Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well, hi, Hard to hear about Ralph, the others didn't really hit me like his did for some reason...Tell Linda i will put her name in the temple here...

Well this week was a fun one! You know what we did on Wed. night...Dinner with the Brunner's! They are the best! he is from Austria and has the sweetest accent and his wife is cool too. reminds me of Becca! We spent longer at dinner than we should have haha lost track of time talking with them but it was about missionary work for the most part haha. 

Thurs. Last DM! It was fun, played a game like we normally do, did a maze thing blindfolded with our comp leading us! Twas fun...we then seen Merri and Betty. Had a really good lesson with them on the Church and how it is set up and how to know it is true. They committed to come to church! and didn't show up....we will go back....then had some fun with shannon and her kids. Played darts and talked. We then went to the Lawrence's and had a really good lesson with the kids! They called after church on Sunday and said that the kids wanted to get baptized! YAY! haha 9 and 11 year old haha. Hopefully we can get there mom away from the J.W's...We then went and played basketball with the ward and was really fun! Had some investigator's out and did some fellowshipping! I love playing basketball and sounds like Shelb is too...will i only get to see half the season or just miss a couple of games? don't remember when it starts...

Fri, We went on an exchange! I went to E. Moss in Seneca Ward! Was good to meet back up with him. He is a really good kid but it also reminded me about being with him. I love him but he is hard to be with for some reason..personality's just don't match up. We met with a couple of member's...i don't remember there names haha, had a good lesson with there investigator Ana...She is sweet! 

Sat, we had Bishop breakfast! Last one of the transfer! I really like Bishop and i think we will get a new one this transfer..couselor moving and he has been in for 6 years haha past due i believe! We did service for Sis Ezell..a older lady in the ward who just needs house work and other things out her house one bit at a time. We then met with the Shaffer's and had a good conversation..don't remember what about but it was good more on them later..Marcus and David! David Sosa prepared a little lesson on family and it was super spiritual..we then tied it into the plan of salvation twas really good. good to know what happens after this life. Brings alot of peace i think. Even tho it is really hard to deal with it all at the same time. We then had a good meeting with Shannon and her kids...Taught the Resto with the cups and how the church is set up and stuff..we then got Cheyann who is 19's info and sent the missionary's in Michigan to see her...think in Shawn Bank's mission...not sure tho. Then had an awesome dinner with the Fogles..really humble family cement floors and only a lamp was working. They are really cool and had a good spiritual thought on the book of mormon...can't go wrong with that topic. We then met with Rob Carey. He is a good guy, just came back to church this transfer..we will start to go and talk about the gospel over a game of Yahtzee from now on haha! 

Sun, Church was great...talked about the new youth curriculum in a combined meeting 3rd hour! Felt like i was at a Zone Conferance..that program is really missionary related. Teach the Youth exactly the way we are teaching...should be fun for ya Dad!
We then had a good meeting with Sis Shelton after...just a quick how ya doing and found out she took a family member to the v.c.! We will jump on that hehe. Then Everything else cancelled haha and mostly dogged haha. Rob Kelly met with us and it was interesting. He really wasn't too focused on what we were reading, or he is just a native Washingtonian haha. 

Mon, Went the the Dougalls for breakfast, we showed up and then 3 companionships of sister's did too haha. It was weird but fun. Sister missionary's are awkward to be around. We then seen David and had a good lesson with him. Read Scriptures and it was fun! Then went to sis Aires! She is a good ole lady. We watched "Only a Stonecutter" with her. good story...look it up. Then went to the V.C. With the Shaffer's and had the best tour ever. Sis Joost gave it and she was great! She went home today tho haha. one of the most spiritual expierences of my misson! Committed them to devote themselves to God and i know that Gale knows that this is true! I know that Scott will figure it out eventually! They are the best ever! He is super funny and they are my "parents" haha. Not trying to replace you but i guess it happens...we then came home and went back with Rob Kelly for FoL and it was super fun! I like the lights and have a pic to sent to ya. 

Tues, Found out that i was staying and E. Peterson was leaving so he packed in the morning. Did some service for a member and she took us out for a milkshake! Learned a little about her. She is super cool. not active and prolly won't come back but she is alright for us to come over and talk with her so maybe..never know. Stuck on the black and priesthood and women and priesthood haha. Little things..We then went to the Wonnacotts and talked with them..Really good talk, they know alot of people in this ward and we will hopefully be able to tell them of some progress of people they mentioned to us! Then met with Ricardo..he just doen't seem interested and prolly will have to drop him but maybe his mom from Honduras will work on him. After we spent the night with the Shaffer's..had dinner, watched videos and played darts haha! They are the best and we have had alot of good times with them! I love going over to there house.

Wed, Elder Rushton is my comp. We will see how it goes. If history with us is the same it will be very interesting. His past companions all have told me i need to fix him and i am the one to do it haha. Guess pride beats pride haha. It will be fun! It will either work really really good or not work at all! I am not worried too much about it. Don't worry i won't be too bad, but if he ain't giving neither will I! haha 

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