Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's up family!

Well that storm sucked here! Just a little rain and wind! Trees blew around alot and we called all our members hoping to do service yesterday but they are all fine with no damage all we hear is glad we are not in new york!
So Wednesday wasn't much. Talked to people like usual and met a guy named Fitzwilliam! Set up an appointment for Thursday morning and he held! Had a good meeting about his life and how the spirit has worked with him! There are some really spiritual people that i have met on my mission and it is really cool to see how we all have the Light of Christ! When everyone says the spirit, it is one of three things or two, Light of Christ, Holy Ghost, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Everyone has the light of Christ and it is the most aparent one i think. It is just a little glimpse of the Holy Ghost. Impressions from the Holy Ghost are deeper and stay with you a whole lot longer. Then the gift of the Holy Ghost can be your constant companion and is what we all want. Anyways we had a long conversation about how the spirit has worked in his life and how it can continue to work. He says he felt the spirit so i guess we did something right and left him with a book of mormon!
Friday, Appointments actually do hold! It is a miracle  Bro Bryant, less-active, but recently really starting to come back. He is really a cool guy and i will prolly have a pic of my bike soon to come that has some sticker's on it from him. He is into safety stuff for his job and has been working with the church to put a reflective sticker system on our bikes. Been working with the head honcho of the mission safety and the church seems to be buying into it so that is kinda cool. He also is working alot for the Mitt Romney campaign and his neighbor across the street, forgot her name, but she or he can't remember that either is the Campaign manager for Obama so he has had a little scuffle with them it was super funny, he put a mitt romney sign in front of her obama sign then he woke up the next morning with obama stickers all over his car. Oh the joy of politics. Tell me who the pres. is next week even tho i am sure i will know since i am in d.c.
Then Kiesha held, and didn't keep the commitment to read a P.o.S pamphlet because the front picture is of Jesus and it is a graven image. Tried to explain it but she went off on some old testament crap that i don't get. She has re-written the whole new testament in her words and is working on the parables of Christ right now so it is kinda crazy. Don't know where she is headed but it will be hard to get her into the church cause she knows too much. Scripture mastery in 2 Nephi somethin, learned one. But there is hope with the spirit so we shall see. Not gonna completely give up on her. Guess i need to use the language of faith more.
Then we had a quick meeting with Kirk! Love that man, since you got the Gospel Principles book to me i gave him the  other one i had and he loved it! Took it and was reading it before we left. The High Priest Group Leader also gave him a D and C! i am so grateful for the fellowshipping the high priest group did with Kirk! Would not have gotten baptized if it wasn't for them!
Then we went to the V.C. with Bro Armstrong and a recently returning less-active member Carl Russell! He said the J.S. movie answered his prayer and it was just great! He is a cool guy. Had a little tour on the P.o.S., funny story, the sister at the v.c. called me to tell me her plans for the tour and we were late for Kirk so we were hurrying and well the phone slipped and i had a come to Jesus meeting with the pavement. Then after Jesus was a little disappointed with me cause...well it just slipped out... said Shit on the way down and Damn it when i got up, then looked around and cars were stopping cause of course i was in the middle of an intersection and black people were askin if i was alright and then i was a little embarrassed for swearing then i thought i hope the sister at the v.c. didn't hear shit on the way down haha. Well i got back up, my comp said i spiked the phone and we picked up the pieces, i called the v.c. back and we booked it over to Kirk's with a big ole rasberry on my arm and a swelling in my hand! sister didn't hear me swear so that was good haha.
Then we came back to our apartment and seen Aster, a recent convert who lives in our apartment and always feeds us when we go there. Ethiopian food is good. Had a little lesson on the spirit world cause her grandma passed away and then left. Super good Friday! Although one of them was with and investigator it is still good to have 6 appointments hold!
Saturday! Words or letters can't describe my feelings for the morning! Elder Cook is just amazing. His wife is super funny and just does whatever she wants. She led us in a couple of songs and just had the time of her life. Just one of those cute grandma's! Elder Cook was kinda all over the place, but is was good. Then couple of people asked ?'s and at the end leaves an apostolic blessing! I don't know if you can even describe the feeling when those words come out of an apostles mouth! Crazy good! He left a blessing to let us know we were in the right place and that our family's back at home no matter when it will be, in this life or the next, i guess he said all those who we hold dear to our hearts will be blessed because of our service here! So be happy back at home cause the prophet said so. Also talked about sacred experiences just assuming Numbers 6:12 i think don't quote me and all he said was he has had experiences in his life to let him know that Jesus Christ lives! I agree, He does live. And he also shook all our hands too! That was pretty cool! Be JEALOUS!
Sunday was just as good, He came to dedicate our chapel! The whole program was great and the music was exceptionally great! Jenny Oaks Baker played Amazing Grace, Girl from Broadway lives in the AP's Ward sang "I Know My Redeemer Lives" I have never heard that song sung better! It was great!, DC Singles Ward sang the Mo-Tab version of Come Tho Fount, so that was good but the guys kinda ruined it but it was still really good. Then the two songs the congregation sang was super duper good. And the talks were simply amazing! Covered all lessons, super good testimony's on how this gospel is true and how it will live on here in D.C.. This chapel is the first one in D.C. for a really long time and it took 7 years to build! Elder Cook did a super good job!
Then we get a call out from the Assistants telling us to stay in our apartment on Monday! We went to Zone Training and then came home was supposed to clean, study, and plan. Well we studied, cleaned, and played games haha. It was one of the funnest days on my mission! Played Bang, Western game that I will prolly go buy next time i am in a car because it is the best ever! Then a little dice game, then we invented Shoe Game! It is the stupidest yet funnest thing. We all have slippers and you play golf in the hallways of the Rittenhouse. You just kick them as far as you can. My shoes are the worst for it but it is pretty fun! I ain't no good but i play anyways! Maybe a video coming. And the storm wasn't bad at all. The Trees were blowing and just a whole lot of rain. we just thought it was a dud till we heard about New York. Sounds like they got hammered. First time in forever the city of lights was powerless! That had to be weird  There is alot of leaves down and they are too wet to pick up and no one here has any damage or anything. Our power was out for a night and we had a backup generator that gave us half the lights and the outlets so nothing really happened. Super cold until they got the power up in the morning but they turned it on around 10 on Tuesday! It was really cold on a bike on Tuesday! I went with Elder Fisher on exchange! it was a super fun day! Elder Fisher is one of my best friends here in the mission field and i hope to always stay friends with him!
Met with a couple of his investigators and just had a fun time. Great to have someone in lessons to rely on. It is hard when your  companion is still learning alot and all the burden seems to be on you!
I stay with Elder Arnett till the 21st. I like him alot and he is going to be a great missionary once he gets everything down on how to study. I like how he teaches and it is fun to do it with him! This next week should be great cause i think it is back to missionary work!
I am safe and sound and D.C. ain't that bad at all! Love it here and hope you all are doing great! Don't worry about all the hype with weather here on the east coast cause they amplify everything! It is crazy to see people here react to just a rain storm. This one i guess was a doozy but black people and rain just dont mix!
Stay safe back there at home! How much snow you got now? i hope we don't get any this year again! that would be great!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update after Sandy

We received another letter this morning:

Dear Families,

There is good news from the Washington DC North Mission.  All missionaries have reported in.  They are safe, warm and accounted for.  None lost electrical power or experienced difficulties of any kind.   No mission cars were damaged, no missionary was in harm’s way, nor have there been problems of any kind reported.  We are happy to say that the mission will continue onwards, “with business back to normal”.   Your prayers and ours have been answered. We thank you for those in our behalf.

Some libraries and facilities that missionaries use for their Wednesday computer time may have closures.  Just know that if you fail to receive an email this week it is most likely due to other factors and not the missionaries well being.  Again we assure you they are all save and taken care of.

Warmest regards,

James R. Matsumori


P.S. 11 months today - can you believe that?

Friday, October 26, 2012


Dear Washington DC North Missionary parents,

As you are probably well aware, Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) is forecasted to hit the East coast sometime Sunday evening through Monday.  While the exact path cannot be predicted, we have contacted all of our missionaries and instructed them to make preparations, including filling their cars with gas, not parking under or nearby  tall trees, not to stand by large windows during the storm, to purchase non-perishable food, water and batteries for flashlights,etc.

With the likelihood that we will lose power sometime during or following the storm, we will do our best to let each of you know our status as soon as the storm passes and we are able to make contact.

Warmest regards,

President James R. Matsumori

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Last Wed, We had a good p-day then had the dinner now at the new building which is super close for us so i am happy. Then we went to scripture study with the man Kirk! He is such a good guy. On the outside you would just think he is the average d.c. black man but he is smart! He can read and comprehend and he just gets it. Gospel is truly helping his life out still and hopefully all our investigator's will see and feel the same thing that he has done and then to have the same action...BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, Sis Medley is crazy! She is a crazy member who we do service for and is just crazy. So crazy that our roommates won't come with us because she is crazy! It was good tho but still i think her projects are never-ending, sounds familiar? Mia is kinda being wierd, but still cool. She told us not till November and it is coming around the corner and she is just putting it off. I want to be bold with her but don't want to lose her. She is doing good and always enjoy going over there.
We then had a new investigator meeting! Yeah, James Mason who lives out on Ingraham, he is a very smart guy, who has always lived in D.C. and bought the house he grew up it. It happens alot out here. People never leave. It is a nice place, but freaking expensive to live here. Milk is $4. Isn't it like $2 or $3 in Idaho? James is good tho and had a good first meeting with him. Did the cups object lesson and it went good! Hopefully we can see some success here cause he is very smart and accoutable and could be a leader for sure!
Fri, We had alot of meetings with members...good but don't seem to get alot done instantly but you never know when one of them will get somethin for ya! that would be nice about now. Had a good quick meeting with Tucker but this day was pretty slow. I talked to 16 people and not one of them is a newb! Dang sometimes this is tough!
Sat, We Went on exchange this day with the Zone Leaders! I went with Elder Furugen. He is from Japan and is the most loving guy ever! I love this kid so much. He is super funny and is so Asian. You could tell that this exchange was just to find out how Elder Arnett was doing cause he just relaxed when he got me. It was super fun. I was able to relax. I was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. We went down to Harvard Univercity to do some g-qin cause they are in the Singles Ward. I have not seen so many scandelous black young women ever! Good thing i am not attracted too much. Although they are becoming cuter, but this is past the point. I was just thankful there weren't too many white girls. We had a good time just talking to people tho. I feel like i haven't been able to get someone investigating and it has been hard, but i think the reason is because i haven't been talking to them i have just been asking ?'s. Hopefully i will be better. E. Furugen is a good guy and helped me realize this. We just had a good day. Checked on a couple of refferals....two homeless shelters haha love it, Broke our fast at a buffett haha. Had a good fun day! Elder Furugen's comp is really uptight about everything so he was just kinda relaxing with me it was super fun and we did alot but nothing really to show for it!
Sun, Church was good again! It is just cool to be here in D.C. 3rd Ward, did anyone come to church?!! no... sad face, but there was a baptism so that was good. Eecram he is a good guy. Homeless but is super humble and cool! Munch n Mingle, then Bro Peguse! Then the Zeitsmans! then we had a good g-q night and picked up two newbs!!! That is only 5 for the week and when you have talked to 104 you are just curious what is going on??? idk. We will see!
Mon, District Meeting!! Then had an appointment after we went to lunch! Kishea! She is awesome but might be a little crazy but maybe she is just too spiritual for her own good. Some people you meet. She told us she doesn't want to commit to baptism till she knows it is true so all we need to do is make sure she reads the BoM and come to church and she will be solid. Had another appointment with a refferral named Gidy. Lives in a small room just enough for his bed. Comes from Nigeria and is a humble good man. Put him on date for Nov 18 so that should be fun! He might be moving but hopefully stay in our area but doesn't sound like it but likes the bom and his other copy is back in Africa so he was happy to have another one. Love it when the seed is already planted! Alot of times i just feel like a seed planter but hopefully they are good ones. He told us he would give us a call and tell us everything but we are going to call tomorrow and find out. Hopefully we can meet again it was a super spiritual meeting.
Tues, This was the longest day! I talked to 25 people and Arnett talked to 15 and not one is an investigator! We got a couple information to call so hopefully will see success come from that. It is just hard sometimes. We had one appointment today that dogged us too so that was hard. Just felt like we were out and about and nothing to really do, but because we are missionaries there is always something to do so we checked on people and talked to people all day! Checked on Ken, dude in the wheelchair from like month ago. He was home and let us in and had a good meeting with him. He told us he would read again. We shall see. He is just frustrating and we kinda dropped him but if we meet with him again then we will start trying again!
Today was one of the worst Zone activity's ever! Monster Mystery. Super dumb. Some game where you had to find out everything. I just don't like big groups of missionaries so i kinda just left the room and went and shot hoops in the gym. Figure's right? it was fun and have found a couple of fun shooting games to play! Seven on the line, then did a fun around the world 3 point shooting game. Still got my shot a little bit. Sometimes it comes and other's i just flat out suck. Kinda out of touch when you only get to play once a week and even then it mostly comes down to once a month.
Could you send me some razor's? The one's that dad uses. They are freaking expensive! Just wondering if that would be possible! My electric razor will work for a while but i like the other one better, sorry for being so picky!
 I feel like i have grown alot! I feel like i am a completely different person than who i was before my mission! Crazy how things work. This is the hardest thing i have ever done and it just seems like it will never end! When i think of it, there is always more work to do. Missionary work is prolly the best thing and the thing that will never end! Age thing is crazy but doesn't effect me too much! By the time all these guy's come out i will have just about 6 months left! Prolly more but it will be okay i think. won't change much but have more sister's in the mission field. thing there will be a time we go to priesthood session and get rebuked because there are more sister's serving than elder's haha. we will see!
 Thanks for everything that you do! You should go on a letter campain cause nobody else besides family writes me haha! Tell everyone to write. Mara get some cute girls to write me from college haha
Love you all and can't wait till next week!!!
Love Elder Seth Stoor!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So it feels like it has been forever since i have e-mailed. This week was a long week! But it was perdy good i guess.
Tuesday night was the best p-day work i have ever done! We didn't really plan so that kinda was not good and we just went out. Had a couple people in mind but i was just going to plan to g-q, but we checked on a person not too far from our house. She answered and let us in. Kamia-she is 19, wants to come to church and has a desire to learn more about Christ. Had a really good lesson with her and extended a b-date for Nov 4th. Only problem is, it is a week later and her father told us after she ran in the house that she is not interested in joining a church or coming. It kinda sucked. But hopefully she will call us but we can't really do anything just because her father was kinda strict. He wasn't the time before when we asked if she was home. Was a really nice guy. Was nice when he told us but pretty much said,"she doesn't have the guts to tell ya she is not interested and wanted me to tell ya that. Guess it works. After that we found a really cool 16 year old who wants to learn more! Had a good g-q and my companion did it. It is nice to have a companion who has figured out how to pick a newb up. I musta been terrible when i first came out so i am glad to have a good companion.
Wednesday was also a pretty good day. Went to the V.C. and had a tour and watched the J.S. Movie on the big screen. The V.C. is being re-modeled. Have the back of it completely gone and putting in all new things and for the next three days it is closed. Month of November they might not have it open completely still, But supposed to have it workin for the festival of lights in December. But Rakiya was her name and she has two cute kids. They are rambunctious and felt right at home at the Visitor's Center. Rakiya said they don't usually do this at a new place. only at home. Not even at my brother's place. Kinda a testimony of the Spirit and how it just comforts and relaxes and it was good to see her recognize that. Movie was good too. only people in the big theater. Kinda sweet!
Thursday we weekly planned, helped Earl study for his driver's lisence then invited him to church. Hopefully he is still serious about meeting with us but not really sure. Fun to just hang out with him and help him out. He is a good guy just doesn't have life figured out yet.  Then had another lesson with Kamia, gave her a BoM, cause we didn't have one before...terrible...and just taught her about the book of mormon for about 10 minutes it was good, said she was coming to church but then flaked out! Then had a really quick meeting with Tucker. It was really fast and short all at the same time. Felt like we just through it on him, but didn't have much time. Hopefully will see him soon. He didn't come to church either! Freak.
Friday we met with the Smith's. Kevin Smith the one that has been meeting with missionaries for 7 years, wants to get baptized, but couldn't come to church when he said he was going too but said the week after so hopefully this next Sunday he will be there and then the Sunday after that and so on. Think he is really going to this time around, but i am sure every missionary has thought that. He is really sweet tho! Just trying to teach him and let him know it is true, but i am pretty sure he already does he is just stubborn. did the cups object lesson and talked about temples in the two meetings with him this week! He is cool, and they fed us so that was excellent!
Saturday, we just kinda said we are going to go g-q and didn't have much of a plan little bit but we were gonna find this day! Kinda worked but not really. Found a cheesy person but never know. Already dogged her appointment and won't answer phone. Then That night we were the answer to Burt's prayer! He is a good guy. Kinda vented to us but it was really spiritual. He lives in the West area so that kinda sucks. He said he was gonna be at church in the morning but wasn't as well!! Gosh dang it!
Sunday was sweet! New church building i loved it! Spirit was soo strong. Congregation was excited and we are gonna use this building cause it is just a massive sweet place! We seen Bro Peguse. He is the man! Then we heard the Redskins won so that makes everyone else happy! Then we went to the V.C. with J.S. Armstrong and Denise Jones (RC) cause the General Primary President was speaking! It was really good! She gave a bomb talk. There were 3 General Authority's including her haha. Gerard the area seventy, and sister Matsumori! Prolly soon to be Pres. too. Good people! Was really good night to feel the Spirit!
Then my birthday! it was aight! Had District Meeting then Elder Porter the new senior couple bought me lunch. So that was nice. Then had 2 hours of comp study. Then went to a bomb lesson with Sheila! Wasn't a good teaching by me at all, companion did good, but when she prayed she pretty much got an answer it was crazy when you can just feel the Spirit flood the room. Did it during her prayer when she asked if what we said was true. Super excited! She is a really nice Chritian lady that just hasn't found the truth and i think we got her cause she committed to church and we didn't even ask her! hopefully she will be there then we will show her the font and throw her in haha. That night they sang happy birthday and we had an ice cream cake the J.S. got for me. I love that man alot! He likes me too i think. Keeps me updated on the Facebook world haha. Everything you have told me about Facebook i already know from J.S. haha. He is a sweet guy who just wants to help us out. He goes to the V.C. to just "chill out". The ice cream cake was good and he gave me a card that said the date when Obama's last day in office was and just sending me happy news on my birthday haha. Made me laugh.
Got everything from everybody today and yesturday so thanks sooooo much! The Somsen's in Rexburg sent me a hoop haha it is fun to play pig in the apartment. They are super nice and Brandon sounds like he is doing good! Grandma's are the best! and Grandpa's too! Thanks for the card and the socks are perfect and as well as the books! They will come in handy! Hopefully will write a few letters today. got one for grandma and grandpa and hopefully the Somsen's and then hopefully but i don't write a ton of letters on one p-day to you guy's but next week for sure!
Tuesday we seen Kirk! He is my favorite guy. Still going strong and i hope to go through the temple with him before he goes home. That is my dream! It was a pretty good day as well. Since my birthday i have just felt good for some reason. HAven't felt good for a while and it is nice to just feel good. Not sickness not feeling good, prolly just a little homesick feeling. Maybe it will all go away but i doubt it.
Tennis is fun. Played this morning with Elder Porter. I suck at it but i kinda want to get into it at college! will but nice! Had a good time this morning.
This gospel is true and there is just no getting around it. I have been reading the Bible lately and Mathew is really good. I didn't think i would like it but it has just kinda sucked me in. I have found a love for the scriptures that i never thought i would ever get. I just thought they were the most boring thing ever before. Now they are exciting. Getting good scriptures to use. Stories are full of just bashing sometimes. Christ owns alot of people in the bible. Smooth about it too haha.
Glad to be were i am! Sometimes i feel like i am just a worthless missionary cause i don't know alot but i know i am learning and growing every day. This is making me into the person i want to become. I have come to love change. Recently i feel like i have changed alot and i think it is why i feel better. I can't explain how i have changed tho but i know i have.
Hopefully you all have a fun week! Love you all and can't wait till next week!
Love Elder Stoor

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's up!

Conference was sweet! The first session started off with a real bang didn't it? Wonder how long that one was in the works for. Someone told us they are expecting a real wave of people at the MTC and are cutting it short to One week cause of the 12 Week program. Lucky buggers. One Week would've been real nice. Might suck for the language people tho cause it is all getting cut to 1/3 of the time. so do the math haha. But the First Session was the best ever session of conference i think i have ever watched. Elder Bednar's talk was definitely hands down the best! Did you love the euphemism by Elder Holland? Talking about how it is not scripture cause after he said it, it was! I seriously loved every single talk, tho. D. Todd during priesthood just kinda owned! I felt like the whole conferance subject was becoming a disciple of Christ. Priesthood was definately about change and becoming better. I just feel like we are lucky to have such good men leading our church. They are super smart.
Something i am gonna make you jealous hehe....We have an apostle coming to dedicate our new church here in D.C.! Heard it was Elder Oaks. and then there is a mission conferance on the 27th and Elder Cook is coming! I am pretty excited! I love hearing from the apostles! I am excited for freakin Bednar's talk to come out so i can print it off. That was freaking deep!
So we met with Earl again! Helped him with his homework for driving class and taught him a little bit of the Plan of Salvation, i am not sure at how interested he is. I guess i can't judge i just have to learn to help him for him!
Met with Drunk Charles again! Had an appointment in the evening he was totally wasted but seemed to be accepting and learning and told us he didn't drink and i believed him till we set up to come see him in the morning...Hey Charles you ready for our appointment...What the Hell you callin so early for?...for our appointment we set up last night!...What the Hell you talkin about...we met with ya last night and you said to come back at this time...I did....Yep...oh well can we re-schedule i don't remember anything.................Oh just when you think he gets it turns out he took nothin in, DC people are soo cool! haha
Friday i think we dropped half of our people, Couple no contact for a month and couple dropped us talking with them haha. It was Great! Had a good lesson with Mia tho. She is now doing every other day on smoking and coffee to get it down! We put her back on date for the 4th of November so hopefully she makes it but Not one soul came to General Conferance! 6 people told us then wouldn't answer their phones and didn't show up! Sometimes people are just the best to work with!
Gratful for the testimony stregthened weekend! I think we should all take Pres. Monson's advice and study the talks out! I love General Conferance and am grateful for every talk! Oaks kinda called out the rest of the world and i hope they take heed to it, Do you wonder what Scott's wife thinks about getting her journal read? I just don't know what goes through D. Todd's Head to make his talks so good!
I just have to say i love the Library of Congress computers it is so fast! I love being down on the Mall and some museum should be good today! Like that we can come down to the Mall whenever we feel like it on p-day!
The news with the missionary age i don't think i like! I kinda want to be older than my wife if i can help it so none of the sisters were even a problem for me like some. Now i am gonna be older than a lot of them. I have a feeling that there is going to be a wave of sisters that go on missions. Guess that is a good thing. All it does for the guy's is get us out after high school, Thought about Parker and think he might be a little pissed at the announcement hehe
For the mission we are doing a 40 day fast from something that is making us disobidient! Process of Purification. I thought the whole time during General Conferance on what i was going to do and it just happens. Think i am just going to just get the schedule down pact, and increase my knowledge by studying at night. It is gonna be hard but i think it will be good. Might help my desk be a little cleaner.
Well the next time i email i will be a man instead of a immature teanager! Crazy that my birthday is here. Even crazier that in 7 weeks i hit my year mark! Somedays coming home seems like it is never going to happen then other's it is right around the corner!
thanks for everything you all do! It is going to be a longer week, i am assuming that p-day is next wednesday again! so look for the e-mail then! Thanks for the pics mara keep em coming! Meg no kissin no more! Shelb keep dominating at volleyball and gear up for basketball! Wierd but i will watch your next year's basketball season! Tell mom to record alot during basketball and send it! Mom, keep being Mom that means alot!, Dad take a break every once in a while! (not from being dad)
Love you all!
E. Stoor

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey i am gonna have to be quick

Hey i am gonna have to be quick

Sounds like a good thing for the Bodily family. I will have to come visit on a motorbike when i come home haha. Instead of going to Mohab the Somsens will have to come with me to Naavou! Can't spell worth a darn.

10 months is a long freaking time some days and other days it has all gone by super fast. Today was Death Temple and it was freaking long time at Death Ball so don't have much time to e-mail. Sorry should have e-mailed before i played basketball. Need to set my priority's straight.

This week was pretty rough. No one really wanted to talk with us and we had a bunch of meetings. Only 4 new investigators so that was a really bummer week. Really terrible, especially in the city where you should at least get 6 or 7, and that is not really working. I guess it has normally been about 8-10 a week. Just to say that Monday, we got 4 and that totalled all the week before, just goes to show.

Had a good lesson with Mia again! That was good we were afraid that she was going away but has started every other day for coffee and cigarettes. And said by November for sure so we set a date for November 4th and going to the Visitor's Center for General Conferance! I love it up there cause the spirit is already there and when the general authorities speak it is just dynamite!

Also been meeting with her cute 18 year old daughter Erica. She commited for November 4th as well. Both kinda reading the book of mormon but they need to do better in my eyes haha. When you read that book you get it, if you don't you never will.

Had that Meetin for just the trainer's and trainee's and that was all fun. I need to start doing a better job. I have been lazy the past couple of weeks it feels like it anyways, but i guess it is time to go so this week is going to be fun! We get call outs on Sunday morning weird...then transfer's and p-day is on tuesday so heads up.

Sounds like everything is going not too bad back at home. sorry this email is kinda lame but i guess it is what it is.

Went on an exchange with Elder Fisher on Friday that was fun. Had a good time teaching a crazy person that doesn't understand anything i say. And also the scripture 2Nephi:25...really wow. And she is just literally crazy, but it was kinda fun all at the same time.

Saturday was the big open house for the new church on 16th st. It is a pretty big church. Me and Elder Fisher sat at the missionary desk to answer ?'s but it was pretty much just members to come through. It was sad. Prolly 90 percent of everyone that came was a member, but i guess that is fine, we will just have to get everyone else there. It was a pretty good showing for a service project they did...the gym was packed and they got everything in and out fast. Pack the Pantries...Nell Zeitsman was in charge of it all, she is a super cool lady. The one that feeds us all the time. Feeding me for the last 7 months so i guess i like her haha.

Yesturday was the worst day. It just seemed like it was going to rain all day long. During Studies it did, freaking poured all morning and then when it was time for us to go out it stopped raining and we went out but black people and rain don't mix. Everyone told us to just go home haha, get out the rain. Super funny but we were able to check on a lot of people and so it was a good day i thought. Didn't teach...made for a very very long day. Prolly the longest day of my mission cause i just wanted it to be P-day haha.

In response to my birthday, I don't really want alot haha. I am not too excited for it cause i hate missionaries and they make birthdays a big deal and i don't really want it to be a big deal haha. Whatever you guy's do though i will love. Don't really need anything in particular but i will get a package sent to dad for his birthday maybe next week haha sorry. Still sittin on my desk.

Got a letter From the Bybster yesturday! wrote it to me on July 23 and Aug 20 hahahaha. Super funny. Then afterwards it sat on his desk before he got it sent out i guess haha. Glad to hear from him tho, said he is training too so i guess that is supposed to mean he is doing okay.

Thanks for everything you all do and i think this was the lamest e-mail ever but i have 15 minutes left haha

Love ya!
Elder Stoor