Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wed, We had a really good day at the Temple! We then talked to people all the way home and just didn't get many people who are interested! It is hard to try to talk to people who just want to blow you off. Gotta do it but i think this is the reason we are being on facebook. All these people on the streets won't talk to ya in person but don't have a problem online! All interesting stuff. I haven't figured out how to find people to teach much on facebook besides a couple of friends from home i am trying. I don't want to sound like I am pushy pushy on there. My comp has had a couple of friends de-friend him haha.

Thurs, We checked on a couple of people in the morning after our facebook routine. Then we Had to go to interviews with President. I was supposed to go have an interview at 2:30 but ended up not getting in till 8. That was a good day of just sitting around waiting to have an interview. It really helped alot tho. Figured out what he wants us to do. Hopefully we can all get into his system because it really sounds awesome. Coming soon we are getting Ipad Mini's that have an online area book. Been dreaming of this since day 1 of my mission! Everyone will be able to access it and see how our investigators less-actives are doing! Best Idear ever!

Fri, We had a good visit with Ceasar this morning! He is just a good guy! We helped him with his stuff he needed to get done. He fed us pancakes for lunch and we headed out. Found out he is getting a Fiat so he can get himself around. Super nice cause he will be able to take us to lessons and such. We then got dogged but was able to have a lesson with Joelyn today at McDonalds! Super un-healthy but good food. Good lesson. She is pretty much a dry-mormon so it is hard to come up with things to teach. Set up a v.c. trip for Saturday!

Sat, We had a nice Correlation meeting except J.S. has me conduct. Kinda weird. Having to try to be the WML too along with all the other missionary things but it needs to be done. We Then saw Sis Ford and found out she forgot and re-scheduled then met one of her friends outside that wants to meet with us! Was going to come to church but ended up not being able too. Wonder how interested she really is...first commitment: church= fail miserably haha
Joelyn came to the V.C. and we had a really good time! Talked about Faith and Repentance and then watched a couple of Mormon Messages! Super good!

Sun, Good Sunday except nobody showed up. Kinda disappointing! Had 3 people lined  up. Always next week...for a little while. Fast and Testimony meeting is always swell! Especially in this Ward.We then had a good steak dinner with Ceasar! All the missionary's are there. Our area so we help cook and help clean up. Takes a little too much time but you have to keep him happy! I wish i knew Spanish! We ended up trying to talk to people to no avail! Good news tho. I was able to organize all the Ward directory per area so hopefully be able to get that out to everyone soon!

Mon, District Meeting went swell! Last one of the Transfer basically so maybe they will release me so i won't have to put those together anymore! It is alot more work when you add 2 more companionships, but then again alot more delegating than actually doing. It has been a good experience for me, has helped me grow! We then got dogged! Love it when that happens. It feels like we have gotten dogged by every single person we have tried to set up an appointment with this transfer. Really every single one of them. Frustrating to work with people who just don't care about anything. Ceasar called us up tho and needed help fixing his computer so we went to help him and had a good mormon message session with him!

Tues, Ceasar fed us steak and eggs this morning! Super good! We then had to go to my Dentist appointment and that took us all day. Didn't have to numb me which was nice. So now all i have to do is to get a crown at the home dentist! J.S. drove us out there and back. Tried to go to an appointment that wasn't there and just went to FHE! It was a good FHE.

Wed, We had a private Capitol tour set up but I guess the Government doesn't want anyone working anymore...stupid everything is shut down on the Mall i guess. Ended up playing Tennis this morning! New found favorite sport! I love Tennis. We then shopped for a little and came to e-mail. What a day.
Love Elder Stoor

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