Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello! Wed, was a really good night these first couple of days me and my comp got to know each other well and i really love this kid! I think he is having a good time too but i am prolly hard to be with! We started off well by teaching an older lady who was cutting this person's hair. Had a good first lesson and sent a refferal! Except for the fact that we didn't have a BoM on us haha horrible missionary i am for not having that on me. Transfer day just screws you up haha.

Thurs, We did some Weekly Planning and moved the whole room around and i like it alot better. I started to try to keep my desk clean so i can use it. lol. It is a mess sometimes. Most of the time but that means i use it right haha. We got dogged all day but we were able to contact 2 refferals today! This has been a really good refferal area. This week we contacted 11 which is what i do in a transfer usually! Super cool but alot of them don't want to meet but we give them the BoM and Resto pamphlet and tell them to call us if they have ?'s so that is all we really can do. Just have to leave it in their hands! Also this transfer the whole mission is reading through PMG and it will take 2 transfer's! It has been really good. PMG is a cool tool and really helps you have the Spirit if you read it. Kinda a modern day scripture. Good for both the missionary and the member!

Fri, We did alot of service today! It was fun. Fixed two gates for a member. That kinda took me home a little bit. Not the same kind of gates we have but same concept. My comp is a city boy tho haha. Embarrassed me cause he didn't know how to run a drill haha. We then went to the Library and put books back on the shelf again. Twas fun. We then met with Bria and read through Ether 12 and told her to get her answer and we said we would get a ride to church. Ended up dropping her but story latter. We also met with Darion and Shavez and their Mom this time. It was super good! her mom just didn't get her concern answer'ed by missionary's and hopefully we can at some point. We then had a super cool member take us to Golden Corral! I was soooooo stuffed it wasn't funny. Super good. The member is an old converted Baptist who talks like a southern baptist preacher. It was great to talk with him. He also spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was a really good sermon haha. Got into his talk alot! Best part is when he blesses the sacrament. He does it with really good emotion in his voice! Bro Cummings is the best!

Sat, We met with Bria in the morning and talked about Ether 12 it was good and she came to church! We then taught Shuai! He is a cool asian guy who can't meet with us often but has a ton on ?'s and just doesn't stop asking and they are really good. He is not a Christian at the moment but we are explaining it too him and it is really hard. Changes things when they have no background  We then had the Ward Blitz and i went with Bro Gish who is a stake y.m. pres. He likes to talk but it was good to be out with a member. Checked on 7 less-actives and it was a good time! We then contacted a couple of refferals and had a good rest of the day! Fun to get dogged on a dinner apt by a member!!!! Sheesh haha.

Sun, church was good! We then had a really good lesson with a person named James. He turned out to have some anti-material but i think he thought we were smart and didn't want to bash with us so that was good. But wasn't interested...hopefully he will read the BoM tho said he was still curious at learning about us. We then had a dinner apt. with the Barker's that was fun except when she breast fed at the table right after we were done my wife will never do that in public. it is so gross. They are a fun family tho and it was a good meal. Said i liked corn beef alot and i am wondering if i am sinning when i tell member's i like there food when i know there is a better way to cook beef haha. Don't want to sound like i am complaining, cause it really was a good time to be with them.

Mon, we dropped Bria today! haha Until she calls us. She has been taught a ton and she just needs to repent and change. Until that happens we prolly won't come by. Love it when people know but then just don't want to change. Maybe someday...we had DM in the morning. Twas fun. did a workshop on rev. through the really is the greatest tool to convert people. We shoveled snow for the sister's 85 year old inv. she told us to come back and get some ties! We will!!! We went to lunch with a super cool member! Sister Munu. She has been baptized for a year and half. Missionaries felt prompted to knock on her door. Super cool story. She then had a dream which had a ton of people in it wear her mom spoke to her and told her that they had all been waiting for her! She is done alot of Family History work since then! Super cool testimony! We met with a less-active lady who likes the older couple better haha. good tho cause she fell through the cracks when the old senior couple went home. we then met with Adama tonight. Stupid Heat game was on and it was tempting to watch it. too tempting. I miss basketball...but she has read the BoM alot and her dad told her no on getting baptized :( we told her about Nephi's faith going to get the plates and things and hopefully she will be able to persuade her father.

Tues, We got dogged twice today!!! two apts too! We found a sweet new investigator tho. Michael is his name! He is going to be a great leader soon if he gets his answer! Super good miracle lesson! We will seem him after the Holy Week. his anniversary is on Easter too so i guess we can understand haha. He explained how the Spirit works perfectly at the end when we asked him how he can find out that this is true. I hope to get him baptized this transfer! Super awesome guy! We also met with a less-active guy. J.R. is his name. His dad is in and out of church. Vary's when he comes. Sounds like the mom died of cancer couple years ago and when that happened everyone kinda quit going. His mom sounded like she had a bomb testimony. Hopefully we will see him at church again. Said Mormon church will always be the true one...well quit going to your baptist church haha.

Wed, We played football on the mall after going in for a lame sunrise and played football for like 7 hours haha. I am too fat for this...i am super duper sore but really excited for the Cherry Blossom's next week!!!! :)
Thanks for all you do and we will talk to ya next week! Good luck Meg in the beauty pageant!  looking forward to shelb's and meg's letter's! and mara's and dad's and maybe mom's haha :) Also any cousins???? need to write Colton back! I was a lame cousin for not writing Jake and Logan when they were out haha
See ya next week!

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