Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wed, We met with a less-active who is strugling right now. Bro Onyukeckwe. Life is hard and sometimes people just want to vent to us and it is kinda annoying but i guess we have to listen. We managed to get in a little Restoration lesson this time but it is hard when people talk alot!! Then we got home and about 11:30...i was out cold...our roommates ceiling fell in. There was a pipe that broke and we were up till like 1 getting there stuff out of there. Most of e. Chapman's stuff got wet but i think he will live.
Thurs, we did service for a member. Sis Frailman. Her husband recently died and she is now an elderly widow. We tore apart her old picnic table for her. My companion might have had a little too much fun with that haha. He has kinda a nerdy/destruction mentality and trying to think who to compare him too but can't think of it. He loves to read and has read a ton and reads the Old Testament at night. I just can't bring myself right now to read that haha. Too big and confusing. Maybe when i get back i will start to read it but not on my mission. I have had a good expierence lately with the book of mormon and just deciding to mark my scriptures. It helps alot and i am beginging to feast again. Get in swings. We then got Weekly Planning done and went to Family History. I love the Knights and i am learning a ton but they teach us like old people. I just want to go and do it!!! But i am still learning how it all works out. Found A.C.'s name on there and thought that was funny. We then met with Shavez and had a good lesson with him. Brought Bro Fisher along too and taught him the first bit of the gospel! I think he will get baptized if he starts to come to church! I can't tell how sincere he is tho. We then met with an awesome member! Bro Chheng! He is from Cambodia but grew up here and joined when he was 11. Hasn't been coming to church very much and wants to get back into the swing of things. Going to finish the BoM this year and go to the Temple! And he is a funny guy! Good lesson with him and Bro Fisher as well! Just about how to live life the best!
Fri, we went and had a good day of mainly checking on people! We then brought Bro and Sis Theorig along to a lesson with Bria! They will be her home teacher's after she gets baptized! It was a struggle of a lesson kinda but ended up being not bad when Bria told us what she learned. Taught the gospel and Atonement. Already taught her everything and we asked her who Jesus Christ was and she said Idk...super embarrasing! we then met with an investigator who is really cool. Jide and Sylane! They are married but i guess have had alot of challenges! It was just fun to talk to them. From Jide it sounds like the world world is going for the worst. Mission life is okay now tho but guess it is getting scary and wonder if it is from Obama...woops i didn't say that.
Sat, We met with Bro Fisher and Lawrena. It was a hard meeting cause her husband is Muslim and it creates a rift between them cause she is Christian but will prolly go to Muslim cause that what's she was before. We set up a time to come back so we will see how it goes. We then had a good Ward Correlation Meeting with the Knights and Sister's! Then Met with Shavez and helped him set up a thing for FamilySearch! It was really good. guess they fixed it now but recently they just opened up FamilyTree on familysearch open to the world now. We had to go through a process to get one for Shavez but if we woulda had patience we wouldn't have had to go through all the work! Oh well! We also met a cool recent convert. Rodrigo and his mom have only been member's for 6 months. Rodrigo is 12 and when you talk to him he seems like he is 20! Super strong testimony too. He is going to be a really good missionary someday!
Sun, Church was great adn so was our no appointment day! Full of finding and we picked up a new investigator! Matt! He is a school teacher for 3rd grader's and works with a mormon! It was a super good first meeting with him! I hope for good things for him! He is white too haha it is wierd! and he was a potential from tracting before i got here. he better get baptized!
Mon, We finally put our apartment back together in the morning! It was good to have all the stuff back in the rooms. We also put all 4 beds in one room so we can each have our study room! I think it is a better set up! We then went and did a booth with our District up on Maryland's campus and there is way to many pretty girls up there. No one wants to stop and talk and it was kinda fun and weird. We got a total of like 15 names for 2 hours and i think i got like 6 of them haha. Some missionaries just don't G-Q right. Lots of awkward moments when you try to talk to a cute girl and all she does is smile at you. College will be fun tho ;]. On the way back i was walking in the back like normal and we all walked by these two tall cute black girls. They stopped us and we had a really good 10 min. convo with them and they gave us there info we gave them a book of mormon and then Didi one of them said i want to pray for you brother's! Okay shoot!!! Well she then proceeds to put her hand right above my elbow and didn't touch anyone else. It was a little awkward and to make things worse my ZL, Elder Julander who came out with me but he is Spanish did it on the other side and started to rub it haha. Oh boy it was a really good prayer tho! She then says Amen and hugs all of us haha me first! and the other one did too haha. They will be baptized now because we didn't reject a hug from them! They are super cool tho and really seeking for the Spirit and felt it there! Just a little too fun for me haha. We were then on exchange and i was with Elder Snow in the Glendale Singles area.. Horrible driver i thought i was going to die. and super awkward. He is like my comp except the fact that my comp tries to be nice and is. but the nerdy thing like him. Claims he doesn't have social skills but that is the lamest excuse ever! Man it was just a bad day to be with him. We get to our appointment who they tracted into. Turns out the lady only invited us to come back cause she has a 19 year old sister from the Dominican Republic who is super cute! And she is a member! Don't think she has the best of testimony's but taught her a good lesson and then she came to the Family Home Evening activity! We played Volleyball with the Ward! It was super fun! I like to play volleyball! I like it alot! Good thing we were around member's because i would have gone crazy with Elder Snow. and not a good thing cause there were some good looking member's too. My heart is locked, but i still have eyes haha. and i hate looking at people who just have that hormonal look in there eyes haha. Gonna be a different expierence single wards are! My comp had a good day in the area! Noobed one of our potentials too! YAY!!!
Tues, We went and dropped all of our potentials we haven't been able to contact! Then went to sister May's! She called one of my good friend missionary's who went home and talked with him on speaker phone with another elder! He then said the prayer on the food through the phone haha! Super funny! Elder Mataele! We then went and checked on our Refferals cause we actually have 4!!! First area where other missionary's are giving me something! didn't talk to them haha hopefully next time! We went to Family History and had a good lesson! This is where i found Grandma Langston! need to attach her to the tree! Grandma Lucas is just messed up haha. Dad's family tree is confusing and i don't think his grandparents are right but not sure. Prolly not going to do much to it till i get home and talk with you haha. We then went to the Visitor's Center with Bro Chheng! He is soo cool! Really good tour by sis Holt! I love people who can joke and feel the spirit really strong too and that is what Bro Chheng is! Always good to watch the Joesph Smith movie but i have seen it like 50 times haha. Get something out of it everytime haha kinda like a scripture movie! fun night with him tho that is for sure!
Wed, had Zone activity and i like to play soccer but i am not very good at it haha. and ping pong but i lost alot and don't like that yet. I dont' think it is going to be very good storm but they are telling us to stay in and do weekly planning so don't worry about me! Stupid Maryland driver's and weather cause it prolly won't be very bad!
Love ya! Wrote Grandma Stoor and hopefully will write other people today!
Thanks for all the support!

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