Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday! We had two appointments...Rene and Fe...he got baptized two weeks ago! He taught us the first lesson tonight! The Spirit was strong and he has a strong testimony! They are from the Philippians and it was just a great meeting! We then had a less-active dog us but we took a sweet member out with us! His name is Wolfgang Brunner! Not sure if i spelled his name right...he is from Austria and told us a bunch of mission stories and we went and worked with him for a little while! It was really really good! More on him later!
Thurs. Weekly Planned in the morning and got most of the stuff we needed updated...everything just put back in order! Things become a mess out here sometimes and it is because you get more people and it is a constant battle to stay on top of it!
We met with Betty! A less-active Merri Maurer! We watched the 20 min..restoration dvd and had a good talk with her! We then went to the festival of lights with her...on fri...We then had a little meeting with Shannon Nanni about tithing...bishop has been worried about her and her not paying tithing i guess. she is a recent convert but she just told us she has been forgetting and knew how to do it so i guess we did our job we shall see..We then watched the 1st session of general conference and it was really really good! We watched it with Sister Aiiress after biking like 5 miles haha. 4 miles one way so we were up to 9 miles on a bike and it was before 4 still! we then had a lesson with a new investigator. Living here with his 5 brother's from Honduras .my comp's bro is serving there...and then his sister, Ricardo's is serving a mission in hopefully we found a goldmine! He came and played basketball that night with us! We started a basketball thing back up with the youth and it was fun to get back in the gym again! Miss it alot! We had a good dinner tonight with the Rodriguez family as well!
Fri, We finished Weekly Planning and then did some service we started last week and finished it this week! We were racking a butt ton of leaves and it was fun. Then had a member we did it for there neighbor feed us lunch! I love the Farns! They have helped us out alot and are doing alot for us! They are the best! We then had a meeting with a member who just wants to play cards with us and it is fun! Play rummy and i kick there butts like i do all the time in a card game! She is in a tough situation and i think us just being there helps and it is fun! We only play a couple games and then leave and talk all through the game. it is nice i fit right in with them! Heather Rose is her name. the one's that remind me of Chad and Jamie. Then saw some bells ring at the v.c.! It was crowded and really good! Bells were really good, took that household of like 10 people, where Mauer and shannon live! 8 people came lol! Super good too
Sat! Bishop Breakfast! It was really good! Had oatmeal! I didn't get enough to fill me up...i need alot now so i am gonna prolly start to really pack on the weight here. We did service afterwards for a member! She gave us $25 for McDonalds! for a christmas gift which was really nice! We went to eat there afterwards haha. Had a good lunch! Spice McChicken is really good and a perfect price haha, We then met with Mr. Jones! He just got out of prison and is getting use to being a father of 4 kids again! Super hard but he wants to learn how to improve his life and i hope he tries out working with us fully towards coming closer to Christ to help him! We shall see...we then had a couple of appointments bail on us and we played football with a group of kids for like an hour! It was fun. they were all freshman and afterwards they all had a BoM in there hand and thanked us for it and also it was the first time "older people" played with them. had smiles on there faces and so did we cause it was fun to play football! wish i coulda played cause i really enjoy it! Hopefully they will call and we can come play again with them! We then went to the V.C. again! YEAH! For a Flute Ensemble. it was good but seen better! Went with David Neville, member who drove us in a Nisson Cube..never buy one haha it is gay! also with David Sosa a recent convert and his friend Marcus who we have been teaching! was good to just walk around the v.c. and be there again! We went every day this week lol
Church! Sun. I had to say the opening prayer in sac meeting! I still hate praying in sac meeting and never want to do it again! Church was really good today! I loved all three meetings and that normally doesn't happen haha! We then had an appointment bail and then had lunch at a sweet member's home! Wassum's he was sick so we also gave him the sac. They have a cute little girl that liked me and kept giving me stuff! She is almost two and wanted to sit on my lap and we aren't allowed....some rules they give us are just dumb! we then had another appointment bail so we checked on people and not really much! Then the Awesome member we took out, took us to the v.c.! Bro and sis Brunner are the best! i want to be like them when i grow up! A fun couple who does cool things sho just are crazy in love with each other and it is just obvious and they don't have to do the PDA to show it haha! Tis on there faces! And they are funny! We told a couple of sister's that they were getting baptized next Sunday and those sister's went ballistic it was a good time! Also met Rene, and Fe there! And also an Indian Family that we invited who live right above us in the apartment complex! Will start to teach them! they had a great time! I love the Indian Culture and they are going to feed us! I like how spicy there food is! It was a good week and i feel like i was at the V.c/ alot! I guess everyday brings that too ya! Go Festival of Lights!
Sounds like Temple Square was fun!
Keep up the basketball Shelb! Tell mom to send some pics and videos with the s-d card haha!
Meg needs to stop texting so much! talk to him don't text, you will like him more haha,
I am excited for Christmas apparently you are getting an e-mail about the 40 minute thing...we will see i guess! Keep it down on the mission phone for sure but i might call a little bit on another phone but it depends on who we go to! i don't want to talk for ages but maybe a little longer than just 40 min.
Well i think i gotta go! See ya next Wed...might be a really long email next week haha!
Send the pics and i will too next week haha sorry send the s-d card back so you can have them all and i don't have to worry about sending them!

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