Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

hi i am happy

Hey guy's.
So this last week has prolly been the worst of my mission. I feel like i didn't do anything because there was just no unity between me and elder goodman. He wasn't about to try anything different or just be nice and to be frank i wasn't either. We are both pretty stubborn and i just had enough of him. anyways that is over now cause now i have a new companion. Remember my old roommate Elder Watts! cause that is him. He is super cool, hard working, obidient, and someone you can work with. Someone that will adjust to you as much as you can adjust to him. Perfect not just one sided. And we are both super young. he has only been out one longer than me and he is a new senior comp and district leader so he is pretty nervous. We both have talked and we both said we are quiet and want to get to where we can talk. YAY well i guess it will be fun. Hopefully it won't be all silent or just one person talking but i think we will be able to find a balance and there is one thing we are going to do. Kinda a slogen i got from Elder Bybee in his letter to me. say it outloud...Work like Helen B Happy. hehe

stayed in the same area so i get to be here for three transfers. I like it so i guess it is a good area to be here for longer than most. i think me and elder goodman got a lot of potential going and hopefully that potential can go into success. Baptisms don't mean you are successful missionary so you can't compare but i have a feeling we can get one. There is about 15 names that have some potential so maybe we will be able to see at least 1 go under. This area hasn't baptized in a year too so that might explain some of it.
Looking back i am grateful for elder goodman, i learned alot! more from him than my last companions combined...prolly tied between him and my trainer.

Sorry i am such a debby downer when i go through hard times and such but such is life. I am grateful for the chance to be out here and i know that i am going to finish strong. It is going by fast and i look at it in transfer wise i am in my 5th and we only have 17 so in a couple i will be counting down from 10. super crazy. Time fly's.

Baseball game was the best. Kinda felt like i was at home and it was a super weird feeling to see all the scandalis girls, worldly music, and just the yelling atmosphere. Felt super strange to be there. Was a good game. They lost but seen a couple homers and had good defensive plays. But was a baseball game, lots of beer and peanuts what can make a man happier????

for expierences and such like that not much went on. We didn't get to teach as much as we did in the past but i will definately tell you a name and expierience next week. kinda slow. Call out monday, chuck out tuesday, transfer wednesday, and baseball game and an all day p-day! yay. lots of moving around and i am tired. one thing that i don't think i can ever get over. i think i will be tired for the rest of my flippin life.
I am begining to come to the realization of who i used to be cause i have forgotten what i used to do at home, and what i used to do to be me. Hopefully i can do better at being a normal person. missionary's are weird!

Katie love you. Thanks for the letter and just write whatever the heck you write. its what i do. i don't know if i want to send you a letter tho until you get back in the u.s. cause i am a cheap son of a gun and don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get a letter to ya. sorry mean person i am but when you come back to america you can get many letters. and for everyone. don't worry about making me homesick for something you put in a letter cause too late i already am homesick and hearing from anyone won't make me any more homesick but i am not homesick to the point i can't do work so don't freak out. i normally don't even think of home, but i guess there is always right before bed and in the shower that it just happens and such is life. move on and go talk to somebody

Thanks aunt ruth for the object lesson book! letter might be coming prolly in a month cause i am a slacker and won't have time till next p-day! thanks!

Love ya all, enjoy life, smile, write me letter, go to bed, all in a day's work!

(he sent this after the letter)
while these pics are loading.
elder goodman went zl so i got to stay in the area
elder wong is now my zone leader. he went straight to zone leader skipped the district leader part haha sucks for him.
pics from the baseball game, one was our distric picture, and one of my freaking eye that got bite by some bug and couldn't really open it for a day or so. kinda sucked and people made fun of it and i got to do one of those hahaha heard that before and smile.
if there is something else you want from me let me know. love ya all!

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