Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, We had a lesson with a man named Kenny. We had a priest from the ward out with us, Ben Blanco and it was going to be good from the start! We started the lesson and Ben wasn't saying much and we taught savior's earthly ministry to bom without him really saying anything he was just soaking it up. We turned to him finally and just asked him to bear his testimony on the bom and he did. As soon as he started to talk, the spirit entered the room so strong and you can tell that Kenny was feeling it. It was super cool! His testimony wasn't much more that i know the book of mormon is true and it has helped me stay out of trouble. That was pretty much it but it worked! Really good lesson. Thanks Ben!
Thurs, We weekly planned in the morning and went to go see one of our kinda crazy investigators. And he was really crazy. We tried to start a lesson and starting talking about we are going to tell you there is one true church in Christ's time and there is one true today. We will also explain how the Book of Mormon is your way of knowing that is true. Then he jumped in and started to tell us we were doing it all wrong. We are going way too fast and it is about saving souls out here and the way we are doing it we were losing them. as you can imagine it made me a little mad but i held my peace. my comp started to come in then and i was kinda thinking about telling him all about the plan of salvation and gospel of jesus christ in about 5 min....but he ended up trying to correct my comp on how to teach and we pretty much just said good-bye after he ended his rant haha. Really frustrating but can't do much. He prolly should have been dropped a long time ago. I don't seem to like thursdays tho nothing works out haha. We then had a refferal to go to. Name Mary Green, had an apt at 4:30, we get there and she was like Sanchez told me 7:30. Sanchez is the AP and we are like you know Sanchez??? Apparently our AP's G-Q'ed her and set up a time to meet later through the phone and she thought it was the same people haha. And to cap it off, she is a less-active member haha. But we came back at 7:30 and kicked the AP's out of the picture and had a really good talk with her. We are not going to push her too much but she commited to read the book of mormon and i know that that alone can and will bring her back if she reads it!
Fri, We had District Meeting in the morning. Couldn't do it yesturday cause everyone had meetings...We then had a really good day of checking on people and getting dogged! Then went to dinner and had a really good spiritual thought! Just on the Atonement and missionary work using my Christ puzzle. We then went and played soccer with the ward! had only 4 more people and so a little 3 on 3 soccer! It was really fun and prolly my first time playing soccer!
Sat, Had a Bishop Breakfast and those are always good! We then went to Heather Rose's for the last time cause she is moving. She just wanted us to come over and play cards once a week so we would in the slower time's, never really a set appt. We helped her move stuff down tho and did service! I guess we played cards right before church for the last time! We then had an apt with Wolfgang and Mark again and went really well. Funny sometimes when Mark explains the apostacy to us but tells us God would never abandon his church! I don't think he will ever come around and it is sad. Been meeting with missionary's for 7 years on and off. Wolfgang has good ideas to try and i think we might and see what happens. tell you later......We then had a little apt. with Shannon who is speaking on Sunday at Why I Believe and we just helped her with her talk and i was bummed cause we were going to be with her non-member boyfriend but he ended up not coming up this weekend. We then had that dinner you got the text from, she is super funny and we had a good time forgot about the third male rule until later haha oops. We then went to the Shaffer's and had a good lesson and then i kicked their butts in a game of darts haha! YES!!
Sun, Played cards and said goodbye to Rose, Church lately has been super super super good lately! I have gotten alot out of it! Maybe it is because i am trying to pay attention more cause we haven't had adult investigator's there lately. We then taught the Lawrence kids! It is fun to teach kids. We watched a movie with them and taught them about faith! It was really good! We then had a member Rob Carey who just returned take us to Why I Believe to go and see Shannon speak and she did great! This one was the best one i have been too yet! Rob brought us back and he loves to play Yahtzee and so i promptly lost in that game. It is all about luck! He is great tho and is excited to help us out in any way so we will get him started!
Mon, had the best Zone Conferance i have had on my mission, AP's gave the best workshop i have heard and Pres. gave his best too. AP's gave one on becoming a PMG missionary and how to do it. Had the funniest District 3 video ever and they got there point accross, hope to get my hands on a copy of that one! Pres, gave his on helping investigators truly repent! After Zone Conferance i gave Gale Shaffer a blessing! It was a good one i think! I haven't done it in a while but maybe that was good cause i relied more on the spirit! It was a good expierence for all i think! We then had a really good dinner with the Farnes! He is the best and they do alot of missionary work! Really good examples on how to share the gospel and just had a good conversation with them all kinda focused on the work and that is always nice! We then had a lesson with a new person, who is a former who is gay and we didn't know till we taught him. haha Had a pic of him and his partner we saw when we left. He isn't a femi gay tho so that is good! Cool guy, and we committed him to read the book of mormon and said he is coming back in a couple of weeks from a trip so we will see if he wants to meet again!
Tues, met with Tony Alvarez, took another kid trying to go on a mission and had a good conversation with him. He committed to church...said he wants to go on a mission but hasn't come to church since i have been here haha, he needs to come. They both say they want to go but aren't really doing anything to prepare as far as i see but i guess they are doing as much as i did haha. not much. It was a good lesson tho and had a good time. Hopefully he will be at church. We then met with the kids again and it was really hard. they just didn't want to listen! It was a hard lesson and made me not want to have kids ever haha. Shaffer's are awesome! HAd a fantastic lesson with them tonight too.
Wed, Marshmallow war for zone activity it was really fun!
Love ya BYE BYE

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