Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I have been transfered! Kinda glad kinda sad, just mixed feelings about everything. Things i will miss from the old area...the b-day's that finally came after 3 months of working...the car...and just being able to really get myself around. I knew it pretty good. but yes no car in august because i am on a bike again! D.C. 3rd Ward..North area. So i have covered pretty much both corner's of D.C.. Southeast of the southeast and then northwest of the northwest. I am pretty excited/nervous. I am a senior companion now. My comps name is Elder Moss...he is from Hawaii but he is whiter than me haha. I have heard some interesting things about him and heard he has struggled a little bit. I am just excited to work. I know from my last area that working and obedience is the way to go. I need to get better at my obedience, but i will never be perfect. I am just going to try and really wake up this transfer. It is the worst. It always seems to be time for bed and time to get up. I know i can get better at waking up tho. Hopefully be able to do a couple work outs, but maybe not cause i am on a bike in August...Hottest of the year, and it is really hot. I have lost a total of 25 pounds since coming out but i hope to be down to around 180 by the time i leave this area. that is 20 more lbs. and we don't get fed just once a week on p-day and go out one other time. I do like that we get extra money cause i need it. had to use the card today for my groceries.
Glad to hear i am getting letters haha. Sorry my sister's but it will help me on p-day to get more too ya and get more letters. Thanks for the letter mara. twas a good read hehe. I will try to write ya back today. maybe mom too cause i didn't have mike's address. or bishop's sorry. and i will have to ask Elder Miyasaki or however you spell the name for all the dirt on shay's new special someone haha. I see him every once in a while. he is a good kid. Whitewashing with elder lott this transfer. Elder Lott from the MTC. and i am around Elder Morris again. Love him. he is training so that is nuts. It is just crazy that i have been out for as long as we have. Tell me about it dad. 8 months is crazy. I think it will just continue to go by fast. It only seems like a couple months tho...nuts..
Elder Watts my old comp is now training so that should be good for the area. Always seems to get miricles to come to have someone train in the area. I really enjoyed college park. but i think i will really enjoy being back on a bike. Hopefully i won't die in the heat but if i do i love you all.
Next week i hope we might e-mail at the library of congress haha. Better that the computers here. They are super slow.
I can't believe Elder Schaap is like getting on the plane to go home. It is super duper nuts. The only other one it was tough to say goodbye too was Elder Fawcett. they are some cool people. I am glad i came out when i did. Learn a ton from them.
Something my mission has given me tho. i know how to say goodbye to people. Also i have found out that i really do know some things. I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. I am starting to really feel a connection with him. I am starting to really feel the Spirit when i teach. I am starting to understand why everything is the way it is. both in mission life and in home life. I think i am just begining to grow up. I am beginning to see a real change in myself. It was there for a while but it is becoming stronger now. I know it is because i am out of the world and in to the things that really matter most.
Go and look at the mormon message...Good things to come...really awesome by jeffery r holland. truly is true. when we do what is right the blessings come. seen that in my last area.
One cool story before i leave...Nick...took a member who goes into the MTC next week out with us. He pointed Nick out. Had a sweet g-q. found out he had been paralized by a stroke. in a wheelchair. hard life. left a quick lesson on faith and an appointment to come back. When we came back we had a 1st lesson. God blesses us....nick says i know he has. when i had my stroke the doctors told me i wouldn't be able to walk. watch this. got up and walked like a little child kinda wably and then said not all. did a little jump then walked back to the wheelchair. super spiritual. taught christ church with an object lesson cups build it up and let them fall (apostacy). At the end elder watts taught restoration. spirit there on the first vision like it always is. Then i just had a feeling to speak. I didn't think what to say i just opened my mouth. I know i said something along these lines." Nick, you can find out if this is true for yourself...he came to attention....then i bore testimony of the book of mormon. told him this is how to find out. he almost had a tear. Roosevelt the member then bore testimony and we closed with a prayer. Saying goodbye. He looked at us and said"that glow is back" talked about baptism and how he had a glow for a while after baptism...its back he says...i then put him on date for the 26th of august. he gave us a hug and we left. Prolly the most spiritual expierence i have ever had. he says he wants to be a motivational speaker which would be amazing!
Well that's all hope everything goes good for ya!
Love y'all

here is the mormon message:

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