Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wed, We have to sing in sacrament meeting in a Sunday or two, so we have to practice. Telling 11 missionary's who only 2 know how to sing parts, sing parts is just ridiculous haha. I have decided that i don't like parts. I tried it and just ain't good. I wonder if they will just give and say go sing. haha. We went and saw Ceasar cause he needed some help with his new stuff he is getting. We taught him a lesson on missionary work as well so hopefully he will be able to help us out. He should be getting a car soon so that will be nice for him to be able to come on splits with us.

Thurs, We had some Planning we needed to do . And then we had a big long day of service! Ceasar's house was a mess and we helped him hook everything up nice. He fed us lunch and between weekly planning and some facebook time that took up the day until the night. We had a finding activity and me and E. Vaterlaus went to the East area. We all went with a different companion to a different area. It was interesting. We got to talk to quiet a few people and it was pretty fun. Set up 3 appointments for them. One is super cheesy, told us to come by out front and yell his name and he will come down haha. I betcha he don't live there but I guess you gotta give them a chance. One guy was super cool. He seems like he will be a good investigator. Was really interested after our G-Q so i guess we did something right.

Fri, I was on exchange in the East area. I am grateful that my area doesn't have very many hills. Compared to the South, the East is freaking hilly. It was a good day tho. I have a lot of respect for Elder Hansen. He is a super good missionary. Talks to everyone and just gets it done. Good story : Elder Hansen g-q's these two young guys. They say right away "not interested" He just keeps at em haha. Finally gives them a card and tells them that they don't know what they are missing by saying they are just are not interested before knowing what it is. We watch them walk away and we were talking about where to go next and about a minute later we see that they drop the cards. I start laughing cause when people say they are not interested that is normally what happens. What Elder Hansen does. Goes and picks up the card and yells "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING" haha. It was just great to listen to him haha. We then got to teach a lesson with J.S. Karen is a solid investigator. She just wants to find out it is true. She brought up the dietary thing and family thing are the two most touching things to her. One one way the other the other haha. Stupid coffee. But she loves her family even tho she never wants to get married. Has one daughter. It was a really good lesson.

Sat, Conference is just great. The most spiritual thing that happened today really didn't come from conference at all. In between session's I was able to give Kathy a baptismal interview. I have never met anyone that would be able to answer those questions in a more spiritual way. I don't think i will be able to explain at all how this experience was ever, but the Spirit was so strong. She told me that she has never found a church that has people who are just wanting to serve. She has always been a believer but never has found a church that was full of people wanting to follow Jesus Christ like the people here. Everything just clicked with her from the moment the missionary's started to teach her. They took her to the Visitor's Center and the moment she went through the white gates she knew she was on hallowed ground. She started to cry and they asked her what was a matter? She told them that she feels his presence on the Temple grounds stronger than she has felt it ever before in her life. Truly is amazing the miracles that happen on a mission.
Conference was just great. I loved all the apostle's talks.

Sun, Conference again. Both times between services we had a lunch. That was nice. Kathy got baptized in between sessions. It was just a great day. I can't believe this is my last one. I remember being told how great general conference was on the mission on the way to my 1st one. Now that was #4. Oh yeah and i am in my last week of being a minor haha. I can buy some beer next week ;)

Mon, Zone Training. Now all the missionary's are allowed on Facebook here in the mission. It is a little crazy. It is weird to leave the apartments in the morning and pray that we can have a good experience on Facebook haha Beginning of my mission i never thought that would ever be said. They say we will get Ipads and Iphones before the end of November so maybe i will get to play around with one before i get home. I just have a feeling all i will be doing is updating the info into it. I have been dreaming about not having to mess with paper work my whole mission. It is finally happening. It was a freaking downpour after Zone Training tho and I don't like to work in those. We tried to be the best productive we could be. Ended up the end of the night at the Barlow Center cause I needed to quit being disobedient and become a temple recommend holder again haha. Pres. Cooke interview. It was great. Repented before I went so everything is good now till i get home ;)

Tues, It was E. Lotts birthday so I bought some lunch for him and my comp. Nice pizza. Was able to have a good time with them. We saw Bonita Jackson today. She is a saint! Love her to death. We read the scriptures. She was baptized on the same day as Kirk was last year. She has definitely changed alot in a year. Been having some struggles lately but she is fighting through it. We now set up two meetings a week with her to read scriptures so I hope that will help her! We then had FHE and it was great. Lots of people there this time so that makes things nice!

Wed, Temple! Did baptisms because I think the next time I go I want to do the session. One more time then it is done! Oh yeah big change happening next transfer. P-day is on Monday. Next week Wednesday then after that Monday. I wish they would just wait till i leave to do this but I guess they don't care about my opinion haha. Gonna go play some Basketball and school some people. Thanks for all the emails, I think i will be getting a new companion next week. Fisher is going home next week. Maybe you all should go meet him at his homecoming talk haha. He is going to Utah State so maybe we will stay friends. We shall see. It is super weird how time is flying. I am super excited to be able to see everyone again. I know I will miss being able to be out of the world but I am really excited for what the future has in store. I am doing my best to stay focused and busy.
Love ya! Talk to ya when I am 21!

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