Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday! We had a dinner with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and it was really kinda awkward but it was good food! And they gave us a couple of referals that we checked out and one wasn't too interested but the other one might be so that might be fun! Then we met with a man who got baptized on Sunday for the sisters! Rene, and his wife Fe we are now going to be teaching the new member lessons to him, not all of them cause this ward actually teaches them. We will still have weekly meetings with him and i was here to see him get baptized and confirmed haha! He is a sweet man and woman from the Philippians, more on him later...
Thursday! We had District Meeting in the morning and it was a really good district meeting! It was just a good one, helped us to figure some things out. We met with the sister's on how we can best help there area and get some more stuff so that is good! it is going to be different trying to do two area pretty much! We went to lunch, then saw a less-active Sis Maurer. She is a good lady who is on the brink of returning and has a cool roommate who asked a bunch of ?'s and wants to learn all about us and we can do that haha! We then had a cool meeting with recent convert, who had his friend there and he was a little annoying but we teach everyone. He thinks he knows it all! haha Marcus is a cool enough kid and still in the high school age but it will be fun to continue to meet with him, had another meeting later where we had a good first lesson with him! We then had a sweet dinner! Rodriguez are pretty cool and we go there once a week! Afterwards we had a meeting with an old bishop of the ward and he let us go through and pick some 20 names to go and check on to see if we can meet with them, old investigators from around 2005 so that was good and just helped us with some ideas that are pretty cool and if they work i will let you know later!
Friday! We had a bunch of meetings with less actives today! We met with a couple of them, Cheryl Shelton who did come to church so that was fun!  She is a cool lady, just needs to make church a priority. We then saw Sis Lewis, she is an elderly lady who just isn't really interested at all but is friendly and nice and let us teach her a lesson. She liked it too but just doesn't want to pursue coming back right now for some reason! We  then saw Sis Aairess, she is a crazy black lady. I ? if she is all there in the head! But she is nice and bore her testimony in church just another crazy black person i guess haha. She is sweet and very kind.  We then played Rummy with a member and her daughter. They are sweet. Part-member family that told us they hated Goodman lol. The husband could not sit in the same room as him haha. Left when he came in. They kinda remind me of Chad and Jamie. She is a member and is sweet, he is a war vet who has alot of health problems and isn't the same as he used to be~
Saturday! We had a couple service appointments in the morning, moved a couch with the Dougall's for the sister's, then had a pancake scout fundraiser breakfast that was really good pancakes, then helped a member move something heavy, then helped bishop with his Christmas stuff from downstairs to upstairs! Was really good! Then met with Shawn and Will! With a priest from our ward! Talked to Shawn on the street and then met will inside. Will can't talk..but loved the lesson and Shawn asked all the good ?'s you want asked. We then went to the vc to park for the Festival of Lights had to stand outside in the cold all night long! Then stayed for the 9 Jenny Oaks Baker Concert that was amazing!
Sunday! We had Ward Council in the morning, Awesome church! then went on a walk with Mark, and eternal investigator, met with missionary's since 2005. He loves the Catholic Church too much. Doesn't believe in the Apostasy obviously but is a good guy to sit and talk to and i learned alot about the catholic church from him and will see if he wants to believe in the apostasy after we meet with him or not.  Bro Brown fed us steak from the dutch market...really really good steak! It was fully raised on the no adding things to him type of thing and it was just fabulous! Then met with 3 people with him, one investigator for like 10 min., then two home teaching visits where they were good and one guy is prolly coming back! Robert Carey but i don't want to hear his sob story on how he left the church again! people think we have all the answer's on like why he left the church and things but we just don'T haha. Then watched the first pres. devotional with him! weird i was in the MTC last year for it haha
Monday! Didn't meet with anyone in the morning...but we went to the v.c. with the Schaffer's! It was amazing...Jenny Oaks Baker was good, It was super spiritual, we went through the 3rd lesson in a new thing at the v.c. they asked good ?'s and it was super duper good. loved the spirit, and how it is working with them! They just need to start to show more action and i think they are there..They took us to Wendy's and we got home at 10:20 haha woops but it was fun!
Tuesday!Went to ZT in the morning and just had a good tour of the new v.c. It was really good and just alot of new exhibits and things! We then had another meeting with Marcus and David! First Lesson and it was really good. He might be good but i am not sure how it is all going to work out with him! It was a scattered lesson but he is young so maybe he will read and learn! We then had dinner at the Shaffer's tonight! It was another good time! Played Darts...good bacon burgers! I have not had this much fun in a long time i just feel at home with them! I love it! We had a really good spiritual talk too! It was soo strong and i think they might come around! We talked about the Atonement and sacrament and then it just went to the spiritual feast of ?'s and how scott is going to come to know these things are true and stuff! I love these guy's so much!
Today!, did a tour of the capitol building! that was pretty cool! We got some special tour too by a guy who works for Senator Hatch! Twas fun. went up and all around the capitol, sat in on the senate and house for a minute and just had a good time!  Got a pic with Senator Lee, if you look at the reporters for the congressmen i might be in the background  i watched Senator Lee give his for Fox News another guy gave it for another one...i think maybe you can go and see, pics next week i gotta run! Love you all!!!!!
Love Elder Stoor

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