Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's up!

Conference was sweet! The first session started off with a real bang didn't it? Wonder how long that one was in the works for. Someone told us they are expecting a real wave of people at the MTC and are cutting it short to One week cause of the 12 Week program. Lucky buggers. One Week would've been real nice. Might suck for the language people tho cause it is all getting cut to 1/3 of the time. so do the math haha. But the First Session was the best ever session of conference i think i have ever watched. Elder Bednar's talk was definitely hands down the best! Did you love the euphemism by Elder Holland? Talking about how it is not scripture cause after he said it, it was! I seriously loved every single talk, tho. D. Todd during priesthood just kinda owned! I felt like the whole conferance subject was becoming a disciple of Christ. Priesthood was definately about change and becoming better. I just feel like we are lucky to have such good men leading our church. They are super smart.
Something i am gonna make you jealous hehe....We have an apostle coming to dedicate our new church here in D.C.! Heard it was Elder Oaks. and then there is a mission conferance on the 27th and Elder Cook is coming! I am pretty excited! I love hearing from the apostles! I am excited for freakin Bednar's talk to come out so i can print it off. That was freaking deep!
So we met with Earl again! Helped him with his homework for driving class and taught him a little bit of the Plan of Salvation, i am not sure at how interested he is. I guess i can't judge i just have to learn to help him for him!
Met with Drunk Charles again! Had an appointment in the evening he was totally wasted but seemed to be accepting and learning and told us he didn't drink and i believed him till we set up to come see him in the morning...Hey Charles you ready for our appointment...What the Hell you callin so early for?...for our appointment we set up last night!...What the Hell you talkin about...we met with ya last night and you said to come back at this time...I did....Yep...oh well can we re-schedule i don't remember anything.................Oh just when you think he gets it turns out he took nothin in, DC people are soo cool! haha
Friday i think we dropped half of our people, Couple no contact for a month and couple dropped us talking with them haha. It was Great! Had a good lesson with Mia tho. She is now doing every other day on smoking and coffee to get it down! We put her back on date for the 4th of November so hopefully she makes it but Not one soul came to General Conferance! 6 people told us then wouldn't answer their phones and didn't show up! Sometimes people are just the best to work with!
Gratful for the testimony stregthened weekend! I think we should all take Pres. Monson's advice and study the talks out! I love General Conferance and am grateful for every talk! Oaks kinda called out the rest of the world and i hope they take heed to it, Do you wonder what Scott's wife thinks about getting her journal read? I just don't know what goes through D. Todd's Head to make his talks so good!
I just have to say i love the Library of Congress computers it is so fast! I love being down on the Mall and some museum should be good today! Like that we can come down to the Mall whenever we feel like it on p-day!
The news with the missionary age i don't think i like! I kinda want to be older than my wife if i can help it so none of the sisters were even a problem for me like some. Now i am gonna be older than a lot of them. I have a feeling that there is going to be a wave of sisters that go on missions. Guess that is a good thing. All it does for the guy's is get us out after high school, Thought about Parker and think he might be a little pissed at the announcement hehe
For the mission we are doing a 40 day fast from something that is making us disobidient! Process of Purification. I thought the whole time during General Conferance on what i was going to do and it just happens. Think i am just going to just get the schedule down pact, and increase my knowledge by studying at night. It is gonna be hard but i think it will be good. Might help my desk be a little cleaner.
Well the next time i email i will be a man instead of a immature teanager! Crazy that my birthday is here. Even crazier that in 7 weeks i hit my year mark! Somedays coming home seems like it is never going to happen then other's it is right around the corner!
thanks for everything you all do! It is going to be a longer week, i am assuming that p-day is next wednesday again! so look for the e-mail then! Thanks for the pics mara keep em coming! Meg no kissin no more! Shelb keep dominating at volleyball and gear up for basketball! Wierd but i will watch your next year's basketball season! Tell mom to record alot during basketball and send it! Mom, keep being Mom that means alot!, Dad take a break every once in a while! (not from being dad)
Love you all!
E. Stoor

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