Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's happening!

Wed, was just dumb had to stay in all day long! Played alot of pool and had a good dinner that night at the church, got a ride there!

Thurs, was interviews! This was the wierdest interview yet. I was on the verge of tears the whole time just talking about some things that are stressful to me. Mostly just kinda talked about you guys. I dunno if i will ever get over being homesick, it is just something i have learned to deal with. Also with missionary stuff, have had a hard time lately with everything. I hope by next week i will be out in the country somewhere and out of the city! i have served inside the beltway my whole mission and it is all just city. I want to go see some farms again! I kinda hope i go down to Southern Maryland.

After interviews, we just went out and worked and had a meeting with Kirk! This guy is my favorite! During the meeting, Elder Gumbi called me from California and it was nice to say goodbye to him. I will miss him alot. We played basketball a ton together! I dunno really the truth to why he went home early, but i guess he does.

Kirk is doing good tho, finally went inside his house for the first time. It is kinda a mess in there. He lives alone so you can imagine. Hopefully he will let us help him clean it! Keep askin everytime i go over there.
Met a cool guy named Darrell. He is super smart on the Bible or at least so he says and seems like he could be a good leader for the ward if we get him haha. Just prayed with him on the street and got his number. Hopefully we can meet with him.

Fri, Weekly Planned today! Got that all done and met with Mia. She is doing good still. Is a little sick and she didn't come to church again so we are a little frustrated with her. Prolly will say goodbye to her this week! Don't want to but she needs to come to church before she will be able to progress. Prolly gonna leave with an invitation with a notice we will set up the next meeting when she comes to church. Also met with Sis Jackson! She is a good lady! I sometimes question if she is there or not. She loves the church tho and that is what matters!

Sat, Had our missionary meeting, our ward mission leader forgot to tell us he went out of town so that was fun. haha But we went to lunch then went and talked with people. On average i shoot to talk to 10 people a day and lately have been hitting it. It is kinda a goal # but of course you try to talk with everyone. I think on average this last week i talked with 12 to 14 a day so not bad i guess. Have had a couple recently wanted to learn. Still not a lot but alot better than the last couple of weeks. Met with Jeanette with the Porter's! She is wierd. Can't tell if she is accoutable or not but i hope that she is. Hopefully she will go down on the 2 of December! Also ran into a man named Kenny Rodgers and had a good lesson with him. He is a smart guy whose religion is fairly accurate haha

Sun, Munch and Mingle is always great! Jeanette and Brenda came to church! Bro Peguse is the man! We then went to the V.C. With Jeanette and watched a trumpet people play!

Mon, We took Brenda to the V.C.! That was one of the most spiritual expierences on my mission! J.S. movie just put her in tears. She is gonna be going down on the 25th of this month. She is the most prepared person i have ever taught on my mission. She has the cutest little girl Alaina. Brenda walked into another church two weeks ago and said she wanted to be baptized! YAYA. We will do it for her! Also District Meeting in the morning then the man J.S. Armstrong took us all out to lunch! Love that guy.

Tues, Finally got some refferals in the phone! 3 today after i don't believe getting one for the last two transfers! Interesting. found a guy out of some false information...Izzy haha what a name. Then had a good g-q with a guy on a bike named Andrew. He might be interesting but we will have fun with him next week! Then had another good FHE last night! Taught Brenda with a couple members for like 30 minutes before on the Plan of Salvation. Then had an Atonement lesson. Then watched Mormons helping hands video about hurricane sandy it is super duper good go look it up! Then had a fun time watching sherrates with black people.

today we went to the temple and played tennis with Elder Porter! Had a really fun time. I love tennis.
Well everything kinda just dropped about last week and the locked out thing. Just isn't worth getting it through his head that he was in the wrong. but i am over it.

Well I don't have much time left so i better git going! Love ya so much and don't send letters to 16th street anymore! hopefully will be out of here by next week!

Just some socks for Christmas and i believe that is all i really want. More of the same one's you got me for my birthday! other than that i don't need much. Not really anything at all.

Thanks for your prayers they are much needed and have been felt this week.
Love ya so much and keep the e-mails coming!
Talk to ya next week somewhere!

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