Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Transfer

Hey guy's
So Monday night is call out night to see who we are getting where we are going before transfers and it was super weird to feel the anxiety haha Elder Wong is his name and he is from China...can't get a fellow citizen for a companion. haha I met him before but not really haha he seems super cool tho in the first little while we have been together. This morning was super tough to say good-bye to Elder Fawcett. That was just as hard as leaving mom and dad at the mtc. I know i will be alright tho and should be an easy adjustment but we had so much in common it was crazy. We had tons of fun and he was not trunky at all which was super nice. He gave me alot of stuff and i already miss him alot. Also E. Morris the red-head was transfered so weird not seeing him cause i was his roomate pretty much for the last 9 weeks. Prolly the toughest day of my mission so far but it is p-day haha.

Elder Wong is super sweet tho we have gotten off to a good start and he was Fawcett's comp at one point and they are super good friends so it is good. he is super good at basketball and loves the NBA so we spent an hour talking about that. I will get you a picture of us next week. I don't have my camera with me again. I can already see unity coming which is good so i am excited for this next transfer because i think we will see a few baptisms from mine and Fawcett's efforts. Alot of them should be this month i hope.

I really love this area tho so i am happy that i am not leaving but i am afraid i prolly will because the numbers have come up from last couple transfers in our area. Last transfer had a lot of success. It was funny we found a 100$ broken piece of a bill! Fawcett found it then i found another piece in a drain! we were stoked and looked around thinking we just found $100 which would be sweet haha. but we never found it and the bank would not cash the pieces dang it but it will be a good memory haha. After that tho we thought we were happy. Later that day we went to a family we found. They are super cool ask awesome ?'s names are Erica mom, then three girls Karlisha who has two little girls, ShaDonna 15, Shaquia like 12 i think but we put them on a baptismal date for Mara's birthday and it made us both super happy. Last night we were thinking about it. Fawcett looked at me and said the Lord's work brings happyness that lasts while the worldly happyness don't last it was super cool to realize it like that.

I have been finding coins on the ground and i made $2.59 this transfer haha

One nice thing about having an Asian companion is people might not think i am Asian anymore lol. Don't know why everyone thinks i am Asian but they do. It is going to be interesting cause on the way to the Library E. Wong told me that he is really scared lol so from the black people they look at us and say there are two Asian missionaries who are walking around scared which is the truth haha. I know the Lord will protect us tho.

This next transfer i hope to work more with the less-actives then we have been and re-activate the accountable one's that would not be a burden to the ward. Accountability is really a problem here. Fast and Testimony meetings are funny unless you have an investigator to say the least, then they scare you.

As i look back i know i am a completely different person than when i came out. I have grown so much it is crazy. I know this Church is true and i know it blesses lives. We take for granted how much it blesses your lives until you go live somewhere else. In Utah and Idaho it is just a way of life, out here in D.C. it is totally different. I cannot explain how much it has blessed my life not even in words let alone typing. I want everyone to just sit back and thing of where you would be without this gospel and i can't even imagine! It is crazy how much i have grown in the last 9 weeks. I can truly see how i was prepared before my mission to be able to be out here at this time. I love this work and i would not trade it for anything else.

Thanks for the addresses i might have some time to write. I do not let letters get in the way of the work here so answer to Mara don't worry how much you write me. They tell us to only write on P-day but you have an hour every night because we come in early if we don't have appointments because it is super sketchy to be out and i was told if i felt unsafe to go home so i don't like to be out at night unless i have to be, especially in some parts of the area.

Here are the answers to your ?'s mom. How is the laundry coming?  Laundry is good but expensive, E.Wong just gave me an idea to get it done for free so hopefully it will work 1.75 wash 1.50 dry super expensive Have you cleaned you toilet recently? prolly not haha need to   What are you cooking or eating? I eat some quesadia's with hot dogs and jalepeno's alot, cereal, soup, pb&j, and not much else haha if you could send me some easy meals to make with not much ingredients i would try and make something   How often do you eat with members?  i have been told that last transfer was weird but they try and at least feed us once a week but this last one i bet it was close to average 3 times Have you been back to the mall area? no i haven't but i want to go and think we will next p-day   Anything you need? Um, there is a D and C DVD case thing that would be super useful. Also a DVD of Mormon Messages would be awesome to use for spiritual thoughts if you could work on getting those that would be good but no rush haha thanks  On the mission blog - it looks like you in a pix of practicing baptizing? not me haha

Thanks Shelb for the picture. Listen to them and you will be a good basketball player.

Mara look up Popcorn Poppin, it is a c-d that Pierruci has that is super sweet. It is kids bop to hymns and such it is super good haha Also if you want to get me a birthday gift or christmas gift you could get me the blue tie that you bought me again...sorry but Fawcett liked that tie and i gave it to him as a present to remember me. Wierd but i came out with 8 ties and now i am up to 17 haha I like ties tho.

I better get going the computer says good bye. I am doing fine and very excited for this next transfer. Next week i will send you home a picture of the district from last transfer and some other good ones i got. I love you all

Love Elder Stoor

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