Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wed, I love the Heath's! They have us over for dinner every Wed night!!! They are the best! We gave two blessings today! Sis Moss and Sis Leach! It is a humbling experience to do those and i have given a ton recently!
Thurs, We had DM today! It was a good one except for the fact that i am in the weirdest district ever! My comp fits right in and i think thinks this is the best district ever! We did Family History today too and it was a good experience! I really need all the stuff you got on people or give me your log in for family search and let me go on your's haha! We met a cool less-active who wants us to come back! Jerry Seper! He is an older man who hasn't been to church in 20+ years. Hopefully we can change that and his non-member wife ;] Also met some crazier less actives Nickels fam. Think drugs messed them up! Virginia who is like 78 started to sing about Jesus loving children to us haha. Kinda funny but also sad in a way but don't really know what happened! They don't come to church cause they don't have a ride and i don't think any one in the ward remember's them!
Fri, Had a meeting with Adeyemi! in the morning! He referred himself form! That is a good website. We taught him the first lesson and told him to read Moroni 10 and pray about it! He did later and said he felt good and not a complete answer yet! but it comes little by little and i think he will get it! Came from Nigeria last month! Says he thinks God is leading him to something here in the U.S.! Might be a cool story at the end if he finds this out! We then talked with a less-active about life or in other words this less-active talked for an hour haha. Brother Godfrey Onyujeckway or something of sorts. we then had a lesson with the Knights! Senior couple! Bria an investigator! She seemed like she didn't want to talk at the very beginning but by the end of the lesson she seemed to warm up! She is 17 and the 5 different people in the ward called us this week about her baptism! Had to push it back but i think it is still going to happen and hopefully this transfer! Also took Ify Ibe a less active person on splits to a less active family the Bookers! Ify committed them to come to church! well it got Ify there haha!
Sat,Today we had 5 apt! haha all of them dogged haha. But we made an apt today and it held for that evening! Nde Ibe who is Iffy's non-member brother. Only non-member in a less active family except the father who works in the temple every week haha go figure! It was a good plan of salvation lesson! spirit was there! I have good hopes for him!
Sun, Church was really good! I seem to be getting alot out of Elder's quorum lately! I have really really gotten into the lesson's! i think it might mean i am getting old haha. jk. We taught Shavez and Darion the P.o.S. and compared it too a football game! it was a fun lesson and i think they understood it! we then got dogged and had a good rest of the night checking on people.
Mon, It was a good day! We picked up a potential Mary thru tracting! My goodness it finally worked for one time haha. It was right after a less active slammed the door in our face! Man i love pissing people off sometimes haha. we met with a new member...lived here since June but haven't gotten ahold of her and she went to the wrong ward this last week! Think she just got settled and is ready for church again! Sis Ross is her name! 2 kids and we took Bro Gish along with us! Bro Gish took us out to dinner just before that! he is in the Stake Y.M. and is super cool! They gave us a ton of food to take home from their food storage too! Do that like every other month! Makes shopping nice! Love them haha. We also met Ade! a 37 year old who served a mission in the Ivory Coast. He is born here in Maryland but parents came from Nigeria! He went to BYU after and apparently got offended by a few people from being racist! Couple professors who taught that black people are cursed and things haha. Nice to have a black companion so you don't have to answer during awkward moments like that haha. He still has a strong testimony but doesn't come to church every week. Comes occasionally to take the sacrament and leave but just thinks there is racism in the church and it is really sad! I think people in Utah and Idaho are pretty racist to be honest but they don't do it knowingly. It is a sad case but i don't know what to do! We will be going back cause he was cool and fun to talk too!
Tues, District Meeting again! It was fun and hopefully will stay on tuesday cause if not we won't get anything done on thursday's! Got dogged and then went to the Knights for FHW and it was good! It is fun and enjoyable but you just need like 5 hours to do it haha. We then went and helped a member do there's and got a lot done for her and think it will be fun to help people out with there's cause i think alot of member's here have a lot to do and need to go and get there parents work done for them! It will be a good tool for retention i think cause it really brings a powerful spirit with you! guess that is what you are supposed to get tho!
Happy Birthday Mara, sent a card out but think i put happy 21st on it haha love ya anyways.
my camera isn't charging! I am going to take it to Best Buy today and get it looked at but might have to get a new one. hope not! I will try to get shirts bought one of these days too but give me your sizes and i will send that Christmas package home haha. and the s-d card but i will prolly just go and buy a cheap one not a big 16 gig one so if you want one of those buy one and send it out to me. Let me know!
Thanks for all the support and everything you all do! I enjoyed your letter's this week! I would like to see if i can get Micah's address! he is the only one i haven't written of my friends on mission i think! And Wesley's if i could! I wonder if Micah has gained any weight haha.
Hope all is well at home! President Cooke should be fun! Pres. told us about him last thurs. Told us to pray for him! Need to remember to do that haha. I am terrible about remembering those i told i would pray for haha!
Love ya! Elder Stoor

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