Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hey Family!

How is everything this week?
Wednesday was Halloween! Just stayed inside at night and got our weekly planning done so we did not have to do it on Thursday which freed up the day!
Thursday was an okay day, We had a couple appointments! Nkosi is a less-active but apparently just has been in Africa the last six months and is leaving this week again. Tried to help her change her locks and just had a good meeting with her regardless. Shared a scripture and she told us she was coming to church but didn't so people are crazy! We then ran into a white guy and he talked to us! Gave us his information and everything! I was super duper surprised! He seemed a little crazy tho so maybe that is why. Has a good job, so can't be too bad, but we shall see if he gave us the right information! We then just rode around trying to find more people and checking on a couple. With it being cold there is not very many people out on the streets anymore. Have to hit the right time,now. We then had a dinner with Aster! She is the best cook in the world! I love Ethiopian food. She is truly an example to me cause she doensn't know very much English yet but she can feel the Spirit! Kind of a reminder that the spirit is what converts and not what we say! Then we went a little late to our appointment and we found him in his underpants. He let us in, Gidy is his name, and we had a good lesson on Moroni 10. Didn't read and it is what we left him so we read it with him. I don't know if he will progress much more but we shall see. Met a sweet guy named Arthur! Had a really good conversation with him and just excited to go and see him!
Friday, Went on Exchange again! Elder Rushton. Wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. Elder Rushton is one of the most prideful people i know and i just don't mix with it. I joke all the time about being prideful and i am super prideful when it comes to basketball but i do it to have fun, but i hate pride. He was okay today tho. Taught alot. 5 lessons. Just a tad on last week for number's, we went on too exchanges and both times i went to their area and they taught 14 lessons and i was in 10 of them haha. Can't teach people in my own area but sure can in the others. Had a good meeting with Andrei! Only one worth talking about. I really love this man. Super humble and just wants to be a mormon. Knows it is true from the getgo this time around. Was taught 3 years ago. Planted seeds then harvest. I hate always having to feel like a seed planter tho. Feels like that is what i am doing.
Saturday, Met with Carl Russell. He is crazy haha. He is totally there but just some things he says...weed messed him up good when he was young that is for sure. Cool guy and has a super solid testimony so it was a good visit, but he talked for like 45 minutes without an interruption from one of us haha. Then had a meeting with Sharonda Carr. Been a few weeks trying to meet with her and finally did and it was super good! I don't know what my companion was thinking but jumped from about prophets to restoration and completely left out savior's earthly ministry haha. It worked but i think might have confused her. Everyone else says to teach people not lessons which is a fundamental  but i think it should be worded differently. Teach people lessons. You have to apply it to them and don't really worry about an order you teach it in. Just go by what you feel.. We then came back and took dinner, then about ready to leave then Sis Zeitsman called! Told us dinner was ready where was everyone. Wish she would call before she made food sometimes haha. She is a great lady and super good cook and no one knew it was tonight. Thought she was still out of town. Well we booked it down and had two dinners! Yeah love the bike. makes me eat a lot!
Sunday, Church! Fast and Testimony Meeting! Sis Mack singin is the best! Bytheway i might have told her that i was going to tell Chris Banks to write her and she had the biggest smile on her face so might want to tell him that i threw him under that bus haha. It was just a really good meeting! We also had an investigator there! Kishea! I am excited for her, she really enjoyed church! Hopefully the spirit got to her cause she needs it..stay tuned...After Church, we had a lesson with actually held and she brought her crazy roommate that told us she was Mormon...well she is just crazy and didn't help with the lesson. Except she swallowed everything my dreamy eyed comp had to say haha. Every black girl thinks he is cute haha. The lesson went really good prolly cause we had it at the church! Put her on date for December 2, but we seen her both monday and tuesday and her accountability is going downhill everytime so i hope it isn't too good to be true cause she soaked up every part of the Restoration! Then, Bro Peguse! I love this guy! I am going to miss him for sure! Love being able to take the sacrament to him! i feel like that is an ordinance we take for granted for! I hope to never do that again! It truly has a power in it to take you through the next week! After we went to Pres. Matsumori's home for an FHE! It was good. We brought Kirk along and it was just super fun to be with him! He is a quiet guy but when he speaks he makes it count! Man of few words but he is one of the brightest people in D.C.! Told him i wanted to have Christmas at his place and he said BaHumBug it was super funny! FHE was good tho. Kinda lame but desert was good! I don't know if i will be going back to one of those tho just because i didn't find it too helpful. Good idea, and it was nice to see the Mission Home again and if our investigators want to meet Pres. then i will definitely go again. They do one every other month so we shall see!
Monday, Had District Meeting! Then afterwards, comp study and before we got out the apartment, news come that one of my really good friends here went home! Elder Gumbi. Emotions with that have been hard to deal with. I don't know what to do sometimes. Thing is i really don't like a lot of the missionaries in the mission and it sucks when one you do like goes home. I can count on my hands the number of missionaries i like! Missionaries get on my nerves and even sometimes i get on my nerves. Today was really hard tho and just really mixed feelings on everything. Not alot went on today and no one was out when we went out. Called people to invite for FHE tomorrow night and just went and walked out over to Mia's! I love her so much and i am afraid we will have to drop her unless she comes to church! Explained it to her for the last 8 weeks so this last two weeks have been some bold lessons. She has the best excused tho, she was in the hospital for this last one. She is just afraid of quitting smoking and coffee tho. I think she knows it is true tho. Had too many spiritual meetings with her. Things better change.
Tuesday was great! We had a lesson in the afternoon with Kishea! She is the one that came to church! Yay! Investigator who might progress...well except for the fact that she is a Hebrew Israelite who believes that only a Levite can baptize her. Well, she is pretty hard nosed as usual with those kind of people. She is really cool tho, is it 2 Nephi where it talks about being learned. I feel like if you know too much there is not much room for the Spirit to work with her. I hope it will, but we pretty much dropped her but she says she will come to church again and believes just about everything we taught. Not sure tho on what to do with someone who just thinks she knows freaking everything, which i give her props she knows her stuff just isn't very open to feeling the spirit. She did feel it during the First Vision which i don't know if i have not felt the spirit when i teach or when my comp teaches it cause it is prolly the most powerful thing that we teach!
We then kinda was just out talking to people and found one new investigator who told us to meet at McDonald's on Monday and gave us a legit phone number, but i am worried a little bit...haha
We also had the first official DC 3rd Ward FHE!!!! It was super super good. Taught cups and had Elder Fisher come and shoot it down with a nerf gun that was exciting, we then watched the Joesph Smith Movie! Last 10 minutes of the short one. It was super good. Had a recent returned member Bro Bryant go and pick up a brand new person who showed up at another ward and said she wanted to be baptized and she lives in our area!!!! YAY Her name is Brenda and she has the cutest 1 year old daughter! We played musical chairs and it was just a good night. Brenda is gonna get baptized prolly this transfer so i love golden prepared people!
Had a good reminder also about Faith this week. Forgot a little about how Faith works on how we learned from Elder Bednar. My prayers have gone back to being object instead of adgent. Things are really hard right now and i hope that as i try to go back to having more faith then it will be good. Action is the most important thing we can do. Even sometimes things just don't work out, and it is really hard to feel the spirit. I think those are the times where it is the hardest but really the only good thing to do is to exercise faith in someway. Scriptures are really good and i am grateful for the lessons i have learned in my studies lately!
I am grateful for this gospel, It is the most important thing in the world! Grateful for the biggest trial of my mission. It has taught me alot and i know it is going to give me the foundation i need!
Thanks for everything and we shall talk to ya next week!

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