Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I love this experience! See ya in 2...days!

Mon, We had a good P-day. I can't remember what happened right now tho. haha

Tues, We had a good morning out and about. Was dogged once. And then had to leave at 4 to go to an Interfaith Concert we were helping out with. I carried a banner in front of all the singer's at the opening part. It was pretty fun. We then heard about 5 singing groups. It was good but it didn't really bring too much of a good feeling. I don't know how to explain it. It felt like we were just listening to good music. Then the Mormon Choir of Washington stood up and sand "Because I have been given much" and "Redeemer of Israel'. Spirit just seemed to seep in through every wall of the Jewish amphitheater. It was really awesome to feel the difference. Looking around during it, the audience felt it too or so it seemed. Maybe it was just me that noticed such a change in the Spirit. I know understand more of what investigator's feel like coming from other faiths to this one. Much stronger feelings than what they are used too.

Wed, We had Death Temple in the morning. Temple President 1st Counselor taught the departing group and it was really good. There is a lot of hype it seems like when you get to go to that meeting. It was good but didn't get up to what I thought it would be. Just made it trunky haha. Told us just the gospel and how we need to really live it. Told us that out here we have a nametag on and people feel something from seeing it. When we go home, we don't wear the nametag but people should still feel it when they talk with us. The trick is to stay worthy and not get caught up in the world. I know it is going to be hard. It feels like there is a line you have to draw. Also feels like, I should just follow all the mission rules even when I get home and too be totally honest I don't want too. I know why missionary's are so awkward now when they get home. They are going into shock of being able to watch movies, t.v., sports everyday, and the list could continue of things that are not bad but things you don't do on a mission. I wonder how I will cope with it all. Some days I don't feel like I will have a problem with it, I hope that I don't feel weird when I watch my first NBA game. Maybe I will feel like I am just breaking all the rules with every game I watch haha. Temple session was really good. I can't wait to watch someone go through for the first time with this new movie. It just blows my mind how much it enhances the Temple experience. Super good. We then had an appointment fall through but had a good dinner with Ceasar and Joelyn! Really good talk over dinner how getting baptized will help Joelyn. Ceasar has a super strong testimony and I am glad that he is sharing it! He also decked out all the fancy china. Candlelight dinner. life is good haha

Thurs, We had District Meeting in the morning. It went swell. Did testimony's and it went as usual. Someone has to get up and cry. I hope people would someday realize that crying doesn't really invite the Spirit. I know I do it sometimes still but it kinda just turns me off to the Spirit. It was swell tho. Some good testimonies were borne and it was really good. Tried to take Death Pictures afterwards. E. Lott got a good one but I didn't. Going to get one tomorrow to put on facebook for you Mom haha. Gonna change it to my profile pic lol. Afterwards we went to eat and the Porter's bought us lunch! We went to Ben's Chili Bowl! Bill Cosby's favorite restaurant. It was really good. Had the half smoke! Chili was really spicy and good. Too expensive tho. Chili Cheese Fries are the best! Haha Afterwards me and Elder Lott went on exchange. Joelyn also passed her interview! Excited for her! We went to President's House for a dinner and Death Interview with him. Shared D+C 121 with me and told me that is what I should use to find a wife haha. It was really good. I dunno how that aspect in life will work out. Excited to try to find the woman that wants me tho! haha. We then had a good dinner then played some ping pong. Then had a little testimony meeting. It was really good. It felt good to relax and just bond with other missionary's. I think I am going to miss seeing some of these missionary's out here. I wonder how many I could be friends with at home tho. Created alot of really good friendships tho. We ended up catching the last Metro train home haha. Almost missed it. Would've been bad haha. Didn't get home till 11:45 cause I had to bike for about an hour at 10:30. It was a great experience. I was tired tho!

Fri, Andrei had a baptismal interview with President Cooke so we Metro'ed with him to the church and he passed! Looking like I will be the one to baptize him. I am really glad to have seen the changes with him. It has been awesome to see all the changes he had to make to get it done! He was crazy when we first met him, but I feel like he is back to what I remember him as. It has been really cool to see how living the gospel can cure the physical mental stuff some people go through. I have been pretty blunt with Andrei and it seemed to help him out! We then Metro'ed back home with him. We then had a dinner with Ceasar and it was fun to talk with him. I have built a really good relationship with him. I will be missing him alot. One of the best guy's I have met on my mission! We then had a good night of trying to check on people!

Sat, Last Ward Correlation! It was good except I had to conduct it. I don't particularly like conducting meetings I am not in charge of, really any meeting tho haha. We then went to help our referral move a couch. Turned out that the van she was supposed to get ended up getting used longer than was supposed too. we then went home and had lunch because Nicole dogged us too! Was gonna help her prepare her talk for the baptism! We then went back to help the lady move and the same thing happened. Kinda frustrating cause it took up our whole day. It was also FREAKING COLD! I think it might have been the coldest day on my mission. It was almost unbearable to have to go through it. We then went had a good visit with Andrei. Just talked about things. It was a nice chat to just get to know him a little better. We then went home! Super cold on the face.

Sun, Church was swell. there is a tradition in the ward to sing God be with you till we meet again. I have never seen it done for a missionary but they did it for me and Elder Lott. It was kinda touching. I have loved serving in the DC 3rd Ward. Glad I was able to do it for 7 months! It was a good meeting. blessed the sacrament with Ceasar. His first time. It was an honor to do it with him. I am not good with a mic tho haha. I like just shouting it out haha. We then had a good baptism. Lot of mess tho. Joelyn was sick and couldn't make it and then one of the speaker's car's battery was dead. I think we did about half of the things that were on the program. It was really frustrating for me but it was a good meeting non the less. It was an honor to baptize Andrei as well! 2nd time doing that. Talking about doing Joelyn on Tuesday. Will see how that works out! It turned out that it was even COLDER THAN YESTERDAY! I really don't like the cold. It was really unbearable. Ceasar fed us again and then we just went home and I packed! No one was out and it was just too cold to be doing anything. I hate moist cold. I know it is gonna be colder in Idaho but at least a coat will keep you warm.

Mon, There was a big group playing football on the Mall. Last P-day so we did it. It was really fun.I was ready to just go home before we started tho. Super cold. After you started to run around it was warm tho. Especially with 5 layers on top and bottom haha. It was nice to be on the Mall for the last time for a while. I am gonna miss just being able to go to the Mall once a week. Truly has been a blessing! Tonight we are going to Aster's to say goodbye. She is the Ethiopian in the North Area. Might try to see Kirk Battle too! See what happens.

Tues, I can tell you what we are doing tomorrow! haha We are doing the Turkey thing in the morning. Then prolly packing and preparing for Joelyn's baptism. We are also teaching the lesson at FHE! Gonna be a good last day. Will see how much packing I have and hopefully save it for later so I can go talk to a few last people! Then on Wed, we head to the V.C. I get to share my testimony in front of the whole mission, then head to the plane. Metroing because they say it is going to be crazy traffic. Gonna be traveling all day to IDAHO! Crazy that it is here already. Can't believe this is my last email home. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am glad tho. I am happy that I was able to stay for the full two years! It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! There were lots of times that I was just ready to come home. I mean a lot of times. It happened weekly for about 6 months in the middle of my mission. I remember praying almost daily that I would get the desire to stay. I will always remember the feelings associated with those prayers every night, giving me the strength to just get though the next day. I am happy to say that I have served a full time mission. I have been proud of what I have been able to accomplish. I have a testimony of this gospel! I never plan to waver in that. My mission has taught me that life is hard. But with the gospel, it is alot easier. I am forever grateful for the guidance I have received here. I know that Heavenly Father is a loving, kind God. He is aware of what is going on in our lives. Jesus Christ truly accomplished what He came to earth to do. I know that He is living today guiding this church! Work of Salvation is how we receive our happiness! I love this experience! See ya in 2...days!
Thanks to all who have supported me in this experience. Especially Mom and Dad. My 3 sisters! Without all of you I would never have been able to accomplish what I have!

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