Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wed, We had dinner with Bro McCalister and his wife. Waffles. hadn't had those for a while. We then had a good night out working. Good ole Pday.

Thurs, Erika wasn't there in the morning. Kinda disappointed because i didn't get to say good bye but i will hopefully be able to see her baptism. We had a good Weekly Planning session and got dogged twice more and was just out and about. This week was really hard because it feels like everyone just wasn't home and it was just rough. I think tonight was when my tooth started to really hurt!

Fri, Met with Sister Puckett and had a good time. She is a sweet lady i will miss her. We then had dinner with the Irvines! I will miss them too. They are just nice people. Stephen who is my age is going to BYU-I and i told him he could come to Thanksgiving if he has no where else to go. Hopefully be able to meet up sometime later tho. We then played basketball with Randy and Eric. Super fun. All of us kinda sucked tho but it is always fun to pick up a ball.

Sat, I woke up today and i was really sick. I think it might have been from my tooth but not sure. I just didn't feel good at all. I slept till about noon cause we didn't have an appointment. Then i felt better and didn't have another problem. My comp prolly thought i was chuckin out but i really didn't feel good. We then met with Bro Chatman for a little bit. Nice to be out of the hot cause our A/c broke in our apartment and we had to wait until Tuesday to get it fixed. Long weekend. Super hot. Next appointment dogged us and we got paid so i wanted to go to Rita's. Well a member from another ward stopped us and asked us to join them at Outback! Not turning that down haha. Best chicken sandwich i have had in a long time. We then had dinner 2 hours later haha. I was really full. Worley family had us over. Part member in the other area. Tough case. We then got to teach Eric a lesson. Haven't seen Amelia in a while cause Eric was the only one to come to church. We did a l ittle exchange and my comp and elder little taught while me and elder Appiah went and checked on some people and i got to drive their subaru! Fun times.

Sun, We had Church with Eric there. Noone else showed up... That night we went to the Mission home to a FHE with Eric and it was super good. Always nice to feel the spirit in the home and i know it was a good experience for Eric! We had dinner with the Bearman family and i gave a spiritual thought on Harry Potter haha. Yes, those books are spiritual to me haha.

Mon, district meeting was good. Weird cause everyone had to leave. My tooth really started to hurt today. super bad. I bought me and my comp ties. Always gotta have a comp tie. We then went to a cookout at Bro Noslesnic! It was super good. we then got into a good game of pinochle with the members. Everyone's rules are different. Played with non-member and got my butt kicked haha. They don't trade cards. I like it that way sometimes. Except youi could only call trump if you had a marriage or a 9 and that is just hard to do sometimes. After we had another dinner at Lulu's! Super good! Then i called sis Cooke cause i just didn't want to take the pain anymore. Found out i am leaving tho and i am really happy about it!

Tues, Woke up and studied and got the dentist all scheduled and left the house at about 10 and got back home at 4. Dang tooth. How much is the insurance gonna pay? Dentist are freaking expensive. Guess they would have to charge alot to play with my dirty teeth haha. We then came back and went to Sis Pucketts the Groomes, and bro Berg to say goodbye. Then Eric's to say goodbye and taught him the commandments. It was a good last lesson. Was up till like 12 packing then got up at 5:30 cause i had to pee and finished packing just before the ride got there this morning. I got everything tho.

Wed, President is super funny haha. Takes him a long time to go through transfer's but he is making jokes all the time haha. I am now in DC 3rd South! Going to be nice. The White House is in my area. My new comp is Elder Owens. He is from Pocatello....Idaho haha. Lives in Hyde Park i guess. Looking forward to being back in DC 3rd. Gonna die here i suppose. One last hurrah!
Good to talk to momma. I will make the next time a little less-expensive i guess.
Gotta run, prolly will e-mail early next week so be prepared!
Love ya Elder Stoor

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