Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thurs, We had District Meeting and i was asked to give a workshop on pride. Well we have a binder Pres. gave us with some talks from Ezra T. Benson and Uchdorf on Pride. Tis good go and read them. I feel like Pride is the bane of us all and we have to have a conscious effort battling against it! Everyone said it was really good and i actually really enjoyed giving it! we then Weekly Planned and then took a priest out...Carter Wonnacott! Tis a good kid. we didn't teach anyone really, but we talked with a l.a. guy who Carter knows and actually got him to come to church!!! tony Alverez is 19 and says he wants to be on a mission come May but i think he better start to come to church before that haha. While at church he was invited to give the next Gospel Principles lesson so that will be good! We then met with Mary Green and had a good convo with her. She is a really good lady with a good heart and is just seeking for the truth again. She remembers that she had a testimony and is starting to find it again! She came to church as well!
Fri, Went to the V.C. with the Shaffer's and had a really good lesson by Sis Brown and Sis Balls-(sis balls went to snake river and i know i have seen her before haha...the enemy tho haha) It was on faith and miracles happening! Spirit was strong and it was still strong into the Joesph Smith Movie in the big theater by ourselves again!!! Twas good but Scott is really stubborn and told us later he just doesn't want spiritual stuff anymore! Tis my best friend tho and it is his birthday today!!! We then had a lesson with a new investigator Mark! He is 20 and is kinda seeking. we will hopefully be able to teach him lots but he was cheesy the time before according to the teaching record but i think i would be cheesy as well if Goodman was after me. we then gave a Member a blessing. Bro Harris! He is a good guy who is just going to Africa and wanted a blessing before he went! we then had a good dinner with the Wonnacotts!! Some cool food from some country that was really good haha forgot the name of them but they were good and they were balls haha. We then played basketball up at the church and i am just out of shape haha.
Sat, V.C. again this time with Eric. Really good lesson on the Gospel of J.C. and Joesph Smith movie to start off. He was really happy to be there i think and accepted a b-day for March 3 so that will be good! We then had a really good first lesson with Shannon and Randall! Randall has been coming to church for like 8 weeks and we are finally able to start teaching him. We didn't want to push him but this lesson was super powerful and he felt it i am sure! Just going to see if he will be able to stop smoking when we get to that point haha. Good guy tho. We then met with a couple of members, Bob Hoover had us over for pizza and a good talk and then Opoku's had us over for a good talk and his wife accepted to have the lessons so we will hopefully be able to baptize her and her 9 year old!
Sun, Had Church! surprise surprise but no accidents this week like last week. We had a super awesome lesson afterwards with an eternagator. PMG style with him not talking much and then hit him to pray right then and there. Spirit was strong i thought but he is just not open to it. Said it himself. Just loves the Catholic Church too much and has the pride that comes with it. Dang It! Super nice fellow. Like him alot. We then had dinner with the Shaffer's and did sneak a quick peek at the game before we left haha. oops. Sounds like it was a good one and next year i will be watching the whole thing!!!
Mon, did some updating in the morning and got alot done. We then went out and tried to work but our investigator didn't show up and prolly will drop him. Markus...but did meet with David and he didnt' come to church. Now for 4 weeks in a row. I am worried about him alot. I just hope he gets it figured out soon...We then met with a guy tonight...his name is Nathan Stuthers. He is super anti'ed but still open to it. Told us all about the endowment session and how one guy went a-wall because of it. Kinda sad but guess that is what happens. We will try again. He reminds me of Scott Shaffer. Really cool guy but just can't seem to get it. but we will see.
Tues, Zone Training today..had to redo-my workshop. ZL's tried to pump me all up cause they really liked it at district meeting and it was really good again i thought and luckily Pres wasn't there cause i would have just been nervous haha. I still don't like to stand up in front of people and i don't think i will ever get over it. Everyone said it was good. But i think they always do. We then had a good meeting with Sis Shelton. Haven't seen her in a while but seen her at church here and there. She is awkward and likes to keep to herself but i guess i know what that is like. We then got dogged a lot and saw Eric and watched Finding Faith in Christ! Twas good and read Alma 32! I think he is going to get it! I hope so! I think he will be baptized just if he continues the way he is doing. He speaks Chinese and i hope we don't have to move him to them but we will see...We also saw the Simmon's family tonight! They had a cool experience with there daughter at school. Her teacher started to ask ?'s and asked for a book of mormon to make a long story short! hopefully we can teach the teacher haha!
Wed, Today was Temple day and i did baptisms today!! Got baptized and did baptizing! It was really a good experience. Also got to do confirmations. I might be doing more of those. The Spirit there was super duper strong! We then played basketball! Had a good time.
I am happy that next week are transfers i really don't like my comp either haha. we are doing okay and working it out but i think it is what you said about us kids. I have never felt as if i can get along with people my own age. He is just kinda still in the stuck up high school mode and thinks he is always right and is the best teacher. It is sometimes just annoying and there is no way to even try to tell him. but next week will hopefully bring something new. Maybe i should move to Colton's mission and just go be comps with him...tell Jesus about it haha jk.
There are just sometimes when it feels like i just do the same thing day after day and nothing happens. It is starting to go by really really fast now.
I will try to write Megan soon, and also will try to send a letter to Breanne.  I am really excited for her and know she will be great! did you get out of them what mission? I have friend who is a sister who is from Japan and has lots of friends serving...could put in a good word for her ahead of time haha.
Life is just crazy, hope everything at home is good and i love and miss you guy's alot!!!
Love Elder Stoor

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