Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This week went by swell.
Talked to people the whole time on wednesday night! That was good. Got some refferals for our room-mates so hopefully that will make them happy.
Met with a refferal, Janeva. She has 3 kids. 11, 4, 1 and one more next month. She was a really good lesson. Followed along. Her son was great the 11 year old. Hopefully will be able to get her to come to church and get a family. don't think we will have much luck with the boyfriend cause you know she ain't married. Should have put her on date but didn't. Accepted the first lesson and seemed eager about it so that is good. This week was filled with alot of dogged appointments and not much success in talking to people.
Friday i went on exchange with Elder Rushton, my roomate. We had an awesome day. Went to this old lady's house who they are not yet teaching but have weekly service appointments and we vacummed and took her garbage out then while she was doing laundry downstairs, can't go down there unless there is someone there in case she falls, we played pinball! That is super fun. She had a machine downstairs. Then we came back home and took lunch then went to a dogged appointment then had a super good run in with a man named Vernon. He is super sweet! one of my best lessons! Put him on date and he just practcally knew the spirit already and how to feel it and it was strong! Super cool. Said he would come to church when football wasn't on....dang football.. Then taught a super crazy person after that! then another man that night. It is great to just go from teaching to teaching. I like that alot better than g-qing. It was great day!
Then on Saturday, We had a sweet lesson with a man named Charles. He is super cool! Love that lesson. Just new it all! Love it when it is easy to teach people. Said he would read and pray and we would talk about baptism later. So next time i am for sure he will be on date! Then we taught a man named Josh Procter who played college football. He is cool! Asked all the right ?'s just he is YSA so that kinda sucks. Then a super good meeting with the Smith family. Had a good visit with Kevin and his son. Just kinda chillin with them but we shared a super good spiritual thought and they committed to come to church when it didn't interfere with the Skins playin haha everyone is in love with the Washington Redskins. Picked up three newbs.
Sunday! Law of Chastity for Sunday School!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That was the best one ever. Crazy people and talkin about sex on a Sunday haha. Sis Medley quote....They don't know out in the world cause all the parents are having a titty party and pornography nonsense. haha Sis Mack gave some good input too. Oh they know.... haha Super funny. When Momma Mack speaks it is legit! Then of course Bro Peguse that night. He is the best! Just makes me feel good!
Super mad cause i missed Sis Macks talk in sacrament meeting and also E. Miller's farewell. Can't believe they are going home. He is like a E. Murdock of the DC 3rd Ward, There wifes are pretty sweet too!
District Meeting Monday was great! I love meetings...sarcastic...Wasn't really able to get in with anyone today either and nobody wanted to talk.
Tuesday was the same way. It made for a long couple of days! Until 8:15 at night we had nothing done that day! Called Stephanie who was a sweet g-q a couple of days ago. We taught her the best lesson ever! Loved it. Super cool expierence. She told us she was just going to call us when we called. Love it when that happens. When you do things like that you don't think it is a spiritual prompting but looking back i don't know how she came to my head! Love it when the spirit is super strong. She said she would live the Word of Wisdom cause we taught her that with the restoration. Love it!
Today was good too! Played some sports with E. Miller for his last P-day activity. Love this guy. Them and the Murdock's are in the same mold! Love them both and will go see them after the mission. Made good friends.
All They have said lately is it is going to be Alma 17:2-3 and i know it will be with them. They are such great examples on just doing things right. I hope it is like that for us when we meet up again as well, with whoever is reading this. We will both be strong in Christ and everything will be good!
Love this Gospel Love all of you. Mom you got a letter coming with Mike's and Jordan's cause i don't know their addresses haha forgot to write them down. Tell them i am sorry for getting back late. I am the worst EVER!
Thanks for everything and i can't wait till next week to write. Give me some good news!
 Love you all and till next week!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hi family!

Been a pretty good week i think. After i e-mailed last week, we went to the Holemead dinner, where the ward feeds us every P-day and it was a big birthday party for Elder Fisher. Kinda dumb and overthetop but i guess everyone else had fun. Hope nothin like that happens for my birthday haha. We were there for way to long and didn't get to do any missionary work but oh well i guess haha.
Thursday was a good day full of weekly planning as always and then dogged appointments. We did some service in the morning so that was good. For our investigator Mia who didn't come to church so we are having her pick out her new b-day. She is prolly the most legit person i have ever taught. Taught her 18 year old daughter as well. She is a cute black girl haha. Both are super spiritual and can tell just get alot out of our meetings. They ask good ?'s and i think will both get baptized while i am here!
 Had a good meeting with Earl. First time since the first week i got here. He opened up and said he was going to come to church and he did! for some reason it is the hardest to get investigators to church. They just don't wanna come. Most people baby them there and i don't really want to do that. I want them to come cause they want too, but they can't really progress unless they come to church. Kinda annoying, but Earl came!
We also picked up a new b-day for the 14th of Oct. Lori Chase. She is one of the most solid people i have ever g-q'ed. She taught us the first lesson until the Restoration/BoM. It was super neet to teach a super smart religeous lady who didn't want to bash and actually could see what we were saying! Love it when people already know there was an Apostacy and that there is no true church on the earth. Well there really is haha
Took Kirk to Why I Believe and he introduced himself and had a jolly old time. I love chillin with him cause he is just laid back about everything is just cool. Loves everything that happens. Says he is struggling feeling the Spirit, and i thought that he sounded normal to me haha. Tried to explain how to feel the spirit and such and he seemed to understand that he has been feeling it just not the way the other churches think it is.
We taught a guy named Tucker who just wanted to prove us wrong on the Jesus Christ is Jehova (can't spell). He tried to use the Exodus 6:3 on me and i just had to prove me right. haha i don't prove him wrong i just prove me right and i am getting good at it although i know you are not supposed to bash but sometimes it just happens. the Lord is speakin in that one tho and got him to say that he was hehe. Think that is where the Jehova Witness people get Jehova God from...just dumb. 
Had Zone Conferance, They showed a little of the CNN or whatever clip on mormons and then about the BoM play and other stuff and it is just kinda sad. Wasn't too bad against us i guess, heard there was a couple of bad things on there but i guess you can't be all right in the media. Was a different spirit it brought tho and i didn't really like it. Zone Conferance was good tho. Learned a little bit on how to be better and was just a good place to be. Lasts for freakin ever tho! I love hearing from Sis. Matsumori and Pres tho. They are good teachers in my book. Know how to have fun and always have a couple of one liners to give out. They are super funny and just for some reason just make me want to listen every time they talk.
Afterwards had a good meeting with the Smith family. He is serious about getting baptized but will leave church to go and watch a football game so hopefully the Redskins bye week comes fast, so we can dunk him haha. He has been meeting with missionary's and haveing them over to really just hang out for the past 7 years since his wife was a member. Really cool and says he now wants to get baptized so i think we can to that.
Happy Birthday Father! I have something but i need to go to a post office to get it sent and don't know when i will do that but i can't ruin the surprise but i think you will like it. Will write ya a letter then try and send it.
I am doing fine but it just seems to be becoming a routine again and talking to people is losing the fun. Hopefully it will come back and i can have fun with it again, but sometimes it is just a grind. But i guess that is life sometimes.
I am at the Library of Congress again. The computer's here are the best to use, i like them. I am happy that i can come to the Mall ever P-day i want to it is nice.
I think we are going to try and see a little bit of the air and space and then go back.
Shay is looking cute as ever and i hear good things about her man from Miyasaki so i guess i aprove, but we will see when i get home but not that it matters too much just as long as he fits in with the cousins.
Porter is looking huge haha. Someday i think i will write Jordan back. I am a terrible friend. Maybe get it done today...hopefully. Emma is just starting to look like a toddler huh? Crazyness. 
how big is Soleigh and Zippy haha i can't spell.
It will be wierd to see how big everyone is when i get home and how much change has happened but i guess that is all what a mission is about. Change. Change in people is what you are searching for, on the way to change everything and find out that you just change yourself. Seems like every time to study the same thing it seems to change cause you are just getting new things out. Change change change. Some you like, some you love, and some you just don't like. See a little change at home too. hopefully all good change from now on. Although Katie better wait for me to get home before she is married. Shay and Mara i guess can but  Katie just has to wait and i just figured shay was doing to be married before my year mark and she is just scrapin by haha.
Thanks for everything and hope this was long enough haha. Sometimes i just type and type. Love y'all and thanks for your e-mails!
Till Next Week

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Howdy y'yall

This week went pretty good for us i think! Nothing really anything that stands out that is too particuarly exciting. Sad to hear the bummer news about grandma.  It might be tough. Real tough for grandpa. I will keep her in our prayers but hopefully nothing too bad happens. Miricles happen, that is for sure.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays down, might really be hard for me out here but i think i can manage. Grandma is pretty stubborn so maybe even this can't stop her. Kinda bummer news...
hope everything else is great there!
This week has been kinda hard. Just no one really wants to start investigating. This has been the hardest week. It has tested me alot. I just don't want to fall into the habit of not talking to people because nothing will happen if i do that. I am grateful that my companion doesn't have a problem with talking to people. That helps out a whole lot. He just talks to them sometimes too much cause we don't want to be late for appointments. You could seriously just spend your whole time talking to people.
We went service tracting this week. Had a service appointment bail on us (apparently our fault for not calling but she didn't answer her phone when we did) Crazy member anyways. So we just went knocking on doors in our Gentiles and first door that opened let us mow his lawn. Name of Bryant. Set up a time to come back and share our message because duh that is really what we were trying. He said it really helped him out cause he just didn't have time for it and his wife was gone for the last 2 weeks. We went back and taught him kinda the first lesson. He is agnostic so that isn't good. Just had a good seed planted but the spirit was definately there and i didn't want to be too pushy so that is all it went with him but i guess sometimes you just have to plant them and i would say that was a very good seed that we got there.
We had a coupld good lessons with a new b-day named Diva. Good black name right there haha. The new senior couple the Porters came with us. They are pretty cool, but won't match up to the Miller's or Murdock's. The Murdock's went home today!!!! Freak, it is weird to think. Seen them today on the Mall. We went and took sunrise pictures then ran into them and they were leaving :[. Not a good feeling but i hope to see them again someday. Definatley good times had with them and especially Elder Fawcett. Think i am gonna write him a letter today since he won't respond to e-mails.
Went and took sunrise pictures today! was pretty gorgeous will try and get one or two of them too ya. Forgot my s-d card so only could take like 3 or 4 of them haha. Made sure they were good tho!
Went to American History Museum today too and would be e-mailing from Library of Congress but my companion forgot his i-d so couldn't do that. Not too bad of a bike ride tho. just go down and back up 16th Street. When you go down will take ya right into the back of the White House. Bout 30 minute bike ride. I think if i had a road bike i could just about do the LoToJack or however you do it. I feel like i am in pretty good biking shape. Hopefully i start losing weight again. i am at 190 right now so can't complain too much. I know i was at least 225 in the MTC i think at the begining i was more haha i would like to get back tto 175 but we will see.
Hope everyone is taking time to enjoy life back at home, it seems like there is just no time to do anything out here. Always something to do and never enough time to do it. And you can't take time off to enjoy it so you gotta just enjoy the kind of work you are doing. Been pretty hard to enjoy it lately for some reason but i think i am just thinkin too much haha. This has been the biggest rollar coaster of my life. All the ups and the downs. Going from having the most spiritual lesson to walk out to half-naked women and their boyfriends droppin f-bombs at us haha. Throws ya through a loop sometimes. The world is a crazy place and i am glad that i have the opportunity to take a break from it all. Kinda nice not to have to worry about what is happening in the world cause you are worrying about better and more important things eternally speaking. I really do think i am getting the gift of eternal life out here Heleman 5:8. I know this is giving me the things that i will need for the rest of eternity. Most of all a true testimony. Been thinking alot at how much this just all has to be true. No other way it can be done. Grateful for Jesus Christ, and for his gift to us so that when we mess up, it can be fixed.
Thanks for the calender i love it!
The weather has been a little rainy but wasn't anything like the other storms. We got soaked a couple times but i guess that just makes things interesting haha.
Enjoyed Zone Training this week only to have Zone Conferance then turn around and have Zone Training again the week after. Crazyness but i guess that is what the schedule is now. Cuts it down to only having like 1 or 2 real District Meetings a Transfer which is super wierd but guess that is what happens.
Love Ya Gotta Run!!!!!!
Elder Stoor
p.s. hopefully will get some people written this week. I am the most terrible letter writer ever!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This week went pretty good

This week went pretty good. Today we had fall sports day! that was pretty fun. Look at the blog and i am sure there are pictures. Played something called hero ball, soccer, capture the flag, and quiddetch all in one, don't have a harry potter book to spell that last one and i haven't read it for a while so give me a break.
I absolutly love my companion. He is pretty cool. 

Tries to talk to everyone and just has that greenie fire that last transfer i kinda lost. You seem to pick it up and lose it so hopefully we can have it for the next 2 transfers cause that is how long we are supposed to stay together. Unless i mess up and don't teach him anything, which could happen but after this next week i am going to start to tell him to do everything and try to relax and take a break and just let him do it all. I had to do that when i was trained and it was really good for me, so i am going to try and do it to Elder Arnett, just try to let him run the show.

His first day here a week ago, i didn't know what to do so we got on our bikes and went to check on a refferal, Mia, One of the best lessons on my mission and i was so relieved because Elder Arnett isn't afraid to speak up when he knows what to teach. If he knows that certain point he speaks right up which is so good for me. We didn't put her on date then, but met with her later on Saturday with J.S. Armstrong and put her on date then. It was super good! Love it when lessons go just as smooth as you like them to go in companion study. We really focused in on her during role plays and things and it shows! September 30 is her date. 

Met with her again with a new senior couple, the Porters from Gilbert, Arizona same as Elder Arnett, kinda weird but Elder Porter is a really excellent teacher. Sometimes you get these old guys that are used to high priests and just ramble but he was super super good! Gonna use him alot. Sad to see the Miller's are leaving next month tho. And the Murdock's are going home. You should look them up in a couple weeks, live in Mapleton Utah, They are so awesome and i am going to really miss them glad i was able to see them today. Told me when i get home to look them up  and we would go have some steak at the Bar-J and i said OH YEAH!!!! haha

This week we met a girl named Pat on the street. Elder Arnett G-Q'ed her and had a good conversation. She told us 2 or 4 years ago she was meeting with missionaries and wanted to join up really enjoyed her time with the Mormons...and the thought came to me to put her on date so i said if she would get baptized and she said she would and wanted us to come over the next day! October 7 ;] B-Day on a street in a g-q! Super cool, but the next day she gave us the address to the women's homeless shelter so hopefully we will find her sometime...kinda sad we didn't get to see her cause we were jacked!

Patricia kinda has been avoiding us, so has our other b-days haha. We put them on date then don't see them for a long time...exept for Mia she is gonna get wet this month.

I liek this area alot tho. It seems like we can just find people super easy and i love it. Keeps my spirits up!
We then picked up another b-day. Name is Diva...23...pregnant actually finds out today what she is having pretty exciting. She was kinda hard to teach cause i thought she was just flirting with us for a second cause i look so good, but i hope she is actually serious about this. She is on for the 30th as well and Just seems to be cool. Taking her to bible study tonight at the church hopefully it is not just us and there are more people there.

That is super wierd that Shay is getting married i will have to call Miyasaki tonight, illegal but i am curious to see if i approve of him from what he tells me haha. Kinda cool tho. Doesn't Katie's man come home in like not very long...i guess in like March huh that will be here fast then i will come home and everyone will be freaking married freak! I ain't gonna get married till i am 30 in spite of all my married cousins haha

Glad everything went good this week. Everything is good on this end. I don't know why i am training right now but i think it has been really good for me. Helped me focus alot more because i don't want to ruin him too much haha. Actually has helped me focus more cause i have to explain everything but it is kinda nice to try new things out and just good stuff. 

Super weird that it is general conferance. Pretty soon i am just going to be saying i only have one more phone call home cause christmas is almost here! Sheesh. Only like 2 transfer's away and that goes by super fast now.

and me birthday is coming up i ain't gonna be an immature teenager anymore haha
I love change tho and looking back i love to see how far i have come. How strong my testimony is now. do i know really anymore than i knew back home from semianry and things not too much, i definately know more yes but not by much and it is just cool to know everything and not just think i do. i am grateful for the blessings that come from doing what we are supposed to do. Grateful for Jesus Christ and to  better understand the Atonement and what that really means for everyone and myself too. Thankful for the Spirit and hope that when i go home it can guide my life as it sometimes, and hopefully will just start to do it more, guides what i say during lessons and how well it just flows. I hope the promptings never cease. I know that perspiration does come before inspiration.

Thanks for all ya do for me and hopefully i can go get some letters written cause i just am terrible at getting letters written lately cause p-days have been hectic!

Love ya Elder Storr....hehe just can't bring myself to let sister matsumori know haha

aster and her cute family in front of the chistus her daughter is so stinkin cute

kirk me and moss

our team our zone and one more

me and my son at the temple haha