Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wed, David Sosa called and said he was having a hard time so we went over and gave him a life lesson haha. People just don't get it out here how to live. They depend on the government and don't want to go to work so they can still get the government benefits it is kinda stupid. But he was in a stage of mind to listen and i prolly was a little hard on him but he needs to figure this all out. He has missed the last three weeks of church and it is starting to take a toll on him. Hopefully he gets his priority's figured out. Really good guy but just 22 and still living with his dad. lost his mom so that is hard for him still but i just can't imagine still living at home at 22!
Thurs, Mary Green our new found member, took us to lunch and it was really good! She talked alot about how everything is going in her life and how Satan is getting her. WoW problems and she just needs to figure it out but i think she will cause she has the right attitude about it! Read the Book of Mormon and watch the Spirit come into her life! She has already realized she can't be drinking anymore and so hopefully she starts to live it soon! Busy lady who runs her own business. We also met with Mary and Betty again and had a really good lesson on Church and just why it is true. Betty told us she doesn't think her church is really true anymore, before she was set on it, and she said because they are now allowing gay marriage in the church haha...if that is what it takes then perfect. I hope she will take time now to really listen to us! And Merri did end up coming to church! not Betty but that is progress! She has told everyone she was going to church for the last 2 or 3 years and never did it. The Ward Council didn't believe me when i told them she was coming and showed them haha! I was super happy to see her there!  We had dinner with the Rodriguez's too and it was on the First Vision and how we first came to know that this was true! I think i have a pretty sweet experience and it was cool to hear it translated into spanish! It was when i was 17 or 18 and had an experience with the Book of Mormon! I read until i was going to know it was true and i found 2Nephi 20:10, go look it up!
Fri, It snowed! and it has been super cold for a while! it is only 25 or 30 which wouldn't be that cold at home but ooooooo it is out here! We seen Scott and Gale today and just had a really good talk with them and a couple of games of darts! Twas good!!! Dougalls fed us! I love them and it will be hard to see them go home! They leave next month! They are a pretty sweet example to me! We then had a fun night at basketball! It is no fun when you have no appointments but luckily today was a day to get appointments so hopefully we can just keep having appointments! Super cold and no one was out so we called people on the phone..practically everyone we know haha.
Sat, Gordy's had us for lunch...he is pretty funny guy who talks a ton and laughs at his own jokes haha. He is a fun guy to be around and has a strong testimony! We got the door slammed in our face a couple of times so that was really really fun!!! Whatever it is i ain't interested....slam haha. We then called Scott and had bro night with him haha. Had a really good lesson on baptism and how it is the remission of sins and that is why we are here! It is to help people to be cleansed of their sins! I thought the spirit was strong and we ended up teaching a full 3rd lesson and had some pizza with him talked for a while! He and his wife will be one's we come to see out here! They are the coolest ever and i have a really good friendship with them even tho they are older than you mom and dad haha! He jokes about that alot! I should be hanging out with your dad not you lol!
Sun, My comp went to baptize someone and i had to stay at church! E. Dougall was my comp and we got to go to the youth sunday school class and help teach haha. About halfway through they turned the time over to me and was like teach...well they told me they were going to have ?'s for me aaaahhhh!!! Well i had to make up some lesson on the spirt! haha Lot of awkward moments but i am super excited the way the youth teaching thing it cause it is the way the missionary's teach now! We are here to teach people not lessons and it is hard! But it is the best learning environment you can get! During the 3rd hour the alarms went off and the pipes had burst above the stake office so there was a flood coming from the ceiling!!! haha it was a fun expierence getting wet and getting all the stake stuff out and then got the shovels and started pushing the water out the door! Twas neat to see most all the men jump in and help out! True testimony to the church for sure! kinda weird seeing water falling from the ceiling tho haha. We then had a good dinner with the fam in the ward who is used to the D.C. South missionary's...they are freaking chucks cause this is the second one from Virginia and they expect when we come over we are gonna stay for like 2 or 3 hours!!! It was hard cause we had stuff to do but it was good cause we gave her a blessing and it was the husbands first the mel priesthood week before!! Spirit was super strong and it was prolly the best blessing i have ever been apart of!
Mon, We went to the V.C. with Tony Alverez! he is a guy who says he wants to be on a mission before May this year and he hasn't been to church since i have been here, go figure! We had a good V.C. tour on missionary work then got to watch the Testaments in the big theater  Twas amazing! Spirit was super duper strong and then on the way home i asked and told him how to prepare for mission and how he needed to be coming to church! Hope to see him there next week! We then got dropped by cool voice Kenny...dang it! It was a good night of checking on people and having no success  haha People haven't been out cause it has been cold..we may have to start to tract!!! Not my fav thing to do but might be the only thing to do!
Tues, Had a good lesson with David Sosa again! He had a old David spell which isn't good and i think the spirit re-buked him and i just hope he gets this figured out soon! Committed to be at church for all three hours so i hope he sticks too it! We then picked up a new guy! Named Eric! He is Asian guy who referred himself and wants to get a foundation! I think he looked stuff up on cause he knew some things that i don't know how else he would know them! It was a good lesson and we are going to the V.C. too put him on Date on Saturday!!!! We then had an awesome lesson with the kids!!! On the Plan of Salvation and it went really good! I don't know if we are going to be able to baptize them at all because their parents are wish washy and i don't think we will be doing them justice if we did. But we will see how it all works out and maybe end up getting one of the parents to get baptized with them is the hope! Faith and DaJohn are really good kids who does have a little desire to be baptized so i am excited! We then had a good dinner with the Stewarts! They are odd people but really cool in their own way. hopefully be getting them to work closer with us cause they are ward missionary's! Shaffer's again tonight! Man it was a really really powerful lesson on the Atonement! I loved it soo much! We read 3 Nephi 18 and then had them ask ?'s and then Scott asked ?'s from what he read on chapter 11! I really think they are inching inching their way closer and i just hope that they will get it figured out too because i think it will be a complete life changer for them! I know it will be the biggest blessing in their lives if they let it!
Today, we went to the mall and to the wax museum and modern art! Modern art was really dumb...but the wax museum was pretty cool. Had like life size wax people of the presidents and famous camera was dead and so i didn't get to take very many pics but i will try to get them from my best friend Elder Morris!
I will go buy another s-d card and get it sent home next week hopefully with some other things too!
Love you!!!

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