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wed, Temple was good and went and checked on a new investigator Michael and a potential tonight to no avail  Shucks haha Good day tho, did baptisms in the temple and then the temple president 1st counselor came and spoke to us and gave us a good talk on just temple life i guess haha. Talked about becoming something and how we need to be bold and things. Used the tree and fruit analogy which really struck me! Super good! It is most important for us to become the good tree so the fruit (our actions) will be good. The game of this life is just who we become!

Thurs, We played basketball with Shavez! That is fun, there is a court by his house where it seems like it is the place to go and smoke marjuania haha can tell i never smoked it cause i can't spell it haha. Fun to play some street ball tho. Sucks outside but i still won haha. White boy got a shot...we had 4 apt. that dogged today haha. But we had dinner with a member and then trimmed another member''s lawn for him haha i love Bro Lakomyj! He is sweet old guy who lets us come in and sit on his comfy couches and talk! Super cool!

Fri, We were stuck inside all day till 3 cause some Mexican's came and replaced our windows and i just don't trust people with my stuff in the apartment and it is a rule to stay there while they are working so we did. We went to the Library to do service again! Hopefully we will be able to tell them about a play a senior couple does on smoking and drinking...puppet show and it is really good and Apparently Elder Oaks got some big award for how good his puppet show is! Super cool! And he is doing it for free to help stop the drug alcohol problem!

Sat, Today was great! We met with a new investigator Victor and his wife Rhonda! Super awesome first lesson with them! He wants us to come back! I hope they read the book of mormon and find out! Would be sweet! more on them next sat hopefully, We also met with Adama today! AND SHE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!! While we were teaching baptism during the 3rd lesson she asked us when her's was and we looked at each other and said April 28? So we are having a baptism on Sunday!!! I am excited she has a strong testimony of it so i hope that it all goes well! We then met with a part member family who the dad Bro Duru is an apostle in another church and he came out with scriptures on how John the Baptist is really elias/elijah reincarnated haha. He confused the Malachi 4:5-6 as such and then wouldn't let us explain it to him haha. He is not even open to the book of mormon and it is sad. He just wants to prove us wrong and we try not to fight but then his wife tears into him haha. Kinda funny but we left him 2 Nephi 29 to read so we shall see if that softens his heart!

Sun, We had Stake Conference today...Adama came and loved it! We then met with Shavez and gave him the white shirt we bought him and a couple ties! He was excited we went over the baptismal interview ?'s and he says he is ready just have to wait till his parents can be there for it so looks like May 5th! I also got me some ties! haha I love ties hint hint haha if you send me a package you could send me some ties haha. I like the slim ones if you know what i mean. Almost skinny but not quiet! Anyways we went to Why I Believe with Ms Bramwell! She got hit by the spirit and opened up and really is starting to like it! I think we have something here too! Super cool! Will try to put her on date next time we meet her! The Cardall's spoke on there last day! Elder Cardall is sweet! Told him i am going to look him up when i get home and talk! haha I have always thought about someway to help people who are going through what Mom and Dad went through when i had my surgury so when i get home sometime i want to put together a book thing where it has the stories in it so be prepared mommy and daddy haha. They are super cool senior couple who will be missed for sure!

Mon, District Meeting was good, Lunch was good...we then went to go do service and our roommate E. Centeno was down and out just sick and we both had service so our comps went off to that and i stayed home cleaned read some conference talks, picked out pictures for another scripture box i made! Super cool box will try to send a pic home of it...all about the book of mormon and joesph smith story as well! Used it to teach on Tuesday will tell ya about it, then we played basketball again with Shavez! Schooled them kids again! haha Super fun! I need to get better at my handles tho all i got is shootin! We then went and saw Michael and met his wife and mother in law. They tried to convert us to their faith haha. Wouldn't accept the Book of Mormon, Super good prayer his mother in law said...said that we would all be hit by converting power or something and then i shared one final scripture with them...2 Nephi 33:10! Super good! Spirit came in strong so i hope it worked haha. We are going to go help him out with is lawn and see if we can somehow soften his heart! Super cool guy! They have alot of correct doctrine but just not all of it!

Tues, Another awesome day! We did service for Sis Frailman went good! Mowed a lawn haha. Had lunch with Sister Mays! Long Correlation  went on splits with our ward missionary's i went with Bro Taylor and checked on people to no avail and my comp and bro fisher taught an active member a lesson! Super good! gonna do that every tuesday prolly! We gave a blessing to someone new and the sister's taught her a lesson and picked her up for us! We will go back on Friday and put her on date hopefully! We then Met with Adama and confirmed that she wants to get baptized on Sunday...quick lesson on Law of Chastity and W.OW. to see if we are still good and we are!! Going to meet with her every night at 7 this week to make it happen! Even today on our All Day P-Day...sacrifices i guess haha but i am super stoked for her! She is 17 and knows this is true! We then met with Paul! Super golden lesson! He knows it is true as well...he just has alot to change! Smoked weed and knows this is the final stop. Knows that this is the plan for him! We taught a restoration adn he just knows. Kinda funny but we caught him drunker than i dunno what last week and he says that whenever he does something he is not supposed to we show up haha. Told him we do for a reason haha. I hope he can make the changes he needs too and now he knows he needs to do them too! Spirit was super duper strong tonight and this whole week! I love being where i am! It is super duper AWESOME!!!

Katie better send me a letter dang it haha! Megan making Till jealous haha??? When is Brayden going on a mission? I do remember James haha he is a shorty like Katie haha. i wish i could be her maid of honor! Too bad she can't wait for me haha. She will be my Best Man for sure haha.

I also did some repenting this week of some things so it is cool to see how immediate blessings come. Mosiah 2:41 has a real cool promise that i seem to be seeing right now! Trying to be more obedient  mainly it is just waking up in the morning haha i have a hard time hearing the alarm in the morning! Really have a hard time hearing it but i am going to be better! My studies have improved alot lately and it is just when i think i have become the person i want to something else comes up that i have to change! This mission is really helping me become a disciple of Christ and really change to what he needs me to become! I still have a pride issue with it like we all do but when we change it is great!
Will maybe sneak back on tonight and send some pics so watch for it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why hello! They just messed things up on the e-mail thing for me so i don' t know if it is all working right or not! Hopefully it is!

Wed, not much happened haha went to the Heaths and had a swell dinner.

Thurs, Zone conference those things are long. Learned about the importance of paying tithing! I haven't really ever done it to be honest. i know i did before but i don't think i did it like i should so it was a good lesson for me. We also had a lesson on the bom so that was swell! Pres gave his on answering hard ?'s haha easy just to brush things off to be honest. Most are not sincere ?'s anyways so just a good thing on brushing them off. We then had a meeting with Shavez and it was really good he told us he had two things that he needed to take care of before baptism and now he has already resolved one of them so we will help him out but he says he is going to make it by the 28th. but going to get things resolved! We also met with Ms. Bramwell and had a super cool visit with them. her grandkids were there and we had a good time! We read through Alma 32 and it was super super spiritual! Good Times for sure!

Fri, We met with Adama and her aunt finally Isata! It was good to get to know her. We taught the plan of Salvation! Super good lesson they both know it is all true but Isata has work and Adama has a father who doesn't want her to be baptized dang it! We then went and played basketball with Shavez and it was super fun! Can't play outside haha. cool to play some street ball with other's tho!

Sat, we had a good day full of nothing to do but check on people and talk to some peeps! It was fun we did service in the morning for the College Park Ward cool to see old faces! We just worked today and it was fun! didn't end up meeting anyone that i can remember just a good day to be a missionary!

Sun, Church was great! Super good! We met a sister investigator who is bomb! They got a good one! Loved it cause of priesthood haha yeah for 3rd hour! We then had a FHE with the Booker's and i swear to you that they made us do it before i tell ya haha. peer pressure is a hard thing but me and my comp battled it out on the wii with them for a little bit for the FHE game lol. Just Dance is all we played and i don't really like it to be quiet honest haha. Sucked at it! but it was fun to watch them do it!

Mon, we went on exchanges for two days! i went with Elder Snow today haha we don't like each other haha. He hates me and i just think he is the most prideful kid ever but it was a fun day in the singles ward! taught a lesson that we found for them so cool to see that guy again he is going to be tough tho can't read english and couldn't find the bom in creol online but i think they have it in that language so that was fun! we then had FHE @ the Bishop's home with the ward and good little lesson and slideshow of their Antartica cruise haha! I don't know if i have told ya or not but a bunch of us out here are going to get together in December and go on a cruise! Maybe you can come too but no promises haha ;) Good day but hard cause these two are weird and back to back was hard!

Tues, was fun with E. Kuddes! Got alot done, picked up potentials tracting this one place and checked on a ton of people! Super super good! We met with a member Sis Moss who vented to us and pretty much told us the Mormon think wasn't for her anymore...hard story really hard so can't judge, but also met with a couple of semi crazy people! Nickels are really messed up from drugs prolly but just not in the right mindset a 9 year old came in and they were friends and acted like that if that helps ya understand, but then Bro Onyejeckwe is just a cool African who has lost his job and likes to talk and share old man story's haha it was a good time tho. Hopefully will report on the potentials we picked up later!

Wed, Temple! We are having the Baseball game  next week so expect an early e-mail! Excited for the Nat's game vs. the Cardinals...jealous Grandma??? i think if i remember that is your fav team! Maybe you can see me on t..v! I am pumped for it!
Love ya!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wed, we got spammed into coming to a Family History stuff so that is what we are doing from Wednesday nights now! Heath dinner then FHW!!!

Thurs, We had our Zone Meeting today and it was pretty good. Sometimes people get too serious here. I don't know, maybe i have a bad attitude for leadership and how they try to just get us to go and work all the time when you have been around most of them before and you work harder than they do haha. Talked about why not when you are done with dinner for 30 min why not go and knock door's haha Trying to take what little nap time i have away! Sheesh, But we then got some Weekly Planning done and went and taught some lesson's! Super good one's too! Had J.R. Taylor a L.A. and the spirit was just super duper strong! One of the strongest lesson's i have been apart in! Someone must want him back in church! We taught Faith and Repentance and during it he paused a couple of times and just said Man, i feel the spirit super strong! It was soo cool! Made us feel really good as well! Good thing for me too cause i always need to work on those things! We then went and kinda bashed with a new investigator! He tried to just pull up a couple of ridiculous points. Then tried to teach us things from the Bible. He had his prayer partner on the phone too and it was funny cause you can tell that is all they were trying to do. Didn't want to fight that much and didn't but i hate being thrown in those situations sometimes and it seems to be happening more and more!

Fri, We had 5 apts today and met with one of them after he re-scheduled twice! haha Paul is sweet tho! He said at the end of the lesson that he wanted to figure this out and teach his family. Says his son is 8 and hasn't been baptized and wants to make sure that happens and we said that we might be able to help with that haha. Jackpot but i don't think about just getting the # haha. Paul seems to be really sincere and says he will watch conference but haven't talked to him since this meeting! Keep missing him!

Sat, Conference was great! Went to Cafe Rio for lunch! Kept that tradition alive haha. just went for last April Conference too! It was a sure a good Sat/Sun! Elder Perry's talk, Elder Ballard's and Elder Holland's and the Prophet's! as well as Pres Uchtdorf (during priesthood) were the best in my opinion! Tell me your's and Mom i would appreciate another Conference Ensign! That makes sure that i get one and my companion will appreciate it too! Conference Weekend is the best as a missionary! Had one investigator watch! More on Shavez in a sec....

Mon, we had a good day proselyting talking to people and i think we picked up some potentials haha pretty sure! But tonight was the best! The Stromsdorfer's had us over for dinner again and had our 15 year old investigator Shavez there and also a 12 year old member Rodrigo! It was great! Best dinner yet! We then had a lesson on baptism with Shavez and helped him realize the importance of it! We haven't baptized him yet because we were trying to get his brother Darion too but his brother moved to D.C. so now Shavez is going to be baptized on the 28th! I know this one will happen! The Stromsdorfer's were the one's who served in Colombia! What year's did you serve Dad? You served in the Cali mission right? That is where Bro Stromsdorfer served and Sis s. served in Bogata! Cool people and first one's i have met that has served there.

Tues, we had a sweet lesson with James! Just kinda talked! Twas really good! Didn't watch conference but said he is going to! Gave him a pamphlet to read and will teach next time going to start having weekly Tuesday meetings with him! We then met with Shavez and taught the Law of Chastity! this kid is cool! He has a strong testimony already and wants to share it and is gonna go on a mission! Super fun! We are going to be meeting with him alot seems to be like daily so it will be a good news! We also saw the Booker's tonight and watched Pres. Monsons talk again! He is so funny haha. we are going to be fed from them on Sunday and have some FHE! Twill be fun!

Wed, as you can see we went to Cherry Blossoms today! It was great! They are so pretty! We then played some sports and prolly will go and see if i can get Shelby written back today!
Good news in your letter today mom! Glad to hear that Chad is coming around! What about Jamie? Super good! Seems like Cancer is just going around everywhere. There is a guy here in the ward that is super cool and is battling cancer! Crazy, but sounds like Les's won't be bad so that is good!
It is freaking hot here! They let us take our suit coats off after G.C. so that was nice!
Thanks for all the letter's and email's!
Love ya!
Elder Stoor!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well Hello!
Wed, Well we just happened to get dogged all night! Bro Chheng invited us over to talk with him. I don't know if i told ya but he is 33 and just found out he has cancer! Crazy! We have given him a blessing and he is taking it really good. Trying to keep his spirituality up so that is what is important. We talked mostly about military stuff and i just don't think i ever want to go into that! Not for me. I like Bro Chheng alot and it is hard to see him go through this but i think it will make him a better person and the doctor's are optimistic but i think that is their job haha.

Thurs, Today we Weekly planned and just had a good day! Every person wasn't there for their appointment! Dang it! We did help a lady in the ward with some service. We just packed some things up 3 flights of stairs haha. Twas fun and we got pie out of it! I also went to Staple's cause we needed some things for the area and i got my PMG cut and hole punched so it is in a binder! Really nice! I have enjoyed studies alot with that! This transfer we have been reading PMG and doing the activities and some of the activity's are really good. One on a warning voice in Exzeikel? haha i can't spell i don't read the Bible that much haha...but it said that if we don't warn people their sins are on our heads...think about that one!

Fri, This morning we went to Bro Lackomyj's and helped him with some electrical work in his house! Next week we are going do be going out to lunch and doing some more!!! I like doing house work! Kinda wierd Mom i know...We then saw Eric finally! He said his phone got wet so it isn't working the greatest now...don't really buy that but said he had been reading the BoM and taking notes on what he read and summarizing what he read! Spirit was strong...we talked about needing to meet more and how to prepare for baptism and the need for it! set up a time to come back the next day but on Sat he texted and dropped us! Said he was too much into the streets for this! Dang it all the heck! We then stopped by an active member and found out her husband is not a member and he is an apostle in another church! Nice guy but wanted to bash with us! Freak! He asked us about whether we believed that Christ was crucified today and i said it didn't really matter on what day it happened...some logic on Christ rising on the 3rd day and 3rd night...i don't know where is says night but i didn't want to bring it up. Anyways he is going to show us a scripture about re-incarnation from the King James Version of the Bible and how John the Baptist is really Elijah or Elias who has come back haha. Can't wait until he finds that scripture! We also visited the Booker's today! Tried to get them to come to church! Didn't work! I don't' know what to do with them!

Sat, We got a call from our Zl's this morning and said we were there last hope and needed to go and help someone move! So we did, guy couldn't speak English and took us a while to find the place but finally got there and helped them move. Spoke French so will be sending the French speaker's by! We then went to our Elder's Quorum Pres..Bro Howell and helped him sand his floor. We were there for like 5 hours haha. Rest of our apts cancelled and he needed our help still so it was fun to sand his floor. Used some muscles i didn't know i had and had fun doing it! working on houses again! We then took Bro Chheng up to a V.C. concert! He brought his non-member sister along and she was inquisitive so maybe something there! It was some sibling concert. Really good playing the piano for being 8 and 11! They were on the Jay Leno show not too long ago i guess! Move there finger's that it for sure! Twas a good day!

Sun, It was a good program at church today! All around the resurrection  Twas a good Easter Sunday! We contacted a refferal today! Said to come back next week! YES! We had a dinner apt with Sis Jackson this evening and it was super super good! She has an amazing testimony! Near death experience don't remember how she tied that in with getting her testimony but after a while the Elder's knocked on her door and she read the whole book of Mormon is two weeks and called them back haha! Man those lucky guys'! Super spiritual spiritual thought on Christ too! Did the Christ Puzzle! Works every time!

Mon, we had a lesson with Ms. Bramwell today! Man it was super good! She really wants to find out that this is true! She has a sincere desire i believe. Isn't really going to church lately so we are going to watch the last session of General Conference at Sis Jackson's hopefully! It was a super good review lesson on what she knew already and we will be giving her everything she needs soon! Super excited for her! She is going to cut my hair too! Oh yeah! We then went to find a member Dillon who is 15 and hasn't come to church lately and found them playing football-his dad. So we played some football in our suits! Twas very fun and then he took us out to eat! We spent the rest of the night prolly 3-4 hours haha. He has some really big problems with going through a divorce and some other things he has done in his life! He went through the temple tho and i believe he remember's but just doesn't want to admit it! He likes to do Marital Arts tho and taught us a couple of moves! Told him to read Alma 32 and "none were with him" talk my Elder Holland! Maybe someday he will come around!

Tues, We went to Claire's a 85 year old investigator of the sister's who we helped last week when it snowed! She gave us all of her deceased husband's ties for helping! haha Perfect! She is really cool and is one of those old people who thinks everything and everyone is out to get her haha. Super funny! We then went to the college campus and did a booth with the district! Too many cute girls wearing tight pants there! It was fun to try and talk with people tho! Really hard to get college people to stop too! Got a # or too and left! We then had a good rest of the day driving around these HUGE houses finding a couple of less-actives. I don't think i want a house as big as those! Man... We then met with Paul a guy we picked up through g-q'ing and it was his birthday! Talked with him for 5 min and prayed and going to be talking about the Plan of Salvation first! Super cool guy who has alot of potential right now!

Wed, we played soccer today! It was tons of fun! I like soccer alot! Scored 3 goals! OH Yeah! went and bought some Chirstmas Shirts for you guy's haha! Happy Birthday presents too!!! HAHA Happy Birthday Shelb and good job at the program i hear Meg.
Anything else you want from my e-mails let me know!