Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey Guy's

Hey Guy's
This week was pretty slow. We are trying to focus on the people we have on a baptismal date and we have 7 right now which in this area everyone says is unreal haha. They are all pretty accountable too. We try to go around and just visit less-actives all the time and try to see what we can do there. Most say they don't want to meet us or they joined another church just to get away from us. I am so tired of unaccoutable people tho. They are all over the place, when i say un-accoutable it means pretty much crazy. There was a couple of missionaries who are famous in the mission who baptized for numbers and in turn baptized a ton of unaccoutable's that are just a burden to the ward and most really just do not need it. I think it is Moroni 8:10 or somewhere around there that is like a goal for what i want to do here. Baptize the accountable. We have a baptism on Sunday maybe depending on if he passes his interview. I am worried about this one but he knows what he is getting into so hopefully this will bring his wife back to church and they will be good. Julius Crutchfield. His wife seems a little bit on the pushy/crazy side and he is prolly the most patient person i have ever met. They fight alot but we did leave the other day on a good note in the house. Kinda wierd story but the Bushman's were with us and we wanted to be able to somehow teach Julius alone because most of the time he will just let his wife talk for him. Sis Bushman is amazing and she took Audrey back to the bedroom and had a good talk with her while we taught Julius about baptism and Holy Ghost and what he was getting himself into pretty much and he wanted to do it so that is a good sign but anyways afterwards i said the closing prayer and just said a prayer over the house and just kinda the usuals haha but anyway Julius ended up kissing his wife which surprised me cause sometimes I question whether or not they like each other then the Bushman's said we can do that too. Then E. Wong well anyways i kinda ran out the the house haha. Super good and prolly the only time we left that house on a good note. Usually there is a fight over something the other one did just stupid little things but it was good to leave on a good note.
The other family we have mom and daughters have there grandma in the hospital and she is dieing and they are heading the opposite way than what we would like so hopefully we can meet with them and get them to come to church and hopefully the grandma thing gets worked out so we can actually meet with them. They are pretty cool. Super fun to teach a family together but challenging sometimes. They should be good.
Corliss is just being blind to her answer as far as i can tell and won't let go of her old faith but we will have to see. She introduced us to her Catholic friend and we meet with both of them tomorow i think. So hopefully if we get her friend Silvia then she will follow. I think we have tried almost everything there is out there with Corliss so maybe this one will work haha
This last week was pretty tough tho. Seemed like there were sometimes with nothing to do so we just go try to find people home which never seems to work out and g-q cheesy people and then nothing works out. This is alot of mental work that just seems to wear you down. I questioned alot about myself this week and i have learned that i don't like city life one bit in the process. It is crazy how much goes on around you and it gives me a headache. I really don't ever want to be in leadership cause that just means you add other missionaries to your headache and mine is bad enough haha. This is super hard work and i learned it this last week and the days just keep going by faster and faster. P-day Sunday p-day sunday seems to be the process you go through
Last night was really cool. We went up to the V.C. with a less-active to a night of music and inspiration. It was a really awesome program put on by missionaries and just a good thing. Good talks and good music can always make you feel better.
Elder Wong says hi to you all!
This pictures that you see me in. The one in Dad's email i am a ways away that was a new missionary/trainer meeting where we got rebuked for not following our study guides like we should be. Aparently the others are not studying like they should be. I was fine but there is always room for improvement. One thing i have learned is that i will never be perfect here so i might as well stop trying to be perfect. Just do the best that i can. I have heard the Andy Griffith story alot here on my mission where when the kid Opie i think runs away and the dad finds him and says just do your best and i will always love you and that is the way that the Savior is like. He tells us to do our best and he will pick up the rest. John Bytheway and Pres. Matusumori explain it way better so yeah haha
We metro to the meetings or catch a ride with the Zone Leaders. We ride in the man van alot with them but have to metro if we go to meeting where the ZL's don't go.
I did get a letter from Uncle Phil but i have not had the time to write him back. I recieved a few from other people but not recently. Mostly it is just your guy's email that i get which i am fine with but i don't print them cause it costs money where i e-mail at. I try to write everyone that writes me but i have an idea so get me Phil Young's and Sis. Mazza's addresses and i am gonna send them something. Thanks for telling me everything you do. gotta run as usual i seem to be the last one to e-mail and i take the longest haha
Love Elder Stoor
P.S. Mara if you get something from me don't open till your birthday...don't know how long it is going to take to get it there but i am going to try and send it this week

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