Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

wed, We just went out and as we did I found out I had a flat! Walked home and found out we didn't have a pump I couldn't find mine! So we walked around and had a good time just being in new surroundings!

Thurs, We weekly planned and there were two teaching records in the area book! One they baptized three weeks ago and the other President Matsumori told them to drop 2 weeks ago. So I get to be in an area where there are seriously no investigator's! It has been a cool new experience for me! Kinda frustrating cause I really don't like the missionary I replaced for multiple reasons but I guess that is prolly what people think of me...Anyways we were out walking cause we are getting a pump the next day and we g-q this guy who tells us to be careful round about 3 cause it is going to start to be really windy and rainy. Told him thanks...2:45...lets go check on one more person, on the way back we talked to one guy for 10 seconds and then looked up in the sky...there is this funnel. It was the weirdest cloud and it was moving really fast towards us. What do you do...take some pictures haha. The wind started to pick up and i said we should prolly head home haha. Not 15 seconds later it started to sprinkle. and the winds started to pick up some more...funnel still behind us stretched across the sky...Well then it is just like the windows of heaven opened and just started to rain like crazy! We started to run back we weren't too far from the apartment...Wind started to blow like crazy and we can hear it above our heads sounded like a train, it started to rain so bad that for 10 seconds i seriously could not see the ground and the wind was blowing  us from one end of the sidewalk to the other. Suddenly i look up at my comp and his backpack fly's open haha the wind blew it all open and his scriptures came out...i picked them up and just hurry haha. We made it back to the apartment and put all our clothes in the dryer. i have never been that soaked in my entire life! I had an inch of rain water in my shoes haha. It was one of the scariest moments of my life haha. It really brought me and my comp closer together tho so if you need to do something to get close to someone go run through a tornado!

Fri, We had Leadership meeting in the morning! Fav meetin on my mission by far! It was just awesome! E. Shoemig gave a really good workshop on working with members and Ap"s have a good one too but then we had a visit from Elder Hallstrom! It was soooo sweet! Spirit was super strong! He is definitely my fav G.A.! Gave us a good talk that when we go home we need to have a good attitude and we will get stuff from church no matter where you are at! And if we go less-active it is the saddest thing to see. Super exciting news too! For the Worldwide Leadership Meeting this Sunday our mission has been selected to represent the missions and our Zone Leader's are going to be apart of the broadcast so you can see some of my old comps! Title of it is Hastening the Work! Apparently word from Pres is that there is going to be something really cool happening could be a revamp of how to do missionary work again! But i think that is prolly supposed to be on the down low so don't tell anyone haha. Got to shake E. Hallstroms hand
! He didn't know where Wayan was haha. We then came back to the area and had fun g-qin!

Sat, I ran over a nail today! I have gotten a flat every day, yesterday i had to patch my tube and then put that tube on my front tire and then i ran over a freakin nail! No luck for me so more money spend...kinda like the car troubles dad haha, Finally got that fixed and then went talking to people and picked up a lot of appointments for next week!

Sun, Church was swell Ward is like super super happy this missionary is gone it is just sad haha. WML told me straight up that he is glad i am here in a way that is not to meet me but to have someone new here. Member's here are apparently really well off or in college so it is fun! Went Talking to people for a while again and then went to dinner at the Irvine's! Super good food and just awesome people. One got back from a mission like 2 weeks ago and it was just cool to talk. Knows where we are at and it was funny cause this was the first iteration with the ward and they are happy the missionary i am replacing is gone. We ended up talking with them forever and were there for 3 hours total i think. We were mainly talking about missionary work tho and some activities we are going to do with the Ward. Bro Irvine and i had a good hour discussion together about everything church haha. Super fun!

Mon, District meeting went well i thought, Gave a workshop hopefully it was good. Everyone said it was, it is different to be on this side of district meetings. Fun tho. I like it but it is going to cause me to have to worry about it for a while. Gotta get the next one planned tomorrow. We then had some appointments dog...including a dinner appointment. Member's dogged us haha. I think they just spaced their oldest son told us they just left for the beach house an hour ago haha. Must be nice...we had another member that we had moved to go to this dinner and we called her and she was wondering where we were haha. We should prolly do better at talking to people i guess haha. Sis Lulu is awesome tho! Super fun member! Really nice... We then visited a part member in the other elder's area it was a good meeting! Husband came in and we read about Ammon! He was making fun of me cause i was super tired which made us have a good connection so it was super fun! He is a nice guy, parently he comes to church so maybe that will turn into something...i don't remember his last name tho too hard haha. Then they brought us home!

Tues, We had a meeting with Ishagani! he is from Polynesian Islands don't know if i spelled it right! Kind of a language barrier but he said at the end he is excited to be trying out a new religion haha! Hopefully we will meet with him later this week! He is in his 50's or 60's! Nice man who gave us some snacks and drinks! We then met with Amanda our recent convert and read 3 Nephi 11! it was super good! Spirit was strong! Hopefully she will start to read on her own! It was a good meeting tho except she didn't like my tie! :( We then had a good dinner with the Highums Family! Their son just got home two weeks ago from Pocatello Idaho mission! haha Just missed covering us! The re-doing of the boundaries there will hopefully put missionary's in Soda permanent eh? Would have been good for me to go out with them. We then had correlation and played some basketball with the ward! Super fun!

Wed, we went to the Holocast Museum! It is my fav one haha call me sick minded but it is the only one that has really grabbed my attention! Fun to meet back up with E. Loveless only been a week but it feels like a long time! My new comp is good but not like him. He is kinda a chuck haha. Trying to get that out of him will see how is goes will try to write Colton today! Hopefully i am terrible! Thanks for all you do and i hope you all get to see the big meeting on Sunday! Talk to ya next week!

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  1. Great letter! So happy to hear about him, especially about the crazy tornado!