Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Wednesday, Wonnacot's had us for dinner! They are a pretty cool family. Some younger kids some that are 2 or 3 year's from a mission, Then after dinner we just went out and worked for about an hour. Had a really good spiritual thought there. Played a little bit of an church apples to apples game we played at was fun and spiritual. Tis good for the kids. proselyting on Thanksgiving...So we went to a Turkey Bowl in the morning and was running around playing football with adults and a couple of young kids it was really fun except i was the only one that can catch a ball it seemed like haha. Wish i coulda played football..afterwards a little basketball. We were there from like 8 to 1 haha. I fell and my teeth cut my lip pretty bad but it is all healed now. This made me super super sore. A week later i feel like i am just getting over it. I am getting old it feels like haha. Then we came home and did a little Weekly Planning like we were supposed to do and then we had dinner at a member's. Deep fried a more roasting when i come home. Deep Fried Turkey is the best think i have had on my mission haha. Gordy's were there names and they are nice people. Had a spicy stuffing too and it was amazing good.
Friday, This was the most sore i have ever been. We went out and just did some missionary work. It seemed like everyone was home cause of the holiday's so that was really good. We set up lots of appointments for next week and We also got 4 referral today for the Spanish. It was kinda crazy how many referrals we got. highest referral day for me so far! I could hardly walk around today.
Saturday! We had another good day haha i don't have my planner with me so i don't remember what we did on these days till monday haha. I think we may have had a dinner appointment again...i love getting fed and One of these day's it was with Bro Brown! This guy is pretty cool. Is doing a big miniture train thing. It takes up the whole garage and he has a lot of time to work on it cause his health is pretty bad. He has had a rough life the past 5 years. Apparently he lived with a staff infection for like a year and it is one of those infections the docter doesn't know how he lived. Supposed to have died from it like 9 months before they found it. He was not active in the church at the time and it took that experience to get him back. It is good that he is back.
Sunday, Church was not very attended cause half the ward was up in New York cleaning up so that is good. This ward is really great tho. Alot of really cool members. We had the Dougals, the office couple who are assigned to our ward to take us to Brenda's baptism...she got under! It was a neat experience to be there! That is 3 now i guess! And counting...
Then came back and the sister's had a our ward it is split between us and sister's Sister Joost and Nakatasuka...not sure if i spelled them right. They are pretty good and had a baptism. We are also taking over there area for the Festival of Lights. They are at the V.C. most of the time so we get to have all there appointments at night. It is going to be tough i think but it should be do able. They are letting us keep our car and giving us more miles so that is good.
Monday, we were out of miles so we started biking! I couldn't keep up with e. Peterson and we went into a bike store and i got me some skinny tires haha. They are about a 1/4 the size of the other one's. It is super nice and should have done it a long time ago...and they were on sale...saved like $15 so it was swell...we also were able to get alot done, We found 3 new investigators today...Lewis, Carolina, and Shawn. All i think have potential so it is very very good...we met with a less active that isn't really smart at all! haha I hate teaching dumb people sometimes...but i love it all at the same time.
We then had a sweet dinner with Gladys Mu..... Was very good. Gave us a refferal for the ASL, Her son Idi is sweet and we are going to start to take him out. I have found a good friend in him and he is gonna keep me updated on all the sports so i like him alot haha. We stayed prolly a little longer than we should have but it was just fun to sit down and talk. E. Peterson gave a really good spiritual thought on a moth and trials haha. Might could send it to Boyd K Packer i think...look it up maybe
Tuesday, was really cold so we drove today...met a few people, Had a lesson with Stacy Staples, she is a sweet elderly lady who lives alone had a really good first lesson with her and just am hoping she will progress and find out this is true but i am not expecting too much out of her but hopefully she surprises me...We had a meeting with Janae Lawrence, she is a black girl getting ready to turn in her paper's and we are encouraging and she loves to have us over. It is fun to just sometimes open up and talk and just have some fun and that is what we did with her...just got to know her and laughed a little bit. She will be a great missionary...then we had a meeting with the Shaffer's Scott and Gale...They are pretty sweet! I felt right at home at there house it was weird. She grew up Mormon...he was Jewish. She stopped going to church in college and just hasn't felt worthy to come back to church and found another one she feels better in haha. He converted to Christianity in 2004. Said he was never going to do that but he did. Said he would never marry a mormon and did. It was just a good meeting. I love them so much. We started to just answer all there ?'s and then it led into a plan of salvation and we taught the whole thing. Super spiritual. They ate it all up too. It was cool to see it one there faces. Prolly the best P.o.S. i have ever taught and it was mainly them teaching. They understand scriptures really good. I am looking forward to good times with them! We are going to Jenny Oaks Baker on Monday with them and dinner on Tuesday with them so it is gonna be fun! he likes to cuss and is a country boy so i kinda feel at home haha
today was good too, we went to E. Lott's apartment cause he has laundry, he is with E. Moss right now so we played a board game and did laundry and then went and took a pic with Santa with the sister's for a thank you card for the Ward. Will send ya one and will send pics next week hopefully.
I don't really want much for Christmas, just pics from friends and letters haha. Its all i ask.
gonna maybe sit down write Colten, Parker, and see how they are doing. i am terrible at writing letter's sometime. Some days you just aren't in the mood and it only happens once a week so not a lot of time to write.
Thanksgiving sounds like it was fun, Doug and Kendall look big haha, everyone changes in two years i think and i am at one year!
Next week i can say in a year i will be home haha. I think it is going to go by really fast now. Transfer's zip by for me right now and only have like 8 of those left. Crazy crazy.
I don't know much else to say exept i really like this area and my companion so it will be a really quick transfer. I love being able to just go out and work and have someone who knows just as much as me about what to do. he has been out 9 months so it is super duper nice!
Well if there is anything specific you want to know just ask!
Love Elder Seth Stoor

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