Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy that Jake is home already. Sheesh i guess i just have to be the only one out from the ward now. I wonder when the next one will be after me? 
Porter has gotten a little taller and skinnier. Starting to look not like a toddler i guess. He will prolly be taller than me by the time i get home. but shelb...good luck
Got shelby's letter today will hopefully get it in the mail today...address is 6101 16th St #918, Washinton  D.C., look up the zip tippy top northwest corner tho. i will send the address on shelby's letter.
I want to know where Chris served. J.S. Armstrong told me he thinks he was one of sister Mack's missionaries. Sister Mack is super cool. haven't really met her yet but she is awesome from what i hear. Can't wait till fast and testimony meeting. It is always the  best in Anacostia and D.C. 3rd Wards. When you guy's come out here hopefully you can plan it on a fast and testimony meeting and we will have to pick one prolly d.c. 3rd cause i don't think i want to go back to Anacostia cause i am too scared.
Here it is been super fun to talk to people. on Monday i talked to 40 people just myself. Some are nice some just don't want to talk to us and i ask why not? haha i know that no one wants to talk to us. There has been missionaries on bikes for as long as anyone can remember in d.c.. Everyone knows us and so you have to get something flashy to say to catch there interest. or do what i do best do something stupid to make them laugh then strike a conversation up. Like when you hit the end of my bicycle makes a funny sound. Ask people what they think of that sound. That works surprisingly haha. Alot of people just give you false information tho.
So...on monday...go to panda after every district meeting again. while i have my food a freaking J-dub just wants to talk to us. Of course just chooses me to talk too. had a surprisingly good conversation with him. Then just try's to prove us wrong. Talked about some ridiculous think...a salamander talked to Joesph Smith and that is how he got some revelation?? I don't know anything like that. Didn't believe me when i told him i am pretty sure that is false. anyways so i just feel like bashing with J-Dubs cause they just want to do that with us, but some of them are just terrible at it and it goes no where. If they would listen you could get them all prolly converted but they seem to be all brain-washed. First one i kinda had a decent conversation with haha.
After him talked with a Muslim. Didn't really understand repentance. Explained it like 5 times till he actually got that we know that repentace isn't just confession. Something more than that. Got me riled up anyways.
Then we went to go meet our future B-day hopefully on friday. Pretty much told us that she knew this was true. Lavonda is her name but her babby's daddy was there and wanted to just prove us wrong on everything we had to say. He was Baptist. Just thought he knew everything. Luckily everytime he tried to prove us wrong i had a good scripture to back me up haha. I don't prove them wrong i just prove me right. I don't consider that bashing but it prolly is. I am getting good at it though. It just sucks cause then that is what you think about for the rest of the day. Drives the spirit away. contention is of the devil but it is good sometimes. Needs to happen so i can defend myself. Scriptures are the best tool to use when someone wants to prove you wrong cause most people don't want to bash with scriptures. That is why study is so important.
My roomates are super cool...Elder Fisher...was trained by Goodman and he got the worst of everything.  Learned loads but don't want to be back with him again. Prolly the best thing that could have happened to me at that point tho. anyways...Fisher is training been out one longer than me. Elder Chapman...from austrailia...perth, austrailia haha. Super cool accent. Love the kid.. Both of them are really hard workers. This will be a good transfer.
I think i have comp troubles every other transfer. Third day into it we had to do comp inventory cause this Elder Moss did not like me at all.  It will get better and we will learn lots together. He is a super smart kid. Knows a ton. Knows prolly a bit too much tho. super fun to go ask someone else a question and get a response from them and elder moss. oh i have to fun sometimes. He is a good kid and has a strong testimony. I have enjoyed being with him.  He has lived two years in Hawaii. Has two older brothers and one older sister he is the baby of the family. Acts like Shelby and they get everything they want. He is super fun tho. Gonna work him to death tho. He tells me he wants to work hard and i am showing him how haha. He has come and grown a long ways tho it is kinda cool to see how much he has grown in a week. I hate this senior comp stuff cause i feel all responsible for everthing in the area and it is not fun. I guess it could be worse and i could be poor d.l. and training...poor soul..He is working on getting me some referals from back at home tho so that is mighty nice cause girls just don't write me haha maybe the utah one's will
Not much else to report other than the book of mormon is true. that is a good news update.
umm..will you get me a voice recorder thing. I am taking this idea and trying to run with it in fact i might just go buy one today if i have time. i want to start just recording what i did for my journal cause i just can't write it down. i just can't. but i think i can talk about it. hopefully dad is checking on it right now to know whether or not i need to just go buy one or to get you guy's to get one send to me.
hopefully not every where is toasty for ya like it is at kelly park. It is weird here. Super humid lately. I hear it is going to be trible digits tomorrow something to look forward too..but the humidity makes it hot but when you get going on your bike it is a cool breeze kinda just messes with ya.
I do miss the car tho. a/c was nice. The work lately has been make appointments and plan for what you will do pretty much in the area cause you know it will dog. We have had 9 appointments the last two days and 1 of them has held haha. Nothin like missionary work. then you just go back to trying to get people to talk to ya. Kinda gets frustrating sometimes. Super fun to pray on the street with people tho...hold hands on a street corner.
I will send week haha hold me to it.
take pics of the apartment and if i can of the area.
Have a good week gotta get running but will prolly be e-mailing here in the library of congress for the next few weeks while i am here in DC 3rd cause it is just sick to say i am at the library of congress hehe be jealous
Love ya
Elder Stoor

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