Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thurs, we had weekly planning and then went to an appointment who pulled an anti movie out on us and kinda made me really mad and then the spirit left and it was bad. He tried to prove that the movie only was stating facts and that's when i got pissed and told him off and then he shut up and we left haha. Woops. I hate anti material and there is soo much of it out there it is ridiculous. I cooled down tho and had a good visit with Sandy Staples, put her in tears again so the spirit was there i think! Read the first chapter in the BoM, We met with Shannon and Rob Carey as well! Two pretty cool members!

Fri, we met with Merri and Betty and rebuked them for not coming to church and taught the Atonement...had a funeral on Sunday so couldn't come to church! Next Week!! We then had a meeting with our WML and went over the Mission Plan for the Ward and he is just not excited at all! Hopefully we will get a new one soon, sounded like we would from the Bishop. He is recovering from surgury so i guess i will give him a little slack! We had dinner with the sister's and the Bridge Boys and had a good lesson on missionary work and then after played basketball at the church and i am really out of shape it is ridiculous!

Sat, No apointments today but we played basketball with some Asians in the morning and went and taught them the first lesson afterwards! They asked good ?'s and speak really good English but i think we will eventually pass them to the Chinese but they are super super cool! After we just got dogged haha! Good day of just out talking to everyone! It was fun! Went to Mickey D's for some ice cream.

Sun, Church was super super good! It has helped me alot recently. Seems like all my ?'s are getting answered there! We had a meeting with Mark Getson right after, he has met with missionary's off and on since 2005 haha. loves the Catholic Church too much and says doesn't believe in apostasy but then practically tells us all about it haha Brought Wolfgang along and they went crazy talking German, he is the one that texted you haha really cool! He is coming back with us to Mark's on Sat gonna be sweet!!! Had dinner with the Borrowmans! Sisters gave a spiritual thought...kinda went south haha Sis Nakatska is learning English, from Japan, and she stuggled...felt bad but everyone understood! We then had a good night of checking on people! couple appointments from it!

Mon, met with David Sosa in the morning..had a good visit and rebuked him for not coming all three hours of church! then met with Procter and watched the J.S. 20 min movie! was very good! then met with Scarlette Michelle. She is a former and a interesting story..almost got baptized but something pushed her away and so we will try to remind her why she wanted to be baptized! We then had dinner with the Arneta's! haha They are great! Daughter is a senior and it was really fun to talk to all of them for some reason! They then gave us alot of food to take home and a Tabasco bottle!!! haha

Tues, we didn't have appointments again, met with Heather Rose and played some card games, David Sosa called and told us to come see his rc car. It is pretty sweet, can go like 35 miles an hour! remote control car! Crazy...We then met with Faith and DaJohn two grandkids of a member! It was a good lesson and put them on date for Feb 3rd! Baptize some kids!!! we then went to the Shaffer's and had a really good pulled pork dinner and really good lesson! My comp got a pic of the tree of life out and then we read 1Nephi 13 haha. I was confused and he told me after wrong chapter haha. But good apostacy lesson with the tree of life pic. The Shaffer's are cool and then we lost in a dart game! We play almost everytime after the lesson, i am getting good and like darts alot!

Wed, Went Laser tagging today!!! Super fun! I am out of shape and i suck at laser tag. Been a good week and i feel good.
I know i am a little homesick but i guess that is life. I don't think i will ever get over it. I am focused on the work and trying to give it my all! I started to get alot out of my studies again and that is helping me! I seem to go through a dry spell of not getting really anything from my studies and then i do!

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