Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wed, we played some pros ball at night! It was super fun but we did alot today and it was great! We gave our # to a guy named Mark. Hopefully he will contact us to play ball again so we can get his # and ask to meet with him. He is a cool guy who lives in our apartment complex so a good potential i think. Seen him a couple of times on the street and he is super nice just in his gansta ways...
Thurs, Today was pretty awesome! We got a referral for a James, turns out he has been a do not contact member! Well short story we met with him and he wants to come back to church and did and loved it! Started off on a good note today! We were dogged in the morning before that but found an awesome trail to just bike on. Mathew Henneson Trail It is a good little trail. I think we ended up biking like 3 or 5 miles in the morning cause it was so far away! We then came back and finished updating the area! Then went to dinner with Asam-Eyong and his family. They are from Camerroon. It was great fun! Fed us peanut-butter soup! Super good stuff! We then had Bro Berg come out with us and had a really good night! Our appointment bailed that we had but we checked on Sis Puckett cause that is who Bro Berg home teaches and had a good visit with her. Look at the last 6 verses in D&C 50. It was what he shared and i thought it was good. We then went to see if we could contact a part-member the Francis family! Apparently she is active, and he wants to meet with us! I shared Mosiah 2:41 with him and Talked about how the gospel can help him. He seems sincere! We then went and contacted Alanson while Bro Berg bought us an ice cream at Burger King! It was good to see him just wish we could get an appointment with him!

Fri, Today was the fun day! In the morning we went to another missionary's apartment to steal something that they stole from us and got it back but they caught us and it was just madness for a second...kinda fun! This day we also met with Sis Puckett again cause she wanted us too and checked the blood pressure. I thought it was kinda low haha. Sis Puckett is a nurse but is like 80 and told me if i didn't call someone else to get it checked that she would call the Mission President. Then Sis Pearson told me i needed to call the doctor then found the records and after discussing she said she was going to call you i didn't think anything of it till i remembered Mom will prolly freak out haha. Oh well haha I had to call the mission doctor then he made me call a nurse in the ward then she drove all the way over here to check on a person that felt great and all was just dandy haha. It was a great day! We then had two appointments dogg us and turned out to be a swell day with my comp!

Sat, Was a great day. Nothing got done for some reason...I don't know what it is with Saturdays in this area...nobody wants to talk or meet and Saturday's have always been the best in my other area's...maybe it will be better this next transfer.

Sun, Church was great good fun. We then had a baptism for the North Area, James Gacuca! always fun to witness a baptism. We then took Sis Puckett to the Visitor's Center cause she hasn't been in forever and it was a Why I Believe and President and Sister Cooke were speaking so it was a great meeting. I sat next to E. Fisher and had a good talk with him. It is really different to get a new mission president haha. He is almost the opposite of President Matsumori haha. Kinda slow when he talks and really thinks about what he is going to say. I felt like President Matsumori just had it down pact and just did what he wanted haha. President Cooke is still figuring things out!

Mon, Last District Meeting! It was fun. Just did testimony's...going to have to plan something different next time cause we finished way earlier than the other district. Sister Missionaries just cry all day during testimony's haha. We then got dogged twice back to back so good time talking with people. We then went to the computer's to do a PMG survey that was good time. Got dogged by a less-active member who was in the apartment. Told her dog to shut up then didn't come to the door. Love it when that happens...

Tues, Found out that i am staying and E. Parlogean was leaving. He is a really weird kid but i loved being with him! He is super sarcastic all the time. Was fun to be with him. We had a ton of fun being together. I am glad i was with him during this hard time. I still feel like we don't have any investigators but maybe it was cause we weren't doing something so hopefully things are good. We said goodbye to sis Puckett. I feel like i typed her name on every day haha. She is a really sweet lady who is spiritual. almost crazy spiritual in my opinion haha. She gave us some good advice tho. Have some pretty crazy quotes from her! We then had the King family come and take us out to eat at Cafe Rio to say goodbye to E. Parlogean. Apparently they had a good connection but this was the first time i have met them! They are having a busy summer i guess! Life actually does exist outside of mission world i guess! We then looked at each other and said we don't have comp ties. It was 6p.m. So we went to go buy comp ties ended up getting lost and his GPS didn't really work, Prolly biked a crazy amount and ended up getting home a little past curfew haha It was a great night tho. Can't believe we biked that far. GPS said it was 1.5 miles away, ended up being like 5 i think haha. Good times...

Wed, My new companion's name is E. Hall! He is from Middleton, Idaho. My first Idaho comp haha. I guess it is as close to the Oregon border as we are from Wyoming. Everyone tells me he is really good so i am excited to work with him. See what we can do i guess!
Thanks for telling Katie congrats...i got her announcement. It is just weird. Weird that Jake and Kara will have a kid when i get home too. I forgot when you told me they were due. Where are Jenna and Jade going to go to college?
Thanks for the pics Mara, Glad Mom and Dad had fun! I enjoyed reading all the e-mails this week. Can all that happen in a week???
Love ya! Talk to ya next week!

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