Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mon, We went to Ceasar's tonight for dinner! It was super good as usual! We  then went and tried to see some peeps but they weren't home!

Tues, Was on an exchange in the West today! We had a good breakfast at Ceasar's! He wanted us to come so I just can't turn down two meals in a row! We then had some service at a member's house! Bro Procter is a good guy. He is just an old baptist preacher, who is a classic old man. I think he has asked my name for the past 6 weeks at church and tells me every time that he will remember it haha. We then met with another solid member. Kevin Tenor. He has some crazy ideas that run thru his head. He has a solid testimony but just gets a little messed up on some doctrine sometimes haha. He is struggling tho about finding a job. It is super hard to live without a job. He has been searching for a year and had a lot of interviews but it didn't happen. It was a grand day back with Elder Parlogean tho. We then had a good FHE lesson and had a little game as usual. Great times. At Family home evening we had this family of 4 come and it turns out they live in our area! Going to see them tonight and are super excited for it! I really hope they are as golden as they sounded at FHE!

Wed, District Meeting went well. We had a good talk about talking to people and also about putting people on date. We are really struggling with both of those aspects of missionary work now. It feels like all these new people just won't talk to people. My last two companions just do not want anything to do with g-qing which makes it hard for me cause that means I have to do all the work. I am starting to get a little angry about it tho so I hope he changes. If not, big words might have to erupt out of my mouth haha. For Role Plays we just switched companions and went and talked to people. It was really effective I thought! Everyone thought it was good so I hope it was. We then got dogged by first our member Ceasar to come to a lesson and then Candace the lesson wasn't there either. It was another one of those days...yep our next appointment fell through too. Got to talk to 28 people today tho so that was really good.

Thurs, we had a meeting with Andrei in the morning and it was really good! Taught him the Plan of Salvation really fast and just wanted to see how it was going to go. He remembered alot from just being taught before and we are trying to teach him so he doesn't have time to say his crazy things to see if he will snap out of that. He has come a long ways in the last two weeks  We then had to be home at 5 because it is freaking Halloween! Weekly Planned and got two letter's sent away. Yes Mara you should be getting one that I wrote on Oct 2. then it sat on my desk lol. I don't think my lazy side will ever go away haha

Fri, We had another lesson with Andrei at the Library where we got to watch a couple of video's! It was really good. It seemed like he was actually going to pull through. Said he is done with coffee and was totally sane. Said he was going to come to church too! Says all the right things haha. We then had to cancel a v.c. trip with Joelyn and so we had the rest of the night. We met a lady named Elizabeth who is a member of the church (for now) because she gave us the coveted I don't want to be a mormon anymore letter. One of her concern's was that, young men are called deacon, teacher, and priest. while young women are called beehive, mimaid and laurel. haha. I dunno if I got it right on the young women haha. And then the whole gay marriage thing. God's laws never will change. I could kinda see her point on the young men young women thing tho. I never would have thought that would have been an issue for anyone tho, until I moved here. Deacon, Teacher, and Priest are super huge in other faiths. So if you come from that it is a big deal. I have learned to see things through other people's perspectives alot on my mission.

Sat, We had a good meeting in the morning. Ward Correlation. My comp ran off to his old area to see a baptism so that was pretty good. I couldn't go so got to stay and then pretty much wait for him to come back. Then got to have a steak lunch at Ceasar's! That guy is great. I then worked on his technology stuff, trying to figure out his sound system for him. It was fun to work with it all but I have learned lately with all this facebook stuff that I have forgotten how to use all this technology. maybe I will learn again someday!

Sun, Church was just dandy! I love fast and testimony meeting in this ward. Especially when Sis Mack gets up there to sing her song! "You got to stand your test and got to stand it for yourself...Ain't nobody stand if for got to stand it for yourself!" Everyone sings along and it is just super spiritual. She says a little something else and then sits down. Prolly isn't up there for longer than a minute but the Spirit is just so strong when she gets up there! We then got dogged to go to the v.c. today by Andrei and dogged for church. He put some inappropriate things on facebook too  Guess I get to talk to him about it tho first. We shall see what happens.

Mon, Got to go to Arlington today! It was super good. Got to go inside the barracks of the unknown soldier! Super fun! Saw the change of the guards...Kennedy grave, the house that is there from George Washington I think. Look for pictures from other people cause I went and forgot my camera haha. I got my friend Elder Lott to take some pics for me tho momma with me in them just for you...they may all have an airplane tho LOL. I am excited to see you guys! Three short weeks. It has been a good ride. tho. I am grateful for what this has taught me! I was thinking to myself today what and where I would be without this experience. I can't imagine trying to be a husband and father without first being an Elder. It has definitely built me a good foundation for the rest of my life!

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