Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wed, was actually a good night...met with 3 people haha, Sis Gassimu, who is on the focus 15 list and we had a good visit with her, she works at costco and gets paid time and a half on sundays so that is a temptation haha, we also met with david sosa for a little bit, as well as we had a dinner, a member that signed up had a meeting with the stake pres. abrubtly so she took us to Cici's pizza and paid for us and left haha

Thurs, We went and bought a new GPS, i only did it cause it was on a good sale, my last one broke and they wouldn't fix it. It was the charger in the back that broke and it seems like it would be an easy fix but they wouldn't even look at it and said that they tell everyone to buy a new one. I am getting money for it tho from E. Watts who broke it haha. Just gonna split the cost for him so that will be good.

We had District Meeting as well and it was a super good one. Felt the Spirit strong and just learned some things to try out to find people. We then Weekly Planned, had dinner with the Rodriguez's and went to play basketball. Had a good crowd and it was just fun. I love that sport but learn that i am out of shape haha i can hardly get up and down the court. Maybe someday i will get back in shape.

Fri, We went and met the Shaffer's today! Was really good! They are awesome and Rushton fit in so that makes me happy. They are soooo close to coming it is ridiculous. When we come back out to visit we will stay with them so you will meet him. It will be good! We answered a couple of their ?'s and had a good visit!
Sat, We had a good day of proselyting! haha I forgot my other planner that has this stuff in it so i can't remember much from these days! I know it was really good tho haha.

Sun, Church was absolutely amazing! It was really good testimony meeting...prolly not as good as your's i am sure, but good cause Scott came to church! I was so happy! I bore my testimony, mainly on change idk why, but change is everything about missionary work. We are always out searching for change and we get so focused on the other people that if we ever take a look at ourselves you find that you have changed a whole lot! I like the changes in my life. I will be a different person when i come home. I especially just like that fact that we don't have all the distractions like you have...watching t.v. is the biggest waste of time ever! I know i will go back to watching some t.v. but hopefully not as much as i did before. There are way more productive things to do in life.

After Church we went to the Shaffer's and had a member come...their home
teacher...then they fed us dinner...then we lost tract of time and it was 7:30 and had nothing else to do so we taught another lesson and then went home from there. Kinda a relaxing day but i think productive too cause we had a heart to heart with the Shaffer's i feel like! I think things are going to really change in their life now...we committed them to pray together cause they were not!

Mon, we did service for Elder Dougall and moved a bunch of furniture for the mission, they are gearing up to get like 4 more apartments for the mission, which is alot haha! We will see where everyone goes, i guess we are going to be getting a lot of misisonary's here in the next couple of transfer's so that will be exciting! We were with him for a while then went and moved a piano for the Shaler's or however you spell it haha, got a dinner out of it as well hehe crab is good!

We then met with the Bottenfields! They are pretty cool. She works at Costco and has the same problem as Sis Gassimu, Also Vernon her husband who says it is a pleasure to meet you to the MT. Vernon haha also talked about going to the islands to meet his wife who the women were all topless haha! Good ole Vernon is funny, and losing his memory. Kinda sad but this explains Vernon lol

Tues, we had Zone Training! It was really good! Had a good time there! Was a really good ZT! We then met met a guy on the street...i asked him if he liked North Face, cause he was wearing a jacket and beanie of that brand and he was like heck ya it is the best! He then looks at my nametag and bears his testimony of Christ haha! We set up a time and have a meeting with him haha. Super weird how it worked but it was a good thing! We then had dinner at a nasty Mexican place but a member fed us haha We then went and seen Heather Rose since the Shaffer's dogged us!

Today was a good P-Day! we played tennis and then just kinda relaxed until i got to come email! We have dinner tonight so that will be fun!

Thanks for all you do and i will let you guy's know if there is anything to send out! Look for the S-D card again cause i can't find it and sure i wouldn't noticed it if it came in the mail! I will look again tho!
I am going to try and get you all shirts too! Christmas you

Love you all
Elder Stoor

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