Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed, we had to stay in cause of the storm...kinda funny cause our Zl's sent a call out to go out at 6:02 and we got it at 8:40 haha too late stupid phones!
Thurs, Zone Training in the morning and it was really good. Did a role play on finding and i feel like that is my strength in missionary work is being able to talk to people! I never had a problem with it once i get in the hang of it! It is weird being one of the older one's cause everyone is freaking going home! Craziness but as long as i stay out of leadership i will be happy haha. It changes people for the worst i think and i don't want it to happen to me.We then had Family History and it is frustrating to me sometimes because there is no delete button. Think i will just screw things up more than help them haha. We then took a member with us and had a couple of good appointments. First with Bro Alston a member who is coming back to church! We talked about life and how to prepare for the priesthood! Super cool lesson for me as well for him! We then met a crazy guy who my companion doesn't want to go back and visit. He texted us some colorful text messages afterwards! Prolly won't see him again.
Fri, We got dogged haha most of the day till we had Bria at night! She opened up talking about random stuff and then when we turned it into a lesson she brought her concern out and she doesn't want to repent!!!! Freak!!! well we fasted with her on Sunday and she now has a date for March 31!!! Super excited for her! We then got dogged again but picked up some potentials today!!
Sat, We had a breakfast/to play basketball with our priest who we have taken out alot and he is going back to Missouri to his family so it was a sinanara meeting! Fun to play with him. We then had Ward Correlation and it was a okay meeting. Sometimes meetings in the church just seem pointless sometimes but guess you do them cause without them you wouldn't get anything done! We met with Adama today! She is 17 and we have kinda been meeting with them...mostly before i got here. Finally got to meet again and she has read quiet a bit of the BoM and wants to get baptized! Super cool! March 31 for her too! Boostin the Y.W. in this ward haha. Hopefully we can get their family's to meet with us too soon!
Sun, Super cool Church today! I just seem to like church now. Have not really before so it has been really good for me! Figuring it more out and my testimony is growing! We met with Lawrena with the Knights after Church and it was a really good meeting. Had the cups object lesson. Really helpful to help people understand that this is truly Christ's Church! I think it helps me to stay focus too so good for multiple things! We then had Dinner tonight with Sis Holder who is a good friend of Rosemary Simms in the College Park Ward! I don't know if you remember her or not but i got there after she had been re-activated and helped her a lot! She was one of my favorites there! And President gave me permission to be there when she goes through the Temple on Thursday Night!!!!!!!! sUper excited! It is going to be great! Feels good! We then gave a blessing to a sweet member who is having surgery yesterday haha need to text him see how it went! Bro Chheng is super sweet! He will prolly give me a haircut soon haha! Need one again!
Mon, Had District Meeting and had a good role play with just Elder Knight! Talked about the sacrament a lot and i still don't fully understand how it works. I know everything pretty much but i like to really understand how it works so it takes a lot of scriptures that i am not really good at finding yet! Love it tho and we had a really good talk about it! We then had FH again! Then met with a new investigator that has a really deep voice! Makes me sound like a girl! James, he is a Muslim and just wants to learn. Christian churches just don't get it with the Trinity...well i hope that he comes to find out. He believes in Jesus Christ and kinda confused with the Muslim faith on him not being the Savior but i am really excited for him! We also met with Matt! He is a school teacher and had a good talk with him about the WoW! He knew about it a little bit but it was just really a good talk and he is going to read the BoM over Spring Break! Lets hope!
Tues, Taught two lessons today! Teresa who we tracted into! I didn't talk much in this one and my comp did a good job! He taught well but when we get into subjects that are not in our lessons i am no help at all! Twas good tho and we will see her next week! She and her husband are minister's haha. Pretty smart! We then met with Kemo! 17 year old kid! Guess what! Put him on date for April 14!! haha got 3 17 year olds on date! Fun to work with them! Hurry up and get them baptized before they turn into YSA's haha! He is a good humble kid who is spiritual person! So hopefully he will read from the Book of Mormon and feel that spirit! It was a good day!
Today we went to the Temple and did baptisms again! Super fun! We will all have to go do baptisms when i get home! I don't think we ever did that as a family...yet.
Gonna try to send me s-d card today in a letter to Mara! Will send it to the home address cause maybe she will still be there! I might not be able to get it copied onto my hardrive so there isn't much pictures on them cause i am a slacker haha. Try to start to make more now that i got the battery charger for it cause i haven't been able to take pics for about 3 months haha.
Thanks for all you do!
TTY next week!
Love Elder Stoor!

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