Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elder Stoor was transferred!

So Wednesday didn't do much haha not very long to go work!
Thursday, We Weekly Planned for the last time together. It was a quick easy one and just got alot talked about! We had a meeting with Earl where we may or may not have just played a game of chess with him! He beat us both and then we talked about him getting baptized! Should be fun. Hopefully he will.
We then saw Sis Jones, had a good conversation about prayer! Go look at the October Ensign and the article on prayer. It is really really good!
After we went over to Kirk's and taught him a little about faith! We were late and was going to do service but didn't end up doing much! I was super tired and slept for dinner didn't eat and my comp didn't set an alarm and so we were about an hour late. Best nap i have had in my life tho. Kirk laughed when we told him we fell asleep. It was funny.
Friday, we went on a blitz with Elder Fisher and Rushton and just talked with everyone! Talked to prolly 80 people between us and not one thing from it...take it back a referral for the Spanish. It was fun tho and just good to be out with four of you hitting the streets.
We then had a awful lesson. Teaching just sucked on our part and it was with...Jigga...Big Mama Michelle. This mom is HUGE! It was just a super fun lesson tho. She is a really good person! She danced with Elder Fisher at the end! Oh boy...i have never seen a butt go from the behind to the side then to the other side...Called Jigga for a reason and it was super funny. Also said the closing prayer with her daughter and her friends that are 20 so it was kinda weird but funny ending...wanted us to go to the club.
Then we had a meeting with Stephanie that night! It was good to finally see her again! It has been since September! We had a really good lesson and just always seem to catch her at the best possible time! She has been really busy but will hopefully start to have time to meet with us!
Sat, Meeting in the morning...Tried to talk to people and was checking on everyone it seemed like today...we met with Brenda...she is just the best. our roommates came and it was good cause we needed a 3rd male. Lesson really just wasn't good and i wasn't very happy about it. Our teaching just sucked! But we did get her to ask her friend to baptize her so next week she will be baptized by a friend!
Brenda did still stay in the next lesson...this was at the church...with Jeannette and Lila and the Porter's! Taught the same thing and it was a 180 degree difference! it went really good! Taught P.O.S. with W.o.W and Chasity! I love teaching Chastity it is just awkward from the very beginning it is great! These two will both be baptized tho and i am very excited about it! Brenda on this Sunday coming up so i will get to go back for it!
Sun, was Stake Conference  It was freaking General Conference worthy talks...They were so good. First one was on the Atonement and Grace and how it is all by the grace of the atonement that it works...just blew my mind haha. Another was about having distractions and how much we can get ourselves doing then we can't feel the spirit in our lives! Twas good too
We then went to Bro Peguse! This man is AWESOME! We watched the Redskins game, gave him the sacrament and i had a really good talk with him! I am so grateful for this man and i have loved the friendship we have made! News about him coming up but this meeting was the best and we almost didn't give him the sacrament but we ended up doing it!
Mon, We went and helped prepare food at the feast of sharing. They feed the homeless and the first half of the day we were preparing food for it. Cutting chicken and turkey, cutting pies sure it is all over the mission blog! Coming from our apartment...Sis Holt in jeans should be illegal! Especially in front of Pres.
 we then had a sweet meeting with a cool new investigator! Izzy is his name and it was just fun! Awesome lesson, we then went to go see Kishea...she is officially a Levite and she has the Priesthood! She is ridiculous! and also today was Elder Arnetts Birthday! I took him to Moroni's Pizza Place for dinner! it was good. we had a good fun day capped off with Call Out Night, we played pool and bang and had some fun and found out i was leaving and going to a car area! YAY!
Tuesday!, Chucked out today cause it is chuck out tuesday! Packed in the morning and then we went to go say goodbye to Bro Peguse...We learn that he collapsed and he was taken to a hospital...we went to the hospital right away...found out that he had passed away. It was like having a family member die for me. He was a truly awesome man! They let us in and we seen his body...there is truly a difference when the spirit leaves. You can really notice the difference  It just wasn't him. We read a scripture together...Alma 40:11-12...this scripture has never been so real than it was there in the hospital. We then held hands and said a last prayer with him. This is when i started to cry. I was pretty good till then and i just every time i think of it now i just go into tears. I know the Plan of Salvation is real...i know he is in a better place, he lived a good long life. Born in 1928, but there is just some reason it is hard. Today was just hard.
After we went to Sis Macks and that made it better....then to Ihop...then me and elder arnett left our roommates and went to Mia...then to the church for FHE! Then me and elder fisher went down to Zeitsman! Twas good meetings and saying goodbye just sucks! I hate it...especially the for good goodbye's. It is time to leave tho i would go crazy if i stayed for another!
Wednesday! We go to the Transfer meeting now...hate it cause they just changed the format and we have a meeting where we find out who our comp and area is in the morning! I don't like it one bit...but i am with Elder Peterson! he was in the DC 3rd District when i got there and he left the transfer before i. He was with Elder Goodman so he had a rough six weeks...Should be fun for us both tho. I think i will really like him. We are in Quince Orchard East Area. Up in Gaithersburg...will have to let ya know about it next week!
For Christmas ..i really want to skype i will be honest...don't know if it is allowed here but tell me what you think...i don't really need anything for Christmas ..just some caramels will be nice haha. maybe an ipod classic too :], or a nice long letter from everyone! including some friends. that would be the best present in the whole wide world! and a picture of everyone too...i like to have more pictures if i could from you guys and friends!
Thanksgiving is a non pros day so we have football with the ward in the morning and then a dinner...should be fun! Weekly Plan the rest of the time.

congrats to bailey simmons i guess haha didn't know they were dating. Wes will be a good missionary! so will Tanner...kinda weird how it all happens. Wonder if they will be companions.
Well i don't have much to tell ya else...Love you and thanks for all you do!
Love Elder Seth Stoor!!!

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