Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mon, we had an appointment with a guy from India! His name is Yash and he really isn't interested in joining but we will see after we teach him cause he says he really wants to learn more! But then again i don't know if we will see him again! We learned alot about India tho and how the school system works so that was cool! We then had a fun little lesson with the Opuku Family and it was kinda fun, Just got to know him a little been a member for 8 years and his wife is due in like 2 days from then so i don't know if they have a new baby boy or not! We will hopefully hear from him this week!
Tues, My companion got really sick and threw up all last night, so i called people! got a couple naps in and that was the day haha it was funny cause we had 5 appointments and 4 of them called earlier in the day and had to cancell haha so we rescheduled all of them and had a lazy day at home! It was kinda nice and good to get some rest, I didn't catch any of it so i am happy!
Wed, Mission Tour was really really good! Elder Packer just brought the Spirit and strengthened all of us on what we are doing! Everytime a G.A. comes they say they just feel the Spirit really strong and say we must be doing the write thing! That is always nice! He did say he would not be surprised to see the missionary count go up 30,000 and i thought that was crazy, he said it would at least 20,000, It was really just a good way to be where to learn how to become a better missionary! It is always the little things that you have to work on and i think it is the same with everything in life! The little things are what really matter!
Thurs, we Weekly Planned and took it easy today! didn't want to rush too much with a sick companion, We watched the first session of G.C. with a member and it was just as spiritual to hear the mission announcement as the last time haha! Good ole Tom knows how to speak doesn't he? We then had Dinner with the Wonnacott family! They are super cool! We then played basketball with some youth and an investigator Ricardo who we took on a tour right before! It was a good day! Played full court and i am really out of shape haha! i need to lose about 20 lbs!
Fri, Exchange with Elder Lott! We came out together and was in the MTC! It was a good day to catch up with him, especially when you just get dogged all day long haha! We also talked alot with their roommates and had like an hour of chuck time...ooops didn't really mean too haha lost track of time! But it was a good day full of talking and just getting caught up with a good friend! Learned alot today it was good!
Sat, Today was a good day! It was busy! We went to set up for our Ward Christmas Party with the ward and it wasn't very hard then afterwards worked in the sister's area! We then went out to eat with a member and the sister's! It was fun! Mexican food is really good! The Christmas party was good! we picked up 300$ worth of deserts at costco! It was fun to walk out with all the faces at us hehe...then steak and shrimp for the christmas party haha! Tasted more like prime rib! Twas a treat!
Sun, Church was good as usual! We then went and worked with no meeting just talking to people! After had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and tried to get on the same page but i think it will take more work...i hate working with people haha! I love teaching about the gospel and all but people are just annoying! Met with David Sosa tonight and talked about him coming out with us and had him come the next two days!
Mon, Went and picked up David only to get dogged and then went and worked the sister's area again with no success but did schedule an appointment for them haha! then got dogged again then went to the v.c. to do parking and well you know the rest of the story...wierd to see people from home but cool all at the same time! Janae will hopefully send me a letter now haha Godfrey's are cool people!
Tues, Picked David up again, helped him apply for a couple of jobs, then met with Sis Shelton who is a cool member who is recently returning and we are helping her out and trying to get her to do some missionary work! Then met with Ricardo and his brother and had a good time teaching them the first lesson! Then had dinner with a member whose daughter came from BYU and happens to room with Taylor Kraus haha small world haha! It was a weird couple of days haha!
Wed, Temple and now i got to go cause the comp is kicking me off!

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