Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wed, So i don't remember when i left off in my last e-mail, We had a lesson in the morning with Mohammed then we ate lunch with his mom. Foo foo, i have heard two things about foo foo. It is super super super good or it is absolutely disgusting. Well too me it looked and tasted just like cow crap haha. Needless to say i just had a little bit. I am glad she wasn't there when we were eating cause to see our faces it would have been bad haha. We then helped a lady move in. It took the rest of the day. I was kinda mad a little cause we had stuff to do but it was fun to help her. Good workout. We were the only one's there really but i can't complain. We then got taken out to cici's pizza so that was nice. All you can eat crap pizza that tastes not too bad.

4th of July!, We had our Ward Breakfast in the morning and i learned that i am apparently good at flowers. I was the one helping set them up and we had to make a couple and i attempted and she claimed it was better than her's. I think she was not wanting me to feel bad but for some reason i couldn't tell. She asked me how i was so good at flower putting together and i just said i have 3 sisters haha. That is my excuse for when people think i am gay. If that doesn't work, telling them i was the only boy in my school for 2 years always does the job...maybe they think i am just off my rocker tho haha. We then went down to the Mall! Met Fisher at the Metro and spent the day with him and Miyasaki and Seely! We had some fun walking around the mall and seeing things and then we went to go play basketball at a church. It was super fun. I won haha. I then met back up with my companion and we went to the Capitol area to watch the fireworks. We were told that it didn't count for being part of the Mall so we stayed there and watched the fireworks and then sprinted to the Metro to make it home on time haha. We didn't make it but we had fun. Sorry i didn't get many good pictures tho.

Fri, We shopped in the morning and then came back and had a lunch at Lulu's house! Really weird she told us to go and make sandwiches. They were good but i am not going to eat at her house again unless she is there. Little awkward. We then had a meeting with Sis Puckett. She is such a nice lady. Don't know what to say but i thinks she just likes the company. My comp got her a t-shirt with some wolves and bears and eagles on it and it made her day. She wore it to church on Sunday haha. we then cleaned the apartment a little bit and then went to see Bro Chatman. We met him and set up a time to come back on Tuesday. We then went to Burger King to see our B-date who doesn't want to respond. He smiled and waved at us so it was good to see him but didn't talk. Good 50cent ice cream tho.

Sat, We went today with no appointments except for a dinner appointment and just went at it today. It was pretty fun to check on them, but to no success really at all today. Sis Wills gave us a really nice dinner tho and might be able to teach her roommate soon hopefully. going to ask later... It was a good day but i hope we can start to have appointments soon, I also left my planner there for dinner so didn't have it for a couple of days. We ended up going to go play some basketball. We found a court with some baller's and it was pretty sweet! I didn't lose a game but i am definitely out of shape. Fun to play with some black thugs, i need to work on my dribbling skills to play with them. Shoot better than them tho so that is what wins haha. We made some good connections and ran into a couple later next week and had a good chat with them. The Thugs are more receptive after you beat them in a game of B-ball haha

Sun, We had PEC in the morning so it was a good meeting. It is fun to see how everything gets done in a ward. This ward is really good for doing stuff. It isn't always what we want exactly but they get it done. I like to see people be proactive and this ward is more so. We then had another day with no appointments. One good thing maybe is that i am starting to eat only healthy foods or i guess more healthy foods haha. Hopefully that will be good enough for the LGN diet. Trying to work out but it is super hard in the mornings. I am getting better tho.

Mon, We had Interviews with Pres. Cooke. He is just all happy haha it is a good thing tho. He told me he was just proud of me for lasting for so long. I said i was out for 19 months and all he could do is say he was proud haha. Little bit of a spiritual voice too haha. He is a good guy tho and is super excited to be out here! They are getting things figured out i think so that is nice. It took forever too. We were supposed to be all done by 12 and they didn't leave till like 3 or 4 haha. We were supposed to be talking with him at 10:06 but didn't get with him till 12. He is a good guy, it is just hard to see the change. Guess it will be okay tho. We then had a FHE/Dinner with the Clawson family. He is the EQ President. Has 3 little boys. we played Clue and it was fun except my companion marked off Mrs. Peacock and we ended up accusing the wrong person when we had everything else! Super gay! Bro Clawson ended up winning but i gave a good fight haha.

Tues, We had a good morning. I have had some good studies lately! Alma 9 is really good humbling chapter. It was good for me. I made a realization to become better. It isn't that i am doing bad things but i can always be better. Welcome to Earth Life tho i guess. We had a good meeting with Bro Chatman after 2 hours of checking to see if he was home. He was playing this game and i have to say that this is the best man cave i have ever seen in my entire life. He has 3 32" monitor's on his table, two 20" mounted above and then he has his whole wall as a projector to which he can run from his computer! It made me really envious. The things you can do with technology are just about endless. Good and bad i suppose. Good talk with him and going into the Technology Engineering or however you spell or say it. We talked about his church life too and his parents just returned to come back to church and he is thinking about it too and to maybe get his wife baptized! We can help with that!

Wed, we bombed another Zone's Zone Activity and it was super nice. Fun times. we are going to go to a member's house now and stay for dinner and have fun playing ping pong and other things i guess! Love ya and glad you are all busy and safe!
Talk to ya next week!

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