Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello, Hello,

Hello Hello,
Tell Brandon if he is the little asian that i guarded last year haha. I think i know who he at least looks like. That is pretty sweet! He should love Australia, but it might not be as good as it is here ;], You should tell me real soon if Colton got his call this week!! i am so excited. He will love it. I really didn't know how much fun it really is till i got out here.
My Asian companion is teaching me how to cook haha kinda not really but we are rice buddies cause we can make some pretty good tasting rice haha. He loves basketball and is pretty good at it too so i think we are going to start to play in the mornings at a street court down the street haha. Maybe do some proselyting basketball with the cool black boys. We actually got free laundry this week that is pretty awesome. Saves me alot of money. Speaking of money people leave penny's all over the place so i started to pick them up last transfer and just in this past week i have made exactly 50 cents. Oh yeah
Tell Katie i am going to get my companion to send her a letter in Chinese but it will really be from me haha. I might start to try and learn Chinese from him haha. He is pretty sweet tho and i love the opportunity i have to serve with him. think i will send a picture in this letter too you guy's.
Thanks for the things you are sending me mom, i have not got them yet but they will be usuful to use on the miss. I wish i could have my ipod touch to use for lessons but the missionaries here i guess too much temptation. Two transfers ago they all had to send them home. They could be such a good tool tho.
I had to take the lead now cause Elder Wong doesn't want too and is scaring me saying i have to train but if i do i am going to write him a nasty letter about it haha jk but i really don't want to have responsibility this early in my mission. But everyone in Leadership right now is going home this year most of them going home in the summer. I really don't want to be a Dl, Zl, or AP cause it just adds to the stress you already have as a missionary. I look at one missionary who is super awesome and has not done any leadership roles and that is what i want. Not having a Dl as a comp is really better too. You can focus on the people better when you don't have your companion worrying about the other missionaries in the district too haha.
I do have to say that the mission president is the best. He is super fun. He jokes around with us when he is around haha. I love missionaries who are chill and want to work and have fun. Me and E. Wong are having soo much fun it is awesome.
This last week we have a family on date whose grandma is dying which kinda sucks cause that kept them from church...hopefully they can still make it on the 26th to be baptized. Julius Crutchfield is on the 19th so that will be good. he seems to be preparing himself but we are worried that he is just doing it to shut his wife up which in this case is surprisingly understandable but he needs to do it for the right reasons. and Corliss is being as stubborn as ever. I think we are going to just have to be VERY bold with her and then kinda stop coming to see her as much cause she can tell us just about everything. She is just super attached to her church but i think she is realizing the big picture if not that is my job to tell her the big picture i guess you could say haha. hopefully she will decide to get baptized. When i see everything i just wrote you i say Freak 6 baptisms. That is pretty sweet when you see in the past that noone has really baptized that much. You look at the ward too and less-actives are starting to come back which is super cool. The Spirit is so strong at church and i think it is because of the Bishop we have in the ward. He is super awesome and he is really helping us out by doing what he is doing with sacrament meetings manly just talking about the basics of the gospel. The people here just need that over and over and over again, because they just don't soak it all in. We are having success tho and i am loving every minute of it.
yesterday we were walking and was stopped by this white guy who started out the conversation and said you gonna teach me about the bleap god of yours? we said i guess if you want...Do you really think you could persuade me to believe in Jesus?...Yeah i think we just might be able to do that haha Had a good conversation. He swears alot and that got on my nerves especially when he would swear about god and jesus and he noticed the look on my face and stopped and i guess i was just a  little mad about he was cussin so much but he apologized and stopped cussin and had a good spiritual thought and he said he would read the book of mormon, so we will see where that goes. I don't know why everyone thinks we know about government stuff and everyone here hates the government and always seems to vent government stuff to us and we just sit there for about five minutes then change it to gospel stuff we meet people all the time who try and talk about the government. Had one yesterday talk about Monsanto haha kinda hit home when he said that word lol. He things they are working with the government to control all the food. Don't know what that meant but i said ok haha we get random conversations started all the time here in Anacostia sometimes it is annoying and everyone here seems to be a little bit on the un-accountable side so that is tough but if i look past it i love it. I just can't wait to serve in an accountable ward where people seem to just be there. I love it here tho and i know i am getting alot of cool experiences here.
I cannot think of anything i want from home right now i thought there was something else but maybe i could ask for it next week haha. I would like some recipes that would be easy to make and quick. Let me know it there is such a thing.
The weather here is just beautiful. I can't believe it is february cause it still feels like a perfect fall day all the time. I am going to hate summer tho i can already tell. We had one day in the 60's that was super hot and i was sweating. I can't imagine it in the 90's or higher. Going to be sweating all day everyday haha.
Here are some pictures from the past few weeks hope you like them
until next week
Love Elder Stoor
hope you enjoy the pictures...that is the biggest cochroach E.Fawcett has every seen and he got the honor's of killing it right before he left haha only bug every seen in the apartment so far. Could not find his friends...might still be some i don't know tho

Whatca got Elders?


Elder Fawcett & Elder Stoor - Elder Fawcett's last day in the mission

must be Elder Wang

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