Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 26, 2013

Hi there!
Wednesday was great! We had potential to pick up like 5 noobs but what happened? Well they dogged...ALL of them haha! So we talked to people! Twas fun...

Thurs, Helped Bro Learie Corbin with his garden today! Was pretty fun just pulled some weeds! It was good work but i don't know if gardening is for me! I think that is a trait mom didn't pass down to me but by the end of it, it was growing on me so maybe she did! I have an Idea for your garden too mom, in my last ward one member elevated it. Said it was hard to get the dirt in but you don't have to bend over to garden! a Tractor would fill it pretty easy tho so maybe i can construct ya one next summer! After him we weekly planned and moved our apartment around! Always fun to get somewhere new cause then I feel like i am apart of the area now haha. We had the Boyce family had us for dinner and it was fun! Fun family...they have a son on a mission so they can relate more too us than the others so it is a good thing!

Fri, I was on exchange with E. Little! he is from Utah and it the most prideful person i have ever met. i very much see that he is going to be the next E. Goodman. Kinda sad but we had a good talk and he is going to try and work on it so i hope he can get it together otherwise i think it is going to be a long two years for him. It is only his 2nd transfer and he is only trying to do his best so i guess i should be hard on him. We had a good day tho, we passed out alot of flyers for some activities that are going to happen by us and so we got them to the part-member family's! Super good! We then had a good night! Didn't teach a lesson but got a really cheesy potential! gave us a super faulty address right in front of us..guess i shoulda just called him out on it but oh well!

Sat, We moved some guy in the morning! Non-member and then he took us out to eat! Super good food! It was fun and we were the only help he had so he was grateful and we loaded him up super fast! We then took my bike to Dick's cause the spokes on my back rim were all jacked up so it got fixed! Go DICK's! It is a super nice bike and i might as well send it home. Put other stuff with it! I then interviewed Francious! he is getting baptized this coming Saturday! He is ready to go! I felt good about it too. Twas a good experience for me. he answered everything super well! Had a good discussion going back and forth so i hope i did good. We then went and walked around cause my bike had to be left there at Dicks! Twas  good night!
Sun, We got dogged after Church! Church was good. I had to speak in sacrament meeting! First time on my mission! It was a fun experience. It was the first one i have done where i just had bullet points and didn't write it out! Said a couple things i wasn't planning on so hopefully it was the Spirit and not my own mind and somebody was able to get something out of it! I did meet a member who's name is Bro Berg from Bancroft? haha had a good talk. Then the cool meeting, not excited for Facebook haha. Maybe it won't happen until i go home. It would be useful tho i guess. Saw my good buddy ole pal's on the T.v. too! It was neat but i wished they would have done something else with them except say hi haha. President Matsumori is a boss! I think he is going G.A. next conference but don't tell anyone i said that haha.

Mon, District meeting! We have them with another District so this was the first time i conducted it. We split for #'s and other workshop's and things. Fun to be able to do them. Mine aren't very good prolly but i try haha. We had dinner with a member after cleaning our apartment cause it was raining! Looks super nice now! Sister Lulu is super fun! Awesome member missionary and good cook! Has us over quiet often which is nice! I need to learn how to eat healthy! Going to try to do something like that so maybe i can be skinny when i get home!

Tues, Was on exchange with Elder Winkler! We taught a lesson in the morning and put him on date! Alanson is a good guy. Been taught before. We asked what he remember'ed and he ran us through the plan of salvation, said he had the movie about Joesph Smith, and that he felt alot happier when he was coming to church and wants to start that back up! Only reason he didn't get baptized was he was on parole but he gets off in August so we set his date for Sept 15! Awesome lesson and will be fun to try to teach him since he knows soo much! He has a job and a car so we are in business! We then had a good time talking and i got to know E. Winkler a little better and i like the guy! He is struggling with training as you might be able to tell from friday but he is a super humble guy and i look up to him alot! We had dinner at the Palomo's house! Awesome couple. She introduced the church to him then came back and married him haha. Flirt to convert! Correlation meeting was swell! and that was Tuesday!

Wed, it was fun to play basketball in the heat! I am really out of shape! Played some board games and i think going to play some ping pong or something of that sort! Next P-day is on July 4th don't know if it is all day or not..hopefully but i also don't know when we will be e-mailing cause everything is closed on the 4th so maybe we will email on wednesday still i don't know yet! But have a good 4th of July i think i am going to take some pics and make a little post card to send to some people! Hopefully i remember everyone!

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