Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wed, the night wasn't so hot. We got a re-schedule and then a dog so yes! Two appointments that just fell through, kinda sorry to start off on such a note and i hope that i don't complain too much but i would be lieing if i didn't say that this week was really hard.

Thurs, We had a really good appointment with Erika and Bro Asam! Taught the Plan of Salvation and it was really powerful. At the end of it, bro Asam told us that he loved it and he wants us to teach this lesson to more of his friends and he is going to let us know when he has the appointment for us! It is freaking sweet! If it were not for him i would hate this area. He is just the best missionary. I hate having to do member work and give them spiritual thoughts toward them doing something. Member's need to be more like Bro Asam. Just tell us hey i am going to let you know when you can teach my friends. I know it is hard in all and that you have a life, but i hope to be apart of the Work of Salvation for the rest of my life. Whether that be missionary work, family history, big one is family, it is all the same work and it frustrates me when people are not apart of it. But they are more apart of it than i give them credit for. Now i get to rant on anti-people. had a good lesson with Joel and it started out really good. He started to take notes and just asking us ?'s, then it just turns bad when he starts throwing his scriptures out at us in the Bible telling us that we do nothing for salvation that it is a gift and cannot be "worked" towards. I just want to slap people sometimes. He is a super smart guy and knows more than 90% of the people in the Church but that is his downfall...I have realized that knowledge pushes faith out, at least with some people. We need knowledge but there is some times when it is just too much...
We then had Bishop come with us and it is just super good. Checked on people and they answer the door with a member there...had a good chat with two really old guys. John Ward and Curtis Coberley! Bro Coberly came to church so it was nice!! Bro Ward hasn't been in ages but had a good story and we are going to try to visit him again! He served in WW2 and he told us how he led the troops through Normandy by asking the farmers where the mine fields were. They knew which were mined and which weren't and told them where to go. It was a super cool story. hope to get a pic with him before i leave!

Fri, We did the Garden in the morning. It is always fun to get a little dirty. Got the cops called on us, it was funny. bro Corbin showed them his pass and then he looked at our nametags and said i know who you two are...then said have a good day and walked away with a smile on our face. These nametags really do alot for us! Keep us safe in the streets of Anacostia to getting the Liesure World Police off our backs haha. We then had a good visit with Sis Puckett and helped her sort beads and didn't have any other appointments so stayed there for a while till dinner with the Irvines! Super good food as always. We then taught Amelia and Eric and set up a V.C. trip and taught them the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. No problems..they really are golden!

Sat, We had a Big meeting at the Visitor's Center and really didn't get alot of participation...invited the whole Stake to come and not very many showed up! Kinda sad. Do a big whole thing on getting member's involved with missionary work and not many show up. It was good tho and needs to be polished up but good thing to use the Visitor Center for a tool for member work! We then taught Joel again and he brought a friend. I just had fun fighting haha. Sometimes i just give in. They have to make a comment about everything we say and i have fun making a comment back. When you have two people, who will be forever stuck in their ways you don't really make any progress. It took us an hour to get away from them. Ridiculous haha. I have met alot of anti people this week it seems like. One guy a couple of weeks ago told us he went in our temple with a hidden camera on and he tells us you need to really study your faith cause i know.  Shows that when you are not ready for it is just isn't good. I had a feeling of anger come at me and glad i didn't let is submerge haha kinda felt like hitting him. Sometimes you just need to knock some sense into people. We had Bishop take us to the V.C. Amelia and Eric and had a good time. Had the best sister in the mission give us a tour, which was comforting. Sometimes sister missionary's are just too much haha. Spiritual talk with sisters sometimes just drives it away but i am glad she gave a tour. Maybe it is just because she is from Idaho...prolly true haha. Joesph Smith movie was powerful and we talked about them joining the Church and decided to push is back a week so 3 baptisms on the 8th! Yippee!

Sun, Church was great. We then got to go to a baptism for a guy in DC 3rd that Elder Hall had taught. It was great to see faces again. good ole Sis Mack is still catchin me lookin at them girls haha. She is super funny. I was sad, cause Kirk wasn't there. He just couldn't make it that week i guess. We then had dinner with our new Assistant Ward Mission Leader  it was really good. Nye family. Then watched him give 4 blessings to kids from a part-member family whose dad isn't a member and one of his kids for school. It was a good expierience. We then taught Amelia and Eric the Plan of Salvation! It was good. They were not able to make it to church today cause their car got towed :(...Erika came tho! They will all be ready for baptism tho come Sept 8th!

Mon, District Meeting was okay. Not what i was anticipating it to be but it was good. First one that didn't go how it was in my head haha. Still okay tho. We then got dogged twice. then saw Bro Chatman for the first time in ages. He is just really busy with work. Still is thinking about church tho. Hope he finally decided to act soon. We then met with Bro Groome for a long night. Had a good time with him haha. Kinda were chucks too but he showed us all his Ray Stevens and Charlie Daniels songs. Had a good discussion about alma 34 and it didn't go as well as i thought. Good time tho. I really like him and hope he comes back someday. Just hard .

Tues, Really hard day. Went out and just found anti people. Made me really mad. This guy who is dad's age has been retired since 1987 and is just been doing Bible study basically. loves the bible too much. Compares our church to the Jehovah's Witnesses and just hits my pissed off bone. We gotta run i guess so i gotta cut this short. Not much else when on besides just checking on people and calling people. One of those really long days.

Wed, Temple was swell as was basketball afterwards.
Love ya thanks for the pictures this week!
Talk to ya next week!
Love, Elder Stoor

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