Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I really don't have time to think too much so i am glad y'all had fun. Can i get Colton's mission address? i forgot to write down his address so hopefully i will get a letter to him today. 

This week went by fast as usual now. We got a B-day! We found Anacely when checking on a less-active. Lives next door. She was outside so we g-qed her. She dogged the first appointment. fun fun. But we were out with Migel Rojas again, and we went by. Right before Migel started talking of how we should have prayed. We were running behind and just didn't with him before we left his house. The appointment we were supposed to be checking on dogged, so we started to talk and we decided maybe we should have prayed before. We did next door was Anacely, she let us in had a super cool first lesson and put her on date she was excited, and we were too! Prayer really works sometimes haha. 
Last week was Zone Conferance and it was prolly the best one i have been too. Elder Gleed gave a workshop on baptismal calender's. Kind of just an obvious answer to my prayer on what to help my area. so we are going to do baptismal calender's. Give those b-day's a calender with all the things they need pretty much. He is super cool too, i hope i get to serve around my long lost cousin sometime. 

The Assistants gave a really good workshop on the importance of study's! the best one i have seen yet from them. Just really gets you focused on doing the little things better. Putting more focus on all the little things. Being more selfless and that is when the revelation comes to find yourself. Something that is happening to me i think. The more and more i think about the people the more and more answers come on what to do and what to say. Funny how things like that works. Need to get a friend to pray for my ?'s i have and maybe he could tell me haha. 

My comp is over his poison ivy which is good so we can return to being able to work full-time. We have sent alot of people out of our area for some reason. This transfer i have sent more refferals than all the other's put together. It is fun and hopefully they can start coming the other way. 

So this is Elder Schaap's last transfer. Super weird. It is strange cause it seems like you make a friend then the next thing you know they go home. I guess that is what it is tho. you get to see everyone go home before you. the whole mission will change. I am at the point right now where i start to not know who people are. I need to start making friends with all the young one's cause they aren't going anywhere haha. 

Death Temple was good. The D.C. Temple is just big and beautiful. Just a massive building filled with the Spirit. It is good to just be able to go and relax in the house of the Lord. 

The mission is doing a BoM reading. Something i forgot to tell y'all. 7 pages a day marking every refferance to Jesus Christ, His words, His attributes, and His doctrine. It is truly amazing to just flip and see how much the BoM is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Isaiah sucks tho. I don't like that guy cause he didn't dumbify it for me. 

The Book of Mormon really has a power in it. You don't really know till you start to introduce it to people, read it, and use it. It is kind of a goal for me to be able to really know that book by the time i come home. I am starting to remember where things are. Scriptures are cool. I just wish i could easily access that modern day scripture. Enjoy the internet my friends. 

Thanks for the package, hopefully there won't be too many water fights. I like candy but i don't want to get too fat. Send me some healthy snacks. I do like the nerds and sweetarts and starbursts tho. Hopefully i won't get too fat when i eat them during study haha. I want to weigh myself cause i am hoping that i am now under 200. I went into the MTC at 220 so i hope it just keeps coming off just hope i don't have to get it to come off during the summer on a bike. 
It is super hot. I don't like it. I am never living where there is humidity. I miss the cold. Don't miss the snow but i miss the cold. 

Glad you all had a good time up in Oregon. Send me some more pics. dang it. 
kind of funny is i killed another mouse. Got a video of it haha. That is two i have gotten with my shoe haha. super fun. 
I am glad i am here and able to serve in this mission. I am grateful for next p-day 4th of july haha yes. i think i am emailing on tuesday cause all the library's will be closed. that is what they told us at least. get your emails earlier. 
Hope you all find time to relax and have some more fun cause i don't have time to relax. it is starting to become funner for me tho. 

I think i only have time to think about once a week. the rest is a blur. 
I am gonna go school some people in death ball tho so i think i will talk to y'all next week. 

Love Elder Stoor
hopefully i get your letter done today shelb

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