Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wed, We had Dinner with the Wonnacotts tonight! Got an invite for Christmas too!!! They are a fun family. The Dad is super competitive and I have fun beating him at basketball haha! We Then met with a member in the Sister's area! She absolutly loved us cause we were the elder's haha! Had an awesome cat who fetched! Never seen a cat do that so that was a cool expierence! Just got to know her and had a good Christmas message from the very center of the December Ensign where the staple are haha!

Thurs, District Meeting! It was good! I kinda hate the meetings where people are trying to bring the Spirit in with there happens too much haha! The Spirit is going to be there, yes you need to be more reverent but missionaries take it to the next level! Was a good meeting tho! We then had lunch at Cici's, pizza buffett! Good place! We then met with Sis Melina! She is pretty cool and works on Sunday and doesn't know why her husband doesn't come and so we will hopefully go back and meet with him! One at a time haha.

We then had dinner with there really good friends in the Ward! The Rodriguez's! I love them and today the Spanish came and did the lesson in Spanish and it was really good! I can pick up little phrases in Spanish and still kinda wish i woulda gone Spanish but maybe i can learn it when i come home! We then played basketball and i of course sprained my ankle! This one just barely got better too! It ached pretty bad and this is the first one that did that! Prolly the combo of getting old and out of shape haha

Fri, We did some service for a member, i hobbled along haha and then went service tracking for about an hour and just no success! I hate tracting and have never really seen much good come from it! Part of the work but it is crazy not successful! Kinda fun for awkward moments tho! Had some fun limping from door to door! Shaffer's then had us over for service! We set up their Christmas Tree! and that was pretty much it! They then took us to dinner and we just had fun like normal! When we come back out this is a family we will go and see for sure! We then went to the v.c. with bro Hoover and david sosa! Was a good time and the performance was pretty good with two young violinist!

Sat, We did service again! haha Sis Ezell"s weekly service and we finnally cleaned her garage and organized it! It looks alot better! Wish we would have done before and after haha would have been good. We then met with David Sosa and tried to get him going on jobs again...he just doesn't have the want to support himself so the government will just keep supporting him...wish i could be like that but i don't think it is in my jeans! We then went to dinner with Shannon Nani and her two kids who are down for the holiday's! Was fun. Her one daughter is 19 and isn't a member so we got to know her a little and gonna answer all her ?'s and hopefully teach her about the BoM before she goes back home and she is moving out for the summer so maybe the Elder's then will baptize her! We went to the V.C. and it was Todd Thatcher! He was amazing and we seen a c-d out of his! Look him up he is a really good singer! Has a deep voice and just sang really well! Piano guy he had was super good too! Finger's all over it really fast haha, didn't miss a not all night!

Church! YAY! Christmas program was really good! Sang songs and read some scriptures and that was sacrament meeting and the best thing about it, the Shaffer's came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They liked it and we will try to get them to want to come back! We Then had a lunch! With the Boogards! I got shhhhh'ed during the closing prayer cause apparently i was loud and didn't realize it and the 2 year old was asleep...whoops haha it was super funny! They are a fun couple! We then came home and managed to lock our keys and phone inside the apartment LOL, luckly we knew how to get ahold of our roomates # ! Other than that we just went and did missionary work and had one potential come from it! Sometimes you work work work and don't seem to get anything!

ChristmasEVE! We went and did service/play card games with a cool member! Heather Rose! Took some stuff and loaded her car and then played Rummy, card game style and it was good! Then had a good meeting with Sis Lawrence and the kids! Hopefully we will get the kids mom away from the Jehovah Witness haha! Then went Carroling with our roomates and DL It was really fun and had a good time! Then went to the Shaffer's Party and hung out and played darts and listened to country music haha! Lots of new songs out haha, i didn't turn it on and didn't tell him to in my defense!

Christmas! Had the Conferance, was really spiritual! and fun! Watched the movie Elf, kinda stupid but fun to watch in the V.C. screen! It was good to talk to ya! We then had a good time with the Wonnacott's and there family! Might've watched a couple of possesions of the Heat/Thunder game haha and played lots of card games and basketball! We fit right in and it felt like i was at home, played pinochle too haha! Still remember exept there rules were a little different!

Loved Christmas and it was a really good spirit! Went to the mall today and seen the christmas tree...send me the s-d card so i can send this one back haha! Record some stuff on that one and maybe wait and take some pics of new years and send it to me :]

Thanks Love you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Next week is transfer's to and i don't know what is going to happen!

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