Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Wed, We got ready to go out and as soon as we said amen on our prayer there was a thunder crack and we looked outside and started to watch it pour...well we did weekly planning and called a bunch of people! We then went out an hour later and heading to this one person when we get a yell "Elder's wait right there", then we see this guy try to make a u-turn almost get hit and i was thinking i hope this is important haha. Turns out he is the Chinese Branch Elder's Quorum President and was wondering if we can go visit a less-active with him.

So we did and had a good broken English lesson with him. He spoke good Chinese. It was cool to hear him translate what we taught. Kinda weird cause he said about 10 minutes into the discussion " the Elder's have something pre-pared for ya!" I wanted to look at him and say do we now...Well i pulled something out of my butt that was pretty good i would say! Felt the Spirit so it was good. cool miricle of being in the right place at the right time and being able to do it!

Thurs, We helped Bro Corbin do his garden again. Went a little earlier cause it was hot last time and it was better. Prolly will help him next week too. He said he was going to come to church but i didn't see him there. Maybe someday. Good guy tho. we then had a lesson with Alanson! He is super cool. Talked for a while and got to know him a little better. He told us that the reason he is on parole was he got in a group fight and then one of his friends pulled out a knife. Well they all got some time for that but he got let out at 21 months when he could have been in for 5 years so he got off pretty good. He is repented of it as far as i can tell.

We then shared a quick message about the blessing of coming to church and doing the little things and he committed to church but didn't make it :(, We then met with a crazy member Sis Jones...okay she is not crazy just old and never been married so just a little off her rocker. Helped her with some chores and had a good visit. We then went to dinner with the Simmerman family. They are different but the food was good!

Fri, We weekly planned in the morning and called people mainly...visited Euela Puckett in the afternoon. She is super old and is coming off her rocker too haha. Fun to visit with her tho. In a rest home and just fighting life! Cool lady tho. She raised a bear when she was 12 haha. I actually believe her. She likes wolves too and i had to bite my tongue when she was talking about how great it was they were coming back. People killed them for no body language prolly wasn't very good when she said that cause she said something about it haha.

Sat, We helped move this non-member lady and it went really good. Her ex-husband was on "good behavior" i guess cause their were 6 missionaries helping and he had 2 other guy's there haha. Apparently having us there helped him be nice haha. Went good tho and i think we made a good potential for the other elder's! We then went to a baptism for the other elder's in our ward. The guy i interview'ed! It was super good and always good to see somebody get baptized! That pretty much took up our day tho!

Sun, Church was great! We went on spits after church cause E. Little is super allergic to dogs and the less-active we went has the strongest dog smell i have ever smelt haha. Good lesson with her home teacher tho. Super cool to go to and kinda just support the home teacher! I think that should be what it is like for all of the less-active visit's. We go to support their home teacher but what do i know haha. We then went to dinner with the Betchke  family! Super good! Awesome family! We then went and talked to Ishagani and pretty much dropped him. Not that interested!

Mon, It was a great morning full of a good study. Super weird feeling this morning tho. With the Mission President switch the mission just feels different to me now. I don't know if that will make sense but it was just different. We got dogged for our V.C. trip so we went to do and it was fun to get on the computer for a little bit. We then got a flat on my comp's bike so we walked around for a little bit! Then had a Ward Family Home Evening! At the Schaaer's house! Super huge house! It was fun to have it there tho. Turned out really good and had some investigator's and recent convert's there!

Tues, We had Zone Training meeting in the morning/Mission Tour. Met the New Mission President! That was a fun experience. Super weird that is for sure! He is going to be good but it is going to be different until he gets things figured out. Not too much changes yet but we shall see. He says he just wants to get to know us first. Interviews next Monday will be fun! We then got two appointment dogg us! Went to coorelation...our WML just got put in the bishopric and this one was kinda dumb cause he was just wanting to get ready for the 4 of July breakfast haha. We played basketball with the Young men instead when he said he didn't really have much to tell us. Twas a good night!

Wed, Had a lesson this morning and lunch. Foo Foo is really yucky haha. Not very good! Now i am e-mailing and going to help someone move then more missionary work!
Gotta run! Glad everyone had fun at the family reunion!
Love Elder Stoor

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