Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mon, It is weird starting with Mon...just sayin...but we had a good night. We just went to see Former's and got a couple of potentials. Talked to 12 people. Twas a swell evening!

Tues, We met with Bonita! Read I think from 1Nephi11+12. It was really good. Bonita just asks the right ?'s and just apply's the scriptures so well to her situation. It is a great example to me of how you can apply scriptures from any setting to fit what you need and you normally get  what you need when you need it. I love reading the BoM with someone. Glad Bonita wants too. We then got dogged by a member. She just left for 5 min and thought she could make it but ended up being a little longer and got there 10 min after we left. We were already headed home because we had FHE this evening at the church. We had the lesson. It was super powerful. Watched "Only a Stonecutter" and talked about how simple our callings can be, if we magnify them it is truly magnificent. I am amazed at how awesome that story is and I know that it is how it works. It is interesting how the Lord work's sometimes but I know that even if you are a "greeter" for Relief Society you can make a difference in the entire Ward. I sometimes think the recent converts in this ward look at how low of a calling they have and get discouraged when they really shouldn't because there is a place  and a job for everyone in the Lord's Church!

Wed, District Meeting went swell. It is weird how sometimes you plan for just the right amount and you end a half hour early and then other times you don't have time for role plays and have to go over time. Really different. Hope this next one goes swell. After District Meeting, we went to the V.C. with Andrei and watched the Joesph Smith movie. It was really good. It was really good for Andrei! He really enjoyed the movie. It is funny to watch things click with people. I think everything is coming back to his remembrance. He has been taught alot so either he knows the right things to do or he is getting it this time. Going to play him out and see what he does. We then had our dinner at the church. It is always super good! We then got dogged by a former. We got the privilege of going to the children's hospital to give a blessing. Little 2 year old Jordan had had 3 heart surgery's when he first arrived to this earth and then was a healthy baby boy for 18 months. Then just got done having his 3rd brain surgery. This little guy is a fighter! I shared with her that I was once were Jordan was, recovering from surgery and I am fine. It seemed to give her a little more hope. We gave both Jordan a blessing and his mom. Spirit was super strong. We then talked for a while and set up a time to go back. Told her more about my condition and I just kept getting reminded of Stephen Bowman and decided I would share with her the story. It was pretty touching for me. I still think I am just lucky to be here. I thought about the Bowman family on my birthday too and prolly won't be able to not think about it for the rest of my life. Guess I am grateful to be here. Just figured out another little date...Stephen passed on Nov 27th...the day I get home. Ellie, Jordan's mom, definitely could use some prayers. She is a really strong woman. Said she has met many mother's who have lost their children with there child being better off than Jordan. It is really strange how things work sometimes. Really makes the Plan of Salvation come real. Testify'ed to her that I know no matter what happens God will take care of both her and Jordan. I also told her that I believe she will get to raise Jordan no matter what happens. It will be fun to meet with her and see the progress of Jordan!

Thurs, J.S. took us out to get dogged and then had a really good lesson with Andrei. From the V.C. trip, he has decided that he will quit coffee! Says it is going to be really hard but he is going to do it. I hope he will. Sounds really promising. We still are trying to decide if he is accountable tho. We are not going to put him on date till he shows that he is really serious and can come and help the ward. We will just have to wait and see how it works out. We then had a good rest of the day knocking door's trying to find some member's. It is fun trying to find someone who 80% of the time doesn't want you there. I have been getting a good look in someone's face everytime they are rude or just don't want to talk to me. I hope that when I have a perfect recollection on the other side that I will get to look them up and ask them why they wouldn't give me a chance to talk. Hope it will work that way haha.

Fri, We read 1Nephi 13+14 with Bonita! It was just great! I love 1Nephi, It is prolly the most read book in the Book of Mormon. We really get alot out of it with Bonita. We then met with Sis Robinson and found out she is an awesome member missionary. Most missionary's only think they are good member missionary's when they give you referral's. I really am not one of those robots haha. You succeed when you try in missionary work and we helped her see that. She visit teaches a couple less-actives that are making progress and that is great! We then went to play pros-ball with our room-mates but got dogged by their people who was gonna come get schooled by me. They shouldn't have told them that I was coming haha. We then had a good visit with Joelyn. She just needs to get baptized. Don't really know why she doesn't want to get it done. Might be just laying it down for her and see what happens. I hate doing that but sometimes you just have too.

Sat, Me and Elder Lott went on exchange and had a really good time with him. After our Ward Correlation meeting we picked out our famous 100$ Brooks Brother Death Tie! J.S. buys every missionary one before they go home. Lot of money but it is going to be my most cherished tie. We then went to eat at 5 guy's and then went to park at the V.C. Just some good service up there. .

Sun, church was just great. At Ward Council, Bishop shared a really good story. Apparently there is a youtube video of a dad celebrating when his kid went from a F to a C. Shared that we really need to celebrate the small steps people take. It is really true. We then had a good night out and about and we got to spend a little time with Ceasar today helping him prepare for us to come over for dinner tomorrow. It was good to just kinda relax there to for a little bit.

Mon, sunrise pics and going to see the mall here in a sec! Love you all Thanks for all the support! Sorry for those waiting for letter's from me. I have really slacked lately on letter writing but maybe I will get back into it. If not we will see you soon ;) Love Elder Stoor!

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